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Transcript: • Interactive Whiteboard is a teaching and learning resource used for displaying and interacting with content • • It is generally used throughout schools and workplaces • Disadvantages of Interactive Whiteboard Interactive whiteboard (IWB) • They provide a visually enhancing and stimulating type of learning • • Takes a lot of time to pack away when needed • How is Interactive Whiteboard used? .very expensive •Teachers may display websites relevant to their lessons or any other educational software • Evidence suggests that the Interactive Whiteboard “increases enjoyment of lessons for both students and teachers through more varied and dynamic use of resources, with associated gains in motivation” (Levy, 2002) • There is less demand for note taking allowing for increased concentration and participation of all students . An interactive whiteboard (IWB), is a large interactive display that connects to a computer. A projector projects the computer's desktop onto the board's surface where users control the computer using a pen, finger, stylus, or other device. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand. •The board can then be used as a computer being controlled by students and teachers using their hands or pens • • Provides the easiest ways for teachers to teach a class from a single computer •Interactive whiteboards can be used in a variety of different ways within the class room including as an ordinary whiteboard. • Giving demonstrations • what is Interactive Whiteboard • It allows for increased collaborative and interactive learning for students . advantages of Interactive whiteboard • Problems with too many wires in the classroom • Students interfering with and being attracted to playing with visible wires • A video shows how to use the Interactive Whiteboard

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