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CheetahMobile: Go To Market Strategy

Transcript: Where We Are Today: Offering Overview How do we sign more AEOs? Project Management Cheetah Mobile Red Flag: Mobile dedicated account managers Account Management Account Management dev staff that can assist with off platform work Volume Strategic Mobile Accounts Team Sales Growth Is Purely Reactive to Existing Interest Aggregator management / short & long code provisioning Revenue CheetahMobile in North America accounts for 63% of Total Global SMS Volume Sales & Presales Pipeline Mystery Offer Delivered 25%, 30%, or 35% Certification / Compliance Staff Red Flag: Single Use Barcodes for Tracking dev staff that can code APIs for external & internal integration requirements Interactive Experiences Require Development Work & Custom Logic Double Revenue ($3.8M) by Assigning Sales Staff to proactively Farm Existing EMS Clients red flag Mobile is different sell and do we have the resources Technology Device Type Operating System & Handset Capabilities Captured Red Flag: Informing Product Roadmap in CCMP Immediate Need fleshing out the current support model & gaps direct to carrier connections A Combination of Experian & Archer Resources this would allow us to take a proactive approach to the pipeline Volume Mobile Center Of Excellence Industry Tracking CPs & above trained on mobile to a point (TBD) what will the center of excellence yield Revenue Pipeline Training & Knowldege Sharing Center FY14 Mobile Offering Update Mobile Marketing Assoc. Relationship Management Sales resources are currently spent on deals that will not yield the revenue we actually need In Store Redemption at P.O.S. Technology Strategy CheetahMobile: Go To Market Strategy Onboarding & Support Path Definition we are yeilding X revenue with this current support model gaps included image what we could do with these gaps filled Majority of Mobile Team Efforts are Spent Servicing Existing Mobile Accounts required 1-2 mobile dedicated sales people Better define DB builer packages give teams resources needed to sell, close, and implement/onboard, transistion to CR acct manager long term, the mobile center of execellence will support this refreshed model, and ensure we arent rolling out a global strategy based on ineffeicient support model. Time Spent how do we get more AEO's? we need roadmap enhancements and mobile focused staff Sales / Pre-Sales Support Where We Are Today: Support Model Clients Best Practices Cheetah Mobile Team global mobile best practices guidelines 98% Click Through Rate If U.S. is producing 63% of global SMS Volume shouldn't it be prioritized in the CCMP roll out strategy? Immediate support model change: CP's + need to be conversational in mobile or additional outside resources need to brought in Implementation lead support Certification / Compliance Align Resources to Current & Future Mobile Growth Ramp Up Internal Mobile Expertise Align CCMP Capabilities with Industry Requirements for Mobile 3 Core Issues Must Be Addressed Leverage Select Client Services Members (CP's+) to Support Initial Program Management Short Term Goal: Close Existing Pipeline Business ($1.9M) By Allowing our Top Resources to Focus on Sales Short Term Goal:

Go To Market Strategy

Transcript: Cow Dung Poultry litter Agricultural residue - Rice straw, Banana stem, Maize stalks Sugar Mill, Press mud , Distilleries spent wash, Sago plant effluent Municipal solid waste, slaughter house waste, Vegetable market waste, Kitchen waste Silage from agricultural crops as napier grass, sugar beet, Sugar cane, maize Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of organic matter Contains 55-60 % Methane and 35-40% CO2 Its a fuel gas with a calorific value of approx. 22000 KJ/Kg Its generation leads to handling wastes in the best possible manner It provides Bio-manure/ organic fertilizer Prevents women and children from smoke induced diseases Source :E&Y 2012 Biogas In India Market Scenario Total biomass potential in India is estimated to be around 70GW. Go-to-Market CER - Carbon Emission Reductions Go To Market Strategy RE Country attractiveness Indices: India jointly ranks 2nd along with U.S as far as biomass attractiveness is concerned Product Offerings - 1) CSTR Waste streams for High Solid Content Target Customers - Agro-Industries, WWT, MSW 2) MUASB - Liquid wastes Liquid effluent in ETPS,WWT, Agro industries 3) KVIC Cow Manure + Water Village & Household level 4) CO2 Water Scrubber Upgradation Plants Brownfield projects to inject to gas grid & Vehicles 5) Village level Piped Gas KVIC+GPRS- to pipe biogas to households and make biofertilizer cheaply available 6) Retail Packaged Biogas System Individual rural household level Households and small institutions i.e Restaurants & Hotels 2) BOOT/ BOT: Expected Margins - 50% Payback period - 3-4 years Predominantly for large scale projects. Investment company doesnt take the market or the economic risks. Only guarantees to operate for a specific period for certain level of efficacy. Scattered Market No established national level player Market needs offering from end to end solution lack of experienced and skilled workforce. Active intervention by government is a must Different approach is needed for small, medium & large scale biogas plants Streamlining SCM Renewable Energy Attractiveness Cattle dung alone can generate ~ 4.9 x 107 Cu.M (~ 5000MW) of biogas from 980 tonnes dung produced annually in India Only 5% of the potential has been exploited and that too in a decentralized and unorganized manner Potential in MW Distilleries - 503 Sugar - 363 Starch - 129 Slaughterhouse - 94 Milk Processing - 69 Poultry - 64 Paper and Pulp - 58 Presented By Akash Tripathi GLIM, Gurgaon PGPME 14-16 (P141001) 1) EPC: Customer seeks techno-commercial details and wants best technology with value proposition Customer pays in advance for the Engg& Design and then in multiple phases untill completion. 5-10% Payment is held to check the performance after project completion/ 6months to 1 year. Expected Margin - 35-45% Takes 3-9 months to complete 1-3 months of payment cycle. Bio-CNG is eligible for CDM and gets CERs for reducing carbon emissions The baseline emissions are same as that of gasoline or LPG considered to calcuate the CER CER calculations differs based on the utility of the Bio-CNG The CER serves as a revenue stream for the BioCNG project and enhances profitability substantially. Substrates for Biogas India as an aggressive bio-economy is in talks with the US dept of Energy on creating the road map for Biomass in india similar to that employed by china Business Models Biogas-A need?? Potential - ??

GO-To-Market Strategy

Transcript: GO-To-Market Strategy Lean Go To market Maximize the value you provide to your customers while minimizing waste in your organization Growth Hacking Process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Network Effect Network effect is the effect that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people A traditional marketer has a very broad focus, and while their skill set is extremely valuable, it is not as necessary early in a startups life. In the first phase of a startup you don’t need someone to “build and manage a marketing team” or “manage outside vendors” or even “establish a strategic marketing plan to achieve corporate objectives” or many of the other things that marketers are tasked with doing. Early in a startup you need one thing. Growth. - Redefining Product: Minimum viable product - Redefining Distribution: Most bang for least buck Examples: AirBnB, Ship Your Enemies Glitter, PokeMon Go This is where you identify the primary channels that you’ll use—both to sell your products and to educate and support your customers—along with the resources, training, and incentives that will drive channel performance. In complex channel organizations, products and offers may differ from one channel to the next, playing on the unique advantages of specific channels, such as direct sales teams or online portals. Thank You! Positioning SMB Automation of the sales process Provision of needs Large Companies Need for a Sales Team Creating relationship Strong vertical sales and support for ecosystem Marketing strategy is usually focused on who to sell to and what to sell. The boundaries of marketing strategy run across functional lines inside an organization but marketing primarily interacts with two other functions in a company. First, marketing interacts with development via product marketing to convey market requirements and to provide content for communications and sales tools for selling. Marketing also interacts with sales to build pipeline and assist in closing opportunity more quickly. Go-to-Market Strategy is focused on how the organization will put offerings into the market to reach market penetration, revenue and profitability expectations. This charter is a super set of marketing strategy as it impacts all functions within an organization with the goal of preparing the entire company for market success. Another key point to stress is that G0-to-Market Strategy is not an event, i.e., a product launch. GTM strategy is focused on the entire product life cycle—from concept to grave. Why the approach works Customer path way Tech Channels of communication Breadth of the channel Advanced data analytics The go-to marketing arsenal Niche research for value Global and emerging markets Speed of change What you see on Runway is in Stores Flow of idea Lean Go to Market These requirements, which may be affected by decisions made in the previous sections of the plan, may include branding your customer-facing portals, and integrating sales and provisioning systems with third-party resources you’ve employed. Parallels can help you identify the technical requirements needed to launch your products. Growth Hacking Technical Requirements Customer Experience/Customer Journey Product Strategy Marketing Strategy/Value Proposition Come up with a Go to Market strategy for 1 of the following and assess the chances of success: - Tesla in Pakistan - Yelp in Pakistan - Autonomous Car in Pakistan This area summarizes the activities you’ll use to drive awareness and generate leads, both in your identified markets and within your existing customer base. In large organizations, the marketing strategy may also include activities for generating internal awareness. Marketing Strategy vs Go to Marketing Strategy Critical Mass - Supply Side and demand Side Localized strategy for geo-location and legal environment Execution speed and low touch transaction Solve a compelling business problem in a differentiated manner that demands a premium Determine the size of the market opportunity Decide upon the beach head target for initial market penetration strategy Identify the decision makers, approvers, recommenders, influencers and snipers Understand the business issues for decision makers and develop a unique selling proposition that resonates Establish a differentiated position from substitutes and alternatives Prepare a product roadmap and complete product life cycle plan Document the distribution strategy and corresponding sales process Create an integrated demand generation plan to create qualified opportunities Develop a comprehensive and methodical demand management plan to follow-up on qualified opportunities Prepare an implementation plan to ensure the offering is set-up to perform properly Train the support organization to handle implementation and end-user inquiries It is important to measure success. This step

Go-To-Market Strategy

Transcript: Agriculture Health Arts Housing Business & Commerce Humanities Community Development Information & Statistics Consumer Protection Law, Justice, & Legal Services Disaster Prevention & Relief Natural Resources Education Regional Development Science & Technology Employment, Labor, & Training Social Services & Income Security Transportation Energy Food & Nutrition Environmental Quality How Will We Reach Our Target Market? Strategic Consulting Logistics Planning & Strategizing Acquisition Prepared Models Acquisition & Financial Management Acquisition Management Grants Management Budget Formulation Financial Compliance Program Management Support Information Management Enterprise Architecture Information Assurance & Cybersecurity Surveys Organizational & Human Capital Solutions Strategy Human Capital and Talent Management WE HAVE NO CHANCE OF ENTERING INTO THIS SPACE EXPECTING THE BUSINESS TO FIND US Generally, all state granting programs fall into the same categories as those of the federal government Approach to sell will also be similar Relationship Building Financial Management Services Program Support Program Management Technical Support Fully Outsourced Help Desk Phone Support Online Support Categorical Grants (90% of federal aid grants) Project Grants Formula Grants Block Grants Earmark Grants Over 900 grant programs exist at the federal level Grants offered by 26 grant-making agencies All programs fall into one of 21 categories Channel Strategy Point of Attack on the Beachhead Soup to Nuts Solution for Government Grant-making Strategic Consulting Class-leading Cloud-based Technology Full Service Managed Solutions How Will We Promote the Product? Go-To-Market Strategy: {g} grants for The Government Sector What Are We Selling? Full Service Managed Solutions Phone calls Emails Webinars Attend & Present at Conferences Identify and Engage Influencers Elected officials Rights advocates Interest donors Apply for Certified Small Business certification Federal procurement process directs purchases to be set aside for small business Participate in Requests for Information Create the opportunity so that the RFP will be structured for a GDG win To establish a strong foothold in the government sector, growth will require significant networking. State Grants Federal Grants Elimination of duplicative grant systems and projects Increased efficiency through standardization and streamlining of agency processes Minimization of manual / paper-based processes Improved ability to monitor grant activities to minimize fraud, waste and abuse Centralized reporting capabilities to support agency monitoring and federal, state, & local oversight needs Increased transparency throughout the grant process Engaging portals for applicants that provides ease in completion of applications Identify categories and states where GDG has made land Use contacts to advocate on our behalf Have them identify other potential prospects dfdf FONTS Who Are We Selling To? Federal Grant Categories Direct Personal Selling Not as simple as calling the customer Contact at agency Contact at procurement Outside influencers with special interests Class-leading Cloud-based Technology {g} grants for the Government Sector Features 100% cloud-based solution Engaging portals for applicants Intuitive workflows Robust Reporting Multi-lingual formats and support Mobile enabled Benefits of GDG Technology

Go-To-Market Strategy Recommendation

Transcript: Who Influences Her? The Impractical Test messaging and distribution penetration, as well as target market record within distinct regions WHERE? WHAT? Solving Our Buyer's Problems Understanding our buyer and her journey I am passionate about sales strategy and business development! I am invested in Infusionsoft and in this specific opportunity! I am data-driven in my go-to-market approach and, at a minimum, competent with general concepts! The Good Stuff Thank You HOW? The Practical Sales & Promotions Fortaleza Our Buyer and Her Journey Taste! (Marshmellows & Sugar-Coated Oats) Magic! (Lucky and his charms) Successfully Bringing Lucky To A New Market Getting our "what" into the hands of our "who" Who Is She? Final Thoughts The Outrageous Obtain 23% market share of pre-sweet cereal in Brazil Grow pre-sweet cereal sub-market 5% above cereal market growth rate Maintain distribution share for minimum 5 years Offering Her kids will love it No breakfast hassles Sao Paulo Mass advertising through TV, leveraging Lucky and taste to target 8-11 year olds Social media campaign, targeting 8-11 year olds [game app] South Central Leverage existing relationships and retail channels through Nestle (Cereal Partners Worldwide) Develop regional and national warehouse partnerships She wants to walk into a convenient supermarket and find a hassle-free, on-the-go breakfast for her kids that provides sufficient energy and nutrition. Her life is too busy for breakfast to be complicated. Our most promising new market WHO? The Practical The Challenging Stuff Florianopolis Distribution Channels Other Ideas To Consider The consumers: her kids under 18 Most influential are kids aged 8 to 11 [TARGET MARKET] How Does She Buy? North Magically Delicious What We Provide That's Different Explore partnerships with healthcare providers and service companies that stand to benefit immensely from later surges in childhood obesity and diabetes. What to take away from this project? Go-To-Market Strategy: Lucky Charms Test Markets *Breakfast still influenced significantly by local customs *Those customs are very regional within Brazil *Pre-sweet not prominent among existing cereal consumption How We Measure Success Direct Promotions: coupons (mail, online, gaming app coins) Trade Promotions: in-store samples and displays Direct Sales: strategic account reps by geographic region Get "Lucky" in Brazil Marketing and Advertising Hire a sharp, creative [but otherwise humble] Director of Business Development to implement and improve the strategy. Age: 35 - 54 Years Old Working Professional - Middle Class to Upper Middle Class Parent She's heard about it. Her kids love it. She can buy it at the supermarket. She can afford it. It has adequate nutrition. Best Combination of Size, Expected Growth, and Breakthrough Potential of All Unentered Markets: *US$ 981 Million Market *27.1% Growth through 2016 *Increasingly Americanized breakfast traditions *Cold cereal accounts for 74% of cereal market Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Lucky's unique value wedge I had fun with this. Contact me any time at 602.430.4852 or at What that means to her? *The global cereal market is competitive *Existing distribution channels are rigid and barriers to "go-to-market" innovation *General Mills is fortunate to own 23% of the global RTE cereal market and able to leverage distribution channels

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