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Transcript: Company Intro Company Intro Doncaster Kilmarnock Livingston Oxford • L&M Surveys have over 20 years’ experience within the rail sector • We are now recognised as one of the UK’s leading land and mineral survey companies • Offices in Kilmarnock, Doncaster, Livingston & Oxford • Continually investing in the latest survey technology • Over 40 Survey teams around the UK • Comprehensive range of survey inspection services, available singularly or as a package • Over 13,000 completed projects Our Team at L&M Surveys Alasdair Kirkwood Commercial Director Jim Kirkwood Managing Director Keith Allan Survey Director Stuart McManus Survey Manager Steve Lock Business Dev Manager Mark Cooper Rail Commercial & Operations Manager Peter Webster Utilities Manager Barry Bassnett 3D Documentation Manager Admin Team - 10 Surveys Teams UK - 40 Zaher Younis Technical Manager Our Team June 2018 - Presentation to Network Rail Asset Team (Wales) Presentation of Spheron technology to NWR Asset team in Wales - lots of interest, extremely well received and subsequently referred to present Spheron Technology to Rob Dean (Principal Engineer - Structures) in Milton Keynes July 2018 - Presentation to Rob Dean, Colin Hall Presentation of Spheron technology to Structures team in Milton Keynes - established significant potential benefits and improvements for the purpose of Bridge Examinations...... August 2018 - 'Digital Asset Capture' proof of concept tender issued for pricing Proof of concept trial where we shall be trialling digital capture and reporting technologies with a view to enabling the Network Rail team to take a non-subjective comparison against traditional analogue surveying and reporting methods utilised currently. "Objectives are to ascertain an understanding of the comparable time and cost for undertaking rapid capture digital surveys and providing 3D deliverables." September 2018 - 'Digital Asset Capture' proof of concept tender awarded to L&M Surveys Utilising 360 degree photography, facilitating the deliverable of navigable annotated 3D environments. L&M Surveys were commissioned to deliver 6 No. Detailed Examinations including............ 3 No. Retaining Walls / 1 No. Single Span Bridge / 1 No. 3 Span Bridge / 1 No. 9 Span Viaduct L&M / Spheron and Network Rail: The story so far................ Spheron Technology Network Rail........... The story so far..... November 2018 - Proof of concept trial Site work started February 2019 - Proof of concept trial completed March 2019 - Outputs of trial presented to Network Rail ...for your time today Thank you... Thank you... L&M Survey Services Ltd L&M Survey Services Ltd @LMSurveyServicesLtd @LMSurveys For Topographical & 3D Laser Scanning please contact:- For Topographical & 3D Laser Scanning please contact:- Alasdair Kirkwood 01563 533398 For Railway Surveying please contact:- For Railway Surveying please contact:- Mark Cooper 07428 192844 For Utility Surveys & G.P.R. Surveys please contact:- For Utility Surveys & G.P.R. Surveys please contact:- Peter Webster 01563 533398 For Land Survey services please contact:- For Land Survey services please contact:- Stuart McManus 01563 533398

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Transcript: 418 Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma 160 Security Contract Services In 2017: Having a disability doesn't mean you've lost your power to work. Begin at Home is a Career Pathways program designed to help Goodwill employees advance their professional skills through training opportunities within the agency and externally. Janitorial Contract Services In 2017: In 2018, 840 individuals were served with resume help, digital skills and development at Goodwill Job Connection Centers. Of those, 355 people were placed in jobs. GICO Board of Directors Goodwill employees provide unarmed security services at more than a dozen locations in the OKC and Tulsa areas. Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma: Nearly 800 Employees $32 million per year organization 13% administrative expenses *Accredited by Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Skills 10.6 million pounds of materials diverted from landfills in 2017. 23 Goodwill Store & Donation Centers in central Oklahoma Territory 21 Attended Donation Centers 1 Outlet Store and Downtown Warehouse Employment & Training Alliance of Oklahoma High School Equivalency (HSE) program Goodwill employees provide contracted janitorial and unarmed security services at dozens state buildings and commercial businesses, employing approximately 100 people. The Goodwill Job Connection Center focuses on providing access and opportunities for individuals seeking employment and skills training. Reusing, Re-imagining, Recycling: Our goal is ZERO landfill ETAOK is based on a collective impact model in which wrap-around human services are coordinated by partner agencies based on a “no wrong door” philosophy. GCPI delivers digital skills training to individuals in our community through hands-on learning opportunities. Supported Employment Supportive Services for Veteran Families In 2018: The HSE program provides educational guidance and training to individuals preparing for the GED and other HSE tests. Never stop learning #GoogleDigitalLiteracy Times have changed, but people still need help. Begin @ Home In 2017, 327,664 pounds of electronics were responsibly disposed of through Dell Reconnect with Goodwill Industries. In 2017: Digital and Technology Training In 2017: GICO Executive Team "The Goodwill Man" Edgar J. Helms (1863 - 1942)

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Transcript: About us We focus on cost-effective lead-generating initiatives and sales solutions without the overhead. Our proprietary systems allow us to blend technology with talent to deliver the results you deserve. More than $2.5 billion in sales Over 200 projects worldwide (19 states & 3 countries) More 6,500 units sold All product types SFH, condos, townhomes, high rises, second homes, fractional, luxury resort, BMR, production, custom, semi-custom All price points $100,000 to $26 million All geographies Where we've been Who we've helped To help people make real estate decisions that profoundly improve their lives. Invented virtual sales center and invisible salesperson Best customer service in the world Superstore format Constrained by # consumers in building Constrained to service top customers as VIPs Virtual self-service world Users get what they want, how they want it, when they want it Quickly putting brick/mortars out of business Technology Track/analyze consumer behavior for tailored self-service Scalable model with no physical constraints 100% of customers are VIP Source: NAR 2018-2019 stats 98% search online Customer satisfaction How do we know? Traditional model New Model The virtual self-service economy PresGroup Model Virtual Concierge Service oriented Early to mid-stage buyers Qualifying Appointments Virtual tool experts Sales Team Sales center coverage Five Pillars Virtual and in-person skills Best leads may not walk in Embrace MSP as best practices Account Manager Key liaison Drives business model Hires/manages sales team Synergy between disciplines Marketing Branding Virtual sales center Models/merchandising Digital Traditional Technology Lead acquisition Customer relationship management Predictive analytics Robust reporting Preferred lender Live case study

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Transcript: With the help of the object repository ,the actions to execute and the expected results The testing tool is simulating the interaction of a real user and also comparing if the application reactions are the same we established as expected result Who are we ? What will be the development complexity with each of the candidate tool 1 or 2 days Business matter expert presence necessary around 2 hours Programmer available if necessary for few hours on demand On a version delivery area Verification of real return on investment Future users Involvement Feedback Final settings For a business process sample end to end automation in a view to validate Automation Strategy Full tool Compliance Reporting Integration MEMORY CHECK... Training We must test faster We must control the performance We must check the security We must increase our coverage Input Select compare output parametrize Launch Close Compute Report Remotely Restart windows Automation Industrialization Environment Check Full Sanity Full Regression Tasks and responsibilities T.T.C Ltd Software Quality Assurance Experts Proof of Concept How can we reach this effect While Recording an hooking engine is able to analyze exchanges between OS and AUT or Browser AUT Framework and AUT Replaying TTC-Testing Ltd is professional service firm specializing in the Software Quality Assurance field. We are an international high tech company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Israel. Our expertise is in the design, sale, and test of software tools. Our team is comprised of nearly 40 consultants whose goal is to develop added value, through software quality assure, to our client’s business by covering the whole life cycle management of software delivery. Software quality assurance : What for ? Huge number of end users Young users senior users technical Clumsy very high expectations Increasing number of platforms No geographic coverage limits Before going to automation Known Traps Investigation Best circumstances to Automate An example of our technological Skill: Automation To increase Software Quality To reduce time burning on redounding tasks (Sanity, Regression) To check points that human hands and mind cannot reach.(DB contents , Invisible property values huge files comparison) To insure simulation coherence Interaction type SYSTEM BOOT Check Your enterprise Quality maturity Testing general methodology AUT Roadmap Resources Readiness and availability (teams cooperation) Expectation definition Budget Input Data integrity Unexpected Application behavior Gui technology changes Script creation effort Maintenance task superior to Benefit Technical Reports only Maintenance Consequence of the evolutions Recording Define the appropriate strategy Start our quality activity from the very beginning of the project life Delegate a expert staff with very high motivation and long experience Equip our customers with the testing tools that matches their needs Meet Our Company CONNECTED Customized training according to local implementation . If necessary 2 levels Execution and Basic Debug Automation development Automation :What for ? On objects on the screen (or not) On alphabetical fields in emulation On almost any type of files Web-Service Databases Pictures Registries … Since 1999 we provide high quality testing services We are experts on multiple testing tools like those developed by HP ,Microsoft ,Rational and other open source products. Our purpose is to help middle and huge customer accounts to increase and control their information system quality. We lead you on your way to defined and precise processes. We make and quality an measurable activity. We give testing an "industrial" dimension Pilot Basic concepts Automation process Who are we ? Online coaching Requirement coverage tracking Evolution implementation As a result of the record process ,the testing tool is creating An object repository necessary to uniquely recognize objects A list of actions to interact with the objects (Click ,edit set ,verify) The expected reactions of the AUT Created in 1999 Core business: Software Quality Assurance Expertise : Testing tools 30 consultants world wide Mainly Active in Europe Annual Turn over around 3 million Euro HP Accenture SAP EDF GDF Societe General HSBC BNP Orange SFR Sanofi EdenRed Fnac Automation Production A Stable GUI Deployed on multiple sites Deployed on multiple configurations A test that will be replay for each delivery Similar manipulations but multiple input data sets Best testing tools compliance Minimum test Maintenance Possible Interaction Customer references Technologies and evolutions impact In the past the developers were in charge of testing (Unit Test). The systems were simple enough to bypass functional integration or End to end testing . Testing was done in view to detect defects in the software. No real methodology was applied Y2K issue Software quality becomes a crucial step The quality tasks are suddenly organised and traceable The return on investment is . .

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Transcript: Ennis Lifts Ltd A Brief History Who are we? Effects of Current Economy What is a lift? A lift is a vertical transport system that moves people/goods between floors of a building or other structure. Elevators are generally powered by electric motors that either drive traction cables and counterweight systems like a hoist, or pump hydraulic fluid to raise a cylindrical piston Market Sectors A few wise words..... 1.2 How much do you pay annually to your lift maintenance supplier, on top of your initial payment? Thank you & all questions welcome... Escalator Drogheda The minimum time it takes to carry out all checks during your lift servicing. Kilkenny Hotel 1994 - Carlow ? Athlone Tralee Building Regulations 2000 Est 1989 Castlebar Cavan 1 2 Health Goods Kinsale Average Breakdown Ratio per Lift per Year Ennis Head Office First Lift Co in Ireland to introduce PDA Technology, while linking with GPS (Realtime Info) Cork 3 Founded by Cormac Patrick (CP) Mc Guinness We specialise in, Maintenance Installation Repairs & Modernisation. Letterkenny A negligent lift service results in frequent break downs Wicklow Where you will find us; Limerick Residential Appointed official Distributor for Mac Puarsa lifts in Ireland Lift and Escalator Specialists 2,500 lifts Nationwide Mitsubishi No. 1 Global Brand Portlaoise Newry 2006 Retail European Standards Appointed as authorised distributor of SJEC Lifts & Escalators Dublin Office With over 30 years experience in the lift industry, Ennis Lifts are now one of the leading Irish companies in Ireland. Commercial Sligo 1979 Belfast Spiral Travelators EN81-70: Ensure access for disabled people Nenagh Tullamore Successfully Installed over 2,500 lifts A Quality lift service is crucial to the effective and efficent running of your lift, resulting is fewer calls outs and less down time. Westport Leisure 2009 + Passenger 4 Lift Types Waterford 2003-2008: +200 installations per year 2009-2010: -30 installations per year 2011: + 50 installations Special Mitsu Elevator Testing Tower, Japan Galway A suitable passenger lift should be provided to any storey above/below the entrance storey which; (a) 2 storey has nett floor area per floor > 280m2 (b) 3+ storey has nett floor area per floor > 200m2 2003 Clipped Corner Elevator 2010 1 Car One Hour; Education Kildare Service

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