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Glitter Presentation Background

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Transcript: The earliest recordings of glitter being used dates back close to 30,000 years ago, where it was found in ancient cave paintings to give them a glittery aperance. This glitter came from crushed up flake mica. In cosmetics powered hamatite a sparkling mineral was used so were crushed beetles shells and fine malachite crystals. How has glitter changed? How has glitter improved? Matter and Technology has helped the prosses of glitter making alot. 30,000 years ago we depened on the earth and its resourses for our glitter but now we have this machine that cutts longs strips of celefane like plastic paper in to little pices of glitter, the blades cut along the plastic paper turning cutting it in to little shapes of reflective glitter. What is Glitter? How has Glitter changed over time? Ancient Glitter Glitter is an assortment of very flat colourfull reflective particals. When they are applied to a surface they shimmer and sparkle when the sun reflects of them. Glitter is similar to confetti and sequins. Glitter Glitter has gone from being flaked up stone thats been rubbed on to a cave painting to now where it is in nearly every cosmetic! Glitter was once a crushed up stone it then moved on to be litter shards of shimmery glass and now it is tiny particals of manufactured plastic. it is also used safely in liquds such as nail polish and lip gloss. By Imogen O'Leary Quereshi How has glitter been improved? How has matter helped us? How has glitter changed over time? Now Glitter has many pourposes. people use it is on fabrics, they use it in general art and they use it in cosmetics such as nail polish, lip gloss/stick, eye shadow etc. It is used mainly to make thing stand out and to put an extra shine on to the matterial so it will shimmer in the light. What is it used for? The first modern glitter invention was created by an American cattle farmer, Henry Ruschmann. The mechanism was for cross-cutting films. When the second world war was on, german glass glitter was no longer avalable so he found scarp material grounded in to glitter made of plastics. He founded Medowbrook Inventions Inc.


Transcript: DESTRUCTIVE Renewable Energy •Goals WAR 45% DAMAGE Education Sources War Results In: Wrong WAR Clean Pollution from: Cause: Disease & Starvation In Future Generations NATURE SECOND CONGO WAR 54% 1247 B.C. TRUST Future NATIONALISM Land we live on People Will Blend With: Resolution Provoked: Infrastructural Elements Communication "SCORCHED EARTH" The Case of The Civil War U.S. FORCES Initiating Factor 4.5 million acres Consciousness of the Environment The Battle of Kadesh Requirements •Intentions 1 DECADES Core Late 19th Century •Activities & DESTROY Force PRIMARY CAUSE WARS Right Habitat Obliteration Future "How Can We Prevent Warfare And Bloodshed In Our World?" AIR Warfare Environment's Well-Being Chemical Waste Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed DEVELOPMENT Present Plains 3000 B.C. $598.5 Billion WAR Air we breathe Water Infrastructure GAIN vs & The Effects of Wars On Education Country B Plutonium AGENT ORANGE Affect Environmentally Destructive Energy Water Inclusive Society Country A Leads Developing Countries state of the habitat The Less Likely A War Is Renewable Energy Conflict Country Air Wars Waged Action! Good Global Warming V.S. FORCE Not Worth It Your Ally World War II World War I Armed Conflict SOCIAL financial Levees Opposed To War Country A Peace NEEDS Economy Business disruption war Hittite Empire Egyptian Empire v.s. Poverty World Wide Bombings 1945 3 Million Safe 75 Million Children IMMIGRATE Sustainable Development Other military expenditures Nuclear Fresh Water Fresh Water Fresh Water That Already Exists EARTH SUFFERS Benzene Educated Economy & Financial Resources Nagasaki U.S. Budget CENTURIES • Increase the quality of education "We Want Our Land back!" Mercury To Practice Tolerance manufacturing IMPORTANT! Chemical political Different Genders The Engagement Different Races Different Nationalities The Public Vietnam War Economy Causes War National Agenda 2021 Human history WAR Land Military Equipment Hurt by War More Likely Environmental Carbon Footprint technology industries Restricted War = Destructive Force Years REDUCTION Cost of weapons WAR Finance Hunger Dams Hurt Hiroshima Increasing the quality of education The More Your Enemy Biological Any Country Havoc Reaching Out to Authority

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