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Transcript: "IF PICTURES SPEAK A 1000 WORDS"​ HOW ABOUT A QUICK ANIMATION ? GIFs GIFs Let's Explore! "IF PICTURES SPEAK A 1000 WORDS"​ HOW ABOUT A QUICK ANIMATION? Why GIFs? Why GIFs? A Smart Product Better than images, less effort compared to videos Multiple use cases Trendy Appealing and Effective Easy to grasp Multi -Platform Use Cases Use Cases GIFs that could replace RTEs A GIF that could solely speak for the complete delta, thereby ruling out the necessity of an RTE . GIFs that could replace RTEs GIFs within RTEs GIFs Within RTEs A part of textual content or visual content (in the form of images) which could speak better when portrayed as a GIF within an RTE Generally used when the GIF requires a few text aids or add-ons (prerequisites, definitions, laws, Facts, tips, notes) to cover a delta As a reinforcement /tackle element GIFs as a reinforcement/tackle element GIFs can be used : Within a solution As a hint to solve a question As a tackle that could replace a video or RTE tackle Within concept/chapter summaries A Few Demonstrations! A Few Demonstrations GIFS that could replace RTEs Maths - Physics - Chemistry - Churning Biology - GIFs within an RTE Maths - Physics - Chemistry - Biology - GIFs as a tackle element Maths - Parallel lines and Transversal Physics - Laws of reflection Chemistry - Factors affecting evaporation Biology - DNA TLLMS Links - So Why Wait..? Thank You! LET's GET STARTED...!!


Transcript: The GIF - Geurilla Marketing American Advertising Introduction The GIF Marketing in France & America The Future of the GIF Advantages & Disadvantages Conclusion Disadvantages The Future Where to next? · USA-New York · UK-London · Japan-Tokyo Where to advertise: · Train stations and subway stations · Movie theaters and malls · Airports and bus stops · Difficult to obtain measurable results · Controversy · Misconception of brand and perception can be harmful New and innovative way to advertise Consider difference in cultures Effective and unique What is a GIF - Graphics Interchange Format Where it’s used - Conclusion The GIF Advertisements in France What is Geurrilla Marketing? + · Cost effective · High reach · Word of mouth · More interaction with consumer · Increase of brand perception Popular forms of marketing in France: Buy One Get One Free Word of Mouth Free Gifts Consistent ads Joint Promotions Uses four characteristics: Love, spectacle, humour, and seduce • Low-cost unconventional marketing • Inspired by guerrilla warfare • Relies heavily on high energy and imagination • Taking the consumer by surprise • Aim to strike the consumer at a more personal and memorable level • Major profit orientation and emphasis • Employ smarter rather than harder ways to work Marketing in France Introduction French language used Accurate translation of languages Gain exposure – word of mouth Events on opening days Direct focus towards a small niche THANK YOU! Generally takes persuade and compare stance Spend lots of money on one time ads Advantages Agenda


Transcript: Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) } GABRIELA CASTRO PABON It is a digital graphic format used on the World Wide Web, both for images and for animations. WHAT IS WHAT IT IS ? is a form of bitmap images, meaning the graphic is composed of many tiny parts called pixels, just like the JPEG and PNG file formats advantage and disadvantage In a couple of seconds of content you can get many benefits, such as X OR ✓ The use of GIFs also have some associated disadvantages, these are: ADVENTAJES ADVANTAGE -The weight of the files is considerably less -They help build a modern image of your business -Increase the residence time on your site -They are not only easy to consume, they are also empathetic content -In RRSS you can also make use of already created GIFs DISADVANTAJE DISADVANTAJE -Designing takes more time and resources than a still image in JPG, since the planning and validation of the story must be considered together with the execution of the image in different programs. -In email campaigns, Outlook compatibility problems cause only the first frame of the GIF to appear 10 Sites for Finding the Perfect GIF BEST APP 1) GIPHY. 2) Reddit. 3) What Should We Call Me. 5) GIFbin. 6) Hulu's The Perfect GIF. 7) Awesome GIFs. 8) Animal GIFs. 9) GIFs From Last Night. :) Best places to use it: short animations for social channels, like Facebook and Twitter. Picture Picture CONCLUSIONS CONCLUSIONS Generating visual content enriches a brand's content strategy, creating a more dynamic and authentic relationship with the audience. People are becoming more perceptive and, therefore, more receptive to brands that are playing on creativity to capture their attention. In this sense, GIFs can be used to keep an audience captivated.


Transcript: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Vector graphics for the web. This Adobe-sponsored standard for placing true Vector graphics online has failed to catch-on in any significant way. Although approved by the W3C (the body which governs Internet standards) there is poor browser support and very little interest in this file type. Lossless compression. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, JPEGS are perhaps the most well-known of the graphics family, being used in many areas of digital life, including websites, digital cameras, mobile phones, and a variety of other media. JPEGS allow full colour photographic quality images to be saved in relatively good detail with lossy compression applied. The greater the level of compression, the more quality is lost from the image. It is possible to create a very large high quality JPEG with no compression to achieve outstanding quality in printed reproduction, as well as very small compressed files for websites, which makes JPEGS a very versatile option for a plethora of uses. Graphic File Formats PSD (PhotoShop Document) Native format of popular Bitmap art creation software. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely-used products in the industry, renowned for its wealth of creative tools and useful options for designers and digital graphic artists. Any graphics file saved in the PSD format can maintain the layers and effects that were generated in Photoshop thus making it fully editable in the software. TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) Prepress file format for raster data such as photos. TIFF remains a popular format in press and sign studios. It is strictly a Bitmap-only format, which cannot support any type of Vector data, and can have levels of compression applied. TIFF supports a very wide range of colour models and resolutions and is known for its versatility and reliability, although it does produce very large files when used with high quality images. Lossy compression. GIF (Graphic Image File) Indexed color file, mostly for the web. The current version supports 1-bit transparency and simple animation. GIF is the best web option for images with flat, solid colors - the sort of images you normally create in Vector drawing programs like Illustrator. GIF is rarely a good choice for non-Web use and one of the worst for high quality print. GIF is a "lossless" format meaning that even after the file has been compressed no quality is lost from the image quality. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Designed to replace the GIF on the web, but hasn't. Recent substitute for GIFs (and some JPEGs) online. Many technical advantages over GIFs - for example, multi-bit transparency map, metadata for color management (gamma and profile) - but also larger file sizes. There is very uneven browser support so far, so it hasn't really caught on. Lossy compression. AI (Adobe Illustrator) Native format of popular Vector art creation software. Adobe Illustrator format is widely-used by many graphic studios because it is easy to work with and can be saved as PDF or EPS with minimal fuss for portability. As well as designing Vector-based graphics, AI can embed Bitmap images. Lossless compression. Vector Image SWF (Small Web Format) Popular online Flash media file. Macromedia Flash is widely used online to produce Vector-based graphics and animation. It has no real use outside of web design. Lossless compression. CDR (CorelDraw) Native format of popular Vector art creation software. CorelDraw is similar to Adobe Illustrator in that it is primarily a Vector graphics creation product which can output files in many different useful formats and can embed Bitmaps. Lossless compression Raster image BMP (Bitmap) Microsoft's own home-grown image format. Microsoft's own Bitmap BMP file type is used in the Windows environment for various purposes, such as displaying icons, but has very little purpose outside of that remit. BMP files are unsuitable for web use or for print. Lossy compression.

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