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Go To Market Presentation Template

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Go To Market Plan

Transcript: ACTION Gather informally and formally information with contacts at operators about business model they want pursuit Evaluate and decide internally at Deezer business model and product adaptation from Initial approach Merci Thank you Obrigado Business Adherence ACTION Intense relationship with Operators Negotiation Legal constraints turn-around Is this the correct timing for operators? Who are the deciders? What challenges are they facing? Are their structure ready for moving forward? Do they have budget for promotion and sales? ACTION Intense relationship with Operators Joint-business plan prepared and approved Who are the competitors for this agreement? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What about their relationship with operators? Are they supported by anyone at operators? Who will support Deezer at operators? Go To Market Plan Business Agreement ACTION Market research Map supporters and potential non-supporters Become a trustworthy potential partner to operators Leverage the benefits from Deezer What are the important KPI's for Operators? How Deezer will offer superior KPI's to Operators when compared to competitors? What after-launch assistance can Deezer offer? Are Operators feeling safe to move forward and close the deal? Business Environment to deal closed The road for an agreement between Deezer and Operators What is the formal partnership process? Who else must be involved? What are the price limits to close the deal? What are the legal requirements? Is there harmony between business models from Operators and Deezer? Is Deezer trustworthy for operators? Business Plan Business Terrain ACTION Gather informally and formally information with contacts at Operators about business environment Prepare a plan to act according environment

Zarzo Go-To-Market

Transcript: Schools 10% Annual efficiency increase for coaches 83% Interested in tools to help them coach additional clients 12 Pricing Tiers Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling ( PNACAC ) 74% Interested in enhancing online presence ) 68% Interested in tools to track clients $0 Market Size x 68% Interested in tools to track client IECA Consulted User - Zarzo Lead Marketing Strategy Advertising & Promo Monthly National Association for College Admission Counseling ( Pricing Strategy Coach View 40% Of users from Zarzo leads 240,000 high school students/yr 60,000 high school graduates/hr ~80% proceed to higher education Go-To-Market ) $0 28 HECA Student View Coached User Client Management Coaches 85% Interested in tools to track current and prospective clients 5000 practitioners $59.99 Independent Educational Consultants Association ( 2006: VHSGC Coached User - Zarzo Lead Students / Parents Creation Assuming $0 Projections ( and that's with 68% Using paper or spreadsheets) $299 Market Penetration 31.5 14 months $0 20% Annual growth in practitioners 63% Interested in collecting online payments /yr ) 2000 practitioners NACAC = $24.99 37% Annual Growth 2006-09 $99 ) Sales Strategy Focus on freshman through Junior years Sponsorships, scholarships PTA events User Type --- 2009: Consulted User Average concurrent clients: 78% Interested in tools to create and collect more leads Higher Education Consultants Association ( 90% Interested in tools to track school requirements Career centers Guidance offices School-wide or district-wide licensing Virtual High School Global Consortium ( Coach's average client lifetime: [ Year 5]

Go Market

Transcript: Supervised by: Prof. Hesham Hassan Eng. Mahmoud Mohsen Go Market Represented by: Abdallah Ahmed Ismail Sherif Introduction Introduction Go Market is open marketplace application, which provides organizations a content management system to create and manage their business Background Background Development of business in most of e-commerce systems now days requires more technical skills Problem & Motivation Problem & Motivation Problem Motivation Problem - non technical business owner can't deal with complicated development of business - most known e-commerce systems focus only on specific business domains Motivation Small organizations now days aims to create their own business on the internet, so creating less complicated cms to create e-commerce system will allow them to launch their business easily Objectives & Goals Objectives & Goals - develop less complicated cms and e-commerce system - release beta version by end of 2018 Goal developing and publishing new store on Go Market is more easier compared to available e-commerce systems in marketplace Objectives Related Work Related Work We revised some cms tools that mainly generates e-commerce systems. Timeline Application Requirements Requirements Stakeholders Normal Users Business Owner Use Case Model - sample - Business Owner must select desired store in order to manage this store - Business Owner can add many sizes assoicated with product - System must show the business owner the orders - Normal User can save cart for later time to checkout Functional Requirements Performance Response times: application loading won’t take more than 1 second (depends on network speed) Processing times: application functions (e.g. Add Store, Remove Product ) will take 2 seconds max Non-Functional Requirements Availability Hours of operation: 24 hours / 7 days Capacity Throughput: system handles 1200 transactions at peak time Security Encryption and authentication: Any sensitive data will be encrypted (passwords) Design Design Generally speaking, two popular architectures are widely used in the practical commerce world —mvc architecture and three-layer architecture. The system uses mvc architecture. ERD Model System Decomposition Class Diagram sample 1 Class Diagram sample 2 Sequence Diagram sample 1 Implementation Implementation Tools Php Laravel Framework MySQL APACHE BOOTSTRAP 4 HTML 5 CSS3 jQuery AngularJs - not finished Phpmyadmin Github version control Future Work More Services Mobile Application Future Work Demo

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