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Futuristic Presentation Template

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My Futuristic presentation

Transcript: 30-60-90 Day Plan 30 Days 30 Days I want to continue to improve my relationship with my girlfriend. I also want to start my savings. I also want to work on my physical mental an spiritual. Learning Goals Learning to get better at my job Learning Goals Work on my relationship Continue to get better at school Continue to do 90% at my job Performance Goals Performance Goals A Do 95% at my job B Do 100% at my job C Personal Goals 1 2 Personal Goals 3 Get better at work Get better at school Get better within my relationship 60 Days 60 Days Want to have a good savings to were me and my girlfriend can purchase a house. Be at 100% at my job be down 20 pounds Learning Goals Learning Goals 2 3 1 Learn more areas at my job Consistency at work with my 100% continue to learn how to do my assignments during the week. Performance Goals 4 1 2 3 Continue to stack my savings Continue to improve my relationship Continue to lose weight Continue to walk 2 miles a day Performance Goals Personal Goals Personal Goals Continue to stack my savings Continue to workout and do cardio Continue to lose weight 90 Days 90 Days Me and my girlfriend will have all of our affairs in order so we can work being engaged/married. Of course be down 40 pounds. Learning Goals Learning Goals 2 3 1 Learn how to effectively use credit Learn how not to mess up my criminal history Learn how to retain things that are important to me. Performance Goals Performance Goals Getting better at different areas at my job Walk 10 miles a day Push even more weights and reps Get faster at my job Personal Goals Personal Goals Get a raise Have good enough savings to where I continue to free up time Be down even more weight Title Title Getting savings started Working on my physical Mental Spiritual Title

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