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Wizard of Oz

Transcript: Does anyone actually know where she aquired this title? Most Importantly: She knows all along how to send Dorothy home but lets her go on a wild goose chase. Puts Dorothy in mortal danger In the end, she is the one to send her home. Symptoms Lack of Empathy Need to Demean Manipulative Find Pleasure in Acts of Cruelity (Smirk) Symptoms Constantly Alert Feelings of Mistrust Problems with Daily Life Angry Resentful Aggressive Hyper-Viligant Group #6 Disorder: Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder Attachment Theory Dreams RED FLAGS Identity Latent Content Reasons for Her Disorder Manifest Content Shock and Dismay Aggressive Behavior Toward the Munchkins and Glinda Resentful Towards Dorothy Trying to Kill Dorothy and Friend Condemning of Those Who Help Dorothy Violent Outburst Katelyn Graham Christina Moore Taylor Parris Angela Aga Shelby Lupardus Caleb Newburn Other Info Character Study #2 "Wicked" Witch of the West WIZARD OF OZ Definition: People who have learned of or experienced an unexpected and sudden death of a friend or relative. Celebrates a teen dropping a house on her rivel Hates the witches who were ugly and different, therefore EVIL ~"Only Bad Witches are Ugly" Amused by the emotional turmoil of others "Stepford Wives" Smirk Taunting the mourning Wicked Witch of the West Steals the only keepsake the Wicked Witch of the West has and forces Dorthy to wear them (ruby slippers) Demeaning those around her Character Study #1 Glinda the "Good" Witch Disorder: Sadistic Personality Disorder Notice the Use of Dorothy as a Human Shield Disorder: Sadistic Personality Disorder Reasons for Her Disorder RED FLAGS Finding one's self

Wizard of Oz

Transcript: Wizard of Oz Story Line In this charming film based on the popular L. Frank Baum stories, Dorothy and her dog Toto are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz. Here she meets some memorable friends and foes in her journey to meet the Wizard of Oz who everyone says can help her return home and possibly grant her new friends their goals of a brain, heart and courage. - Dale Roloff Lets take a look! Wizard of Oz was first introduced as a broadway musical in 1902, it wasnt until August 25th 1939 that it became motion picture. Chicago 293 performances from january 21st 1903 til december 31st 1904. Later running again from March 1904 to October 1905 Research Theatrical Makeup Stage makeup is used as a method in conjunction with stage lighting to highlight the actors' faces in order make expressions visible to the audience from moderate distances. This often includes defining the eyes and lips as well as the highlights and lowlights of the facial bones. Special Effects Makeup (FX Makeup) The use of special effects techniques enhancing physical features to exhibit metaphysical characteristics as well as fantasy makeup. The use of prosthetics and plaster casting are also required for projects that entails non-human appearances. Accents such as theatrical blood and ooze are also techniques applicable to this type of makeup. Airbrushing The use of an airbrush which is a small air-operated device that sprays various media including alcohol and water-based makeup by a process of mobilization. The earliest record of this type of cosmetic application dates back to the 1925 film version of Ben-Hur, it has recently been re-popularized by the advent of HDTV and Digital Photography, when the camera focuses on higher depths of detail. Liquid Foundations that are high in coverage but thin in texture are applied with the airbrush for full coverage without a heavy build-up of product. Paints Soft grease paints- Available in a complete range of colours, used as makeup bases. Soft grease paints come in a tube. This paint has a creamy texture, its quick and easy to spread. It does not survive body heat as well as hard grease paints. Liquid base colours- Available in bottles, mainly used as a body base. Liquid base paint dries quickly. Tools -two towels -one square plain silk "for putting on wigs" -barber type shears -colourless powder or talc container -two powder puffs -silk sponge -three flat red sable brushes (one of each)nos. 4,5,6 -two japanease writing brushes, 1" long and 1/4" thick at widest point Materials -bar of soap and container -box of cleansing tissues -bottle of acetone -bottle of astrigent"after shave or witch hazel" -cleansing cream -black eyebrow poencil -brown eyebrow pencil -soft artist graphite pencil -lipstick (women only) -dry rouge -mascara -eyelashes (women only) one pair black and one pair brown -hair(optional for women) Procedure First we covered braydens face in a yellowish base coat of makeup. Then we added a light brown to add shading to certain features (nose, eyebrows, eyelids) We drew lines on braydens forhead and cheeks. Taking a brown powder and brown liner we coloured in the lines we drew in the previous step. We added black liner to the nose, upper lip and lips. Then we added black dots to the cheeks. We dressed him up, and our lion was done! Wizard of Oz' lion Ashley & Paige's lion. Bibliography (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Hard grease paints- Available in a complete range of colours. Hard grease paints come in stick form and are approximately 5"long and 1" thick. This base requires a little more effort to apply, when done proporly it has a better and longer wearing time Stage Makeup- Herman Butchman google images Witch of the west Stage make-up Techniques Dorothy Gale Tinman Characters from the Wizard of Oz (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Toto (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Scarecrow Pancakes- Available in a complete range of base colours. Comes in a compressed form in a flat, round container. To apply with a moistened sponge. Pancakes dry quickly and have a matte finish, causing difficult surface for any furthur detailed makeup work. Pancakes is the least effective in theatre because it dissolves under heat and perspiration. Cowardly lion (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr In the basic modern makeup kit you would find Glenda

Wizard of OZ

Transcript: Crossing the Threshold: When Dorthy begins to walk on the yellow brick road leaving magical land. Dragon battle: The wicked of witch gets Dorthy she wants the red slippers and wants to kill her but Dorthy escapes and spills some water on her. Apotheosis: Tin man, Lion, and scare crow look up to her because she helped get their brain, heart and courage. Sacred marriage: She gets a bond between tin man, lion and scare crow. Guider: The good witch guides her by explaining about the place and tells her the only way to get to her home is by The Great Wizard. Dorthy: needs to find her way back home. Lion: he helps Dorthy along the way and wants to see the wizard for a heart. Tinman: he also helps Dorthy and he wants a brain. scarecrow: also helps Dorthy out and he wants courage. Refusal of the call: Dorthy accepts the call immediately. she decides to listen to the good witch and follows the yellow brick road. Talisman: The red slippers shoes helps her on the way. Wizard of OZ Rescue from without: when the Oz won't help her if she doesn't bring back the wicked witch broom to him. Crossing the return threshold: The Oz gives in and tells Dorthy the way to go home is by clicking her shoes together 3X to go home. Freedom to live: Dorthy wakes up and sees her family is trying to help her not make her in a mean way II: Initiation Characters: Road of Trials: Nothing really gets in her way besides meeting the scare crow, tin man and the lion. But when she meets the Oz he tells her she needs to bring back to wicked of witch west broom. Answering the call: Going home motivates her to listen to the good witch. Dorthy had made the magical world releafe because she had killed to wicked of the witch of the west who torched the munching. when Dorthy arrives at home she releases the conflict between Toto and the women who rides her bike. Master of two worlds Meeting the goddess: she meets the wonderful Oz but gets a whole different out come then what she wanted. I: Departure Detail 2 call of adventure: Dorthy runs away from home, trys to go back home but no one is home. a big tornado goes thru the village and takes her home up to a unknown world. Findsout she had killed the wicked witch of the east. The good witch puts the wicked witch of the east red slipper shoes on Dorthy. the goog witch tells Dorthy that the only way home is to go see the wonderful OZ Supernatural Aid: scare crow, Tin man, Lion all want to go see the wonderful Wizard of Oz to get a brain, heart, and a courage. Night or sea Journey: Her travels takes her out to the wicked witch of west home and melts her by water. Atonement: She gets home, by waking up from her bed to her dad and uncles. Companions: Tin man, Scare crow, Lion all make the purpose to go to the Oz more needed, because of what they also need.

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