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Glitter Presentation Background

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Transcript: Glitter!!! Thats Glitter!! : People ask me all the time," why do you like glitter so much"? Well, I don't know. All I know is that it sparkles and its pretty and when I wear it it makes me feel beutiful. : Glitter was invented by Henry Ruschmann, shortly after world war 2, although some people believe it was invented in 1934. Lets not forget about safety. : I know that I am not the only one who has a healthy obsession with it so,or they wouldn't put it on every single thing. Glitter, a gift from the heavens! It is the only thing that will make me happy on a terrible day. It brings light and shine into the world, but I have a question for you. What do you know about it? Safety By Katie Nottingham : Always read the bottle. If it says,"This product is not intended for the eyes", Try not to get in or on your eyes. Also acne is the most inportant thing to worry about when using and applying glitter. If you get acne and it is bad please refrain from using glitter. Always wash your face after wards. :Glitter you can use in sooo many ways! Thats another reason I like it. I hope you use my information and brighten up your life with some glitter!! Glitter 101 : Well,to add a little more to your every day..... I use face glitter. I, personally, think the gel is more effective than the powder because the gel sticks and doesn't fall off and the powder gets in your eyes. : You can also incorporate something sparkly in your outfit. I have sparkly shoe laces to give my shoes some more " ufff". Jewelry works as well. Maybe hair ties.Its really up to you. Most glitter will give you acne so if it does,you can still use it just make sure to wash your face often. Why I like glitter? How you can wear it!! Glitter makes everything better!!!! The unusual world of Glitter!! :Glitter should not be confused with confetti, which has a bigger shape and comes in different shapes and sizes. It also should not be confused with sequins, because they are circular and have holes in them.

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