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Looking good

Transcript: Looking good Or in Japan, where originate so many style... In Europe In nineteenth-century, women wore long dresses, meanwhile men wore more modern suit with pork pie hat. In India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa, women paint their faces and hands with henna for special occasions. Concepts of ideal beauty Therefore Fashion In eighteenth-century, well-to-do men and women wore extravgant wigs and clothing. or do some crazy thing... Paduang women of Myanmar have a custom of wearing neck ring. Girls first start to wear rings when they are around five years old. The length of the coil is gradually increased to as much as twenty turns Paduang women, when asked, acknowledge these ideas, and often say that their purpose for wearing the rings is cultural identity (one associated with beauty: an elongated neck). Thanks for listening. They cosplay to show their feelings to their loved fiction characters... How to be look good is different... And today, the pretty young girls with cute smile are the ones who defined beauty. To be look good, you don't need to buy, dress expensive clothes and waste your money. It is important that how you combinate clothes which fit well and give you that good look. And above all, your look have to suitable for the culture or the common concept of the place where you are. In New Zealand, it is traditional for Maori men to decorate their faces and bodies with tattoos. They see it as symbol of status and rank, or make a person more attractive to the opposite sex Now, in twenty-first century, we can see people wearing modern and fashionable clothes. ...but also over time. Standard of beauty When someone say that you look good, maybe it means you have very good look and he or she really likes it. But each country has its own culture, and everybody has different way of thinking about beauty. For centuries in japan, the geisha defined beauty and grace. In the Renaissance, women who are young, with smooth skin, well-proportioned bodies, and regular features, have traditionally been considered the most beautiful. Today, women still want to be young, have smooth skin, but prefer to be thinner and taller. ...not only from country to country... What does "looking good" mean?


Transcript: Sketch Artist Defining Relative Clauses James Cameron is a famous director. He will win the academy award. Pale green The camera costs £100. It is over there. (Which) Nondefining Relative Clauses Subject and Object Relative Clauses which: For things and places I read the book which is on the table. I visited the town which is located on the outskirts of the city. James Cameron, who is a famous director, will win the academy award. He met Adele, who he had always admired. Michael Jackson, who was a famous singer, died of an overdose. off-white Sky blue He met Adele. He had always admired her. Gandhi was a famous man. He worked for peace. (Who) Plastic Surgeon Subject and Object Relative Clauses Light blue Lime-green Bluish-green who / That: For people They caught the lady who killed her baby. Do you like to go shopping? Where do you usually buy your clothes and How long does it take you? Shocking Pink LOOKING GOOD The people live on the island. They are very friendly. Fashion Sense I bought a new car. It is very fast. Jet-black Relative Pronouns Pattern Words Last week I bought a new computer. I don't like it now. (Which) I bought a new car that is very fast. whom: For people (Formal) The boy whom you told me about got the best grades in mathematics. Color Words Reddish-orange The people who live on the island are very friendly. My boss is very nice. He lives in Manchester. (Who) The girl who is standing there is a world champion in karate. Dark-brown Couture Designer that: For animals and things I like the vase that is over there.

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