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8.01 Great Gatsby Powerpoint

Transcript: What Happened to the American Dream? Thank You! By: Lillyana Torres Phone Magazine This magazine cover is similar to The Great Gatsby because phones were presented to the world as a simple, crucial way to communicate with others from long distances. Wealthy, important people who needed to come in contact with others used their corded telephones to have short conversations. Similar to Gatsby Similar This magazine cover is different from Gatsby's time. We have evolved and became more resourceful. We now are concerned with the newest features of our hand held cell phones. We now use cell phones for much more than communication. We use cell phones as a way to complete our new vision of the American Dream. We use them to have many things at the touch of a button, 24/7. We can send and receive money, get food and drinks, and even see and hear people from thousands of miles. We have a freedom that was not granted in the 1920s. We have improved our technological abilities and continue to push our limits to do new and amazing things. Different from Gatsby Changed Style Magazine This magazine is similar to the style of that of Gatsby's time of the rich, fancy people. They dress up in their dresses and suits to go to parties or just through town. They women were defying everyone by wearing short, revealing dresses with lots of sequence and style. The men stayed in their fancy suit and ties which is similar to the way men dress up today. They used their style to show their confidence and complete their reputation. Similar to Gatsby Similar The magazine is different from Gatsby's American Dream having to do with how people now want to be presented. Women had gained the right to vote and were allowed freedoms equal to everyone else. These girls were called flappers and they used their bright makeup and fancy dresses to make express themselves. This image is different because in the 1920s women wore bright and exaggerated makeup, gloves, and head pieces to give them a sense of power and freedom. Their dresses were short and usually had straps to keep them up while they ran and danced. Different from Gatsby Changed Racial Acceptance Magazine This magazine is similar to Gatsby's American Dream because we have grown as a country to be more accepting. We had our first black President from 2009-2017 and women are starting to stand up for the presidency. This is similar to Gatsby because all races and genders are having an equal chance at freedom and hope for a greater future. The Great Gatsby describes how they were driving beside a limousine with "three modish Negroes" in it saying that anything can happen. This is referring to how everyone is gaining rights and all people are having an equal chance at having anything and being able to do as they please. Now days, people of all races, religions, and genders can live together and have a greater opportunity to reach their full potential. Similar to Gatsby Similar Different from Gatsby Changed This is different from Gatsby's American Dream because at the time people were used to white, males having all the money and power. At this point, anyone can be successful and have money or power. At this time the wealthy could also be viewed as the criminals, gangsters, and have mysterious backgrounds. But today, many everyday are being racially profiled and accused based on their race. There are many differences, but in some parts of the story it is worse when it changes from the rich, white man to a young, poor, black teen getting shot and killed. Smoking and Drinking Magazine These articles are similar to the American Dream in the Great Gatsby because many wanted to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. At the time it was not unusual to see people smoking and drinking, even with their desired products being illegal. In the 1920s people were living the American Dream by living every moment to the fullest, not caring about tomorrow, but partying, drinking, and smoking for fun. They had these events in the story that promoted people to come drinking at Gatsby's and he had what wasn't supposed to be allowed, but that relates today with the banned Juul product, but there are still people finding ways to get their hands on what they want. Similar to Gatsby Similar This magazine is different from Gatsby's American Dream because in the 1920s era there was prohibition and cigarettes were popular. The ban on alcohol is different from now because it is legal and along with that it is easy for adults to get. In Gatsby's time, his wealth and reputation allowed him to sneak through the cracks of the government to get away with these things. This time is different than Gatsby's also because there were only cigarettes being mass produced, but now there are many vapes available. With this, studies are coming out showing signs of addictive qualities to these products and their long term effects. But at the time the American Dream was to live and have no worries. Different from Gatsby Changed Rags to Riches

Great Gatsby

Transcript: The Great Gatsby project By: TJ GIller Characters Daisy- She is a petite women who shows affection towards Tom and Gatsby. Daisy is one of those women who needs and wants all the attention, and shows it early in the book. "All right...I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool" (21) As Daisy is saying this, she is stating that she wants her child to be a girl with all the attention and spoiled, that all the men want. Tom- He is a strong, rich man who lives in East Egg, where the old money people live. Tom also has an affair like his wife, with a heavy set women named Myrtle Wilson. Tom later in the story wins Daisy as he was in a heated conversation with Gatsby. "I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife. Well, if that's the idea you can count me out..." (137) This shows that Tom doesnt care what anyone thinks of him and he is the most important person. Also, when he is showing his house to Nick, he gives himself the compliments unlike the host should. Gatsby- A military man who claims he attended oxford. He is a smaller but always "cool", as Daisy refers to him, guy who has had a crush on Daisy since he was in his teens. Gatsby lives in West Egg right across the lake from Tom and Daisy. Gatsby early in the book points out he can see a green light from Daisy's porch every night as it visible to him. This shows that Gatsby clearly has feelings for Daisy. "Can't repeat the past?" he cried incredulously. "Why of course you can." (116) As Gatsby is saying this to Nick, we get the idea that he will never give up on Daisy and he wants to be with her again. Jordan Baker- A professional golfer who has a small crush on Nick. She hangs out with Daisy and usually ends up in situations like Nick does. She is a small breasted women like Daisy and is well known for her career. Nick and her get in arguments later in the story and Nick recieves a phone call from her that she implies that she has found another man and has moved on to bigger and better things. Summary- A time period during the 1920's in Long Island and also including Valley of Ashes, and New York City. There is many different characters with widely distributed characteristcs and this is why this book is really popular. F. Scoot Fitzgerald makes this book come alive and does a really good job including forshadowing, imagery, and symbolism. Starting off with a young man named Gatsby, we find out he is a curious man who is deeply in love. Deploying for war and leaving his girl behind is tough but we find out later that everything with Gatsby and Daisy slip through his hands. There is a letter that we find out about, nothing about it but Daisy brakes down as she is about to get married. We can refer that it is from Gatsby. As we get informed about TJ Eckleburg billboard, it shows forshadowing, when later on in the book it can symbolize that God's eyes are looking over the car accident when Myrtle is killed. Throughtout the story, we also get informed that Gatsby's parties are well known for and people show up invited or not. This shows that Gatsby is a well known man who is living the "American Dream." When Tom and Gatsby are in an argument over Daisy, everything starts getting heated. Gatsby wants Daisy to tell the truth that she has NEVER loved Tom, but wont and says "I love you now, is that to much to ask for?" Gatsby doesn't listen and things turn toward Tom's advantage. As the story builds, Gatsby is casually on a floaty and Mr. Wilson shoots him and himself as this incident was very unexpected. Nick, incharge of the funeral, decides to have the funeral at Gatsby's house. Not many people come to support his life, as we can infer that Gatsby was just used for his money and hospitality. Mr. Gatz, Gatsby's dad, is introduced and encounters a book he found from his son that he kept when he was younger, it was his schedule. Reading over the words, we find out that Gatsby had his life planned and was going to do great things for the society. Suite that Gatsby would of worn Dresses girls would wear during this time period Example of car that hit Myrtle Mr. Wolfsheim- A gambler who fixed the 1919 world series. A man with money and well dressed, as he has molars for his buttons. When Gatsby dies at the end, he feels the need that he can't make the funeral as its not his duty to be caught up with situations like that. New money Nick and Gatsby household East Egg Styles West Egg TJ Eckleburg billboard Mr. Wilson- A car garage owner who lives in the Valley of Ashes, a poor, rusted community. Mr. Wilson thinks that Tom Buchanan will sell him a car, but we come to realize that he is just finding a way to see Myrtle, Mr. Wilson's wife. When Myrtle dies later in the book, Mr. Wilson can hardly move and is sick to his stomach. He becomes a "madman" as he kills Gatsby and himself at the end.

Great Gatsby

Transcript: Relationships and Characterization in The Great Gatsby By: Amanda Sabrina Rebecca old money lower upper class sells bonds lives alone with a Finnish cook was in WWI in Ninth Machine-Gun Battalion educated at Yale good memory has lots of friends honest and good listener "...Gatsby who represented everything for which I have an unaffected scorn." Half falls in love with golfer upper class haughty cynical "Let's get out, this is much too polite for me." came into his money/"new money" lives alone with his multiple servants family dead aside from his father bootlegger has lavish house parties nearly all the time was in WWI in Seventh Infantry won a medal in Montenegro was a sailor for 5 years with Dan Cody perfectionist doesn't know how to act rich Oxford man created a persona for himself real name is James Gatz "...old sport." Uses to meet with Daisy again Builds a house for Is killed by owns garage commits suicide lifeless and ill "I've got my wife locked up in there, she's going to stay there til the day after tomorrow and then we are going to move away." rides horses upper class considers himself intellectual reads scientific books has one child arrogant handsome hypocritical moral standards he enforces on others "Now, don't think my opinion on these matters is final, just because I'm stronger and more of a man than you are." Breaks her nose for mentioning the name 'Daisy' loud and slightly fat sister named Catherine in New York bought a dog for herself tries to better herself "It's just a crazy old thing...I just slip it on sometimes when I don't care what I look like." George Wilson Daisy Buchanan upper class old money has one child frivolous and charming beautiful behaves superficially feels pain over relationships doesn't wait for Jay "I did love him once - but I loved you too." Tom Buchanan Nick Carraway Jordan Baker Jay Gatsby Myrtle Wilson Arranges for Daisy and Jay to meet again Takes the blame for murder

Great Gatsby

Transcript: Personification: Daisy's Voice: Chicago Gatsby's Smile "He smiled understandingly--much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It face--or seemed to face--the whole external world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that tit had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey" (52-53) Emotions Gatsby evokes when he smiled it gives a visual of what Gatsby is like as a person Personification because a smile can't actually understand what is being said Meat and Potatoes of Personification: Chicago can't actually call you on the phone Daisy's Voice personifies her effect on others The Great Gatsby Basically, giving an object human qualities. "Chicago was calling him on the wire" (Fitzgerald 53). "It was the kind of voice that the ear follows up and down, as if each speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again... but there was an exciting in her voice that men who had cared for her found difficult to forget; a singing compulsion, a whispered 'Listen,' a promise that she had done gay, exciting things just a while since and that there were gay, exciting things hovering in the next hour" (Fitzgerald 13-14). The attribution of a personal nature or character to inanimate objects or abstract notions, especially as a rhetorical figure. Shows her effect on people sense of who Daisy is Adds to Daisy's character Tells a bit of her story shows how other people see her personification because the voice itself is not actually excited and has not promised anything. Gatsby's smile personifies the emotions that Gatsby evokes By: Alyssa, Andrea, & Laura *le green light* it's to the point, while being ambiguous. personification because Chicago can't make a phone call.

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