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Transcript: The Judge Advocate General’s Corps Brief History Provides legal and policy advice to the Secretary of the Navy in all legal matters concerning military justice, administrative law, environmental law, ethics, claims operational and international law, and legal assistance -Regionally concentrated, credible combat power -Naval Component of US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) -Continental Navy May 4-8, 1942 Putting Taxpayer Money to Good Use -Founded on October 13, 1775 -2007: "Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower" THE GLOBAL FORCE FORCE FOR GOOD Naval Special Operations Command Navy Reserves Operation Neptune Spear -Main Focus: "Strategy and Policy", "National Security and Decision Making", and "Joint Military Operations" HISTORY A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Sea Power STRUCTURE Seventh Fleet -Enlisted: 2-4 years (longer if trained more) -Globally distributed, mission-tailored maritime forces Nuclear Energy Requirements: Pre-enlistment medical screening Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Armed Forced Qualification Test (AFQT) Computerized-Special Ops Resilience Test (C-SORT) SEAL Physical Screening Test -First naval engagement in which the participating ships never sighted or fired directly at each other -Benefits Petty Officer (Second Class) Johnson Naval Recruiting Station 1239 North Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL 60611 -Bonuses for College Credits - $500 million project to dramatically increase the size of the Naval fleet World War I (1917-18) Yangtze Service (1926-27, 30-32) China Service (1937-39, 1945-57) World War 2 (1941-45) Cold War Korean Conflict (1950-54) Vietnam (1962-75) Desert Storm (1991) Somalia (1993) Iraq (2003-2011) Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-Present) -Education and research institution of the United States Navy that specializes in developing ideas for naval warfare and passing them along to officers and civil servants -Age -Citizenship -Family -Financial Obligations -Education -Drugs/Alcohol Policy -Physical, Medical, Moral, and Legal Requirements -First class of supercarriers -Underwater Demolition Teams Naval Academy -Bonuses First commissioned submarine LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF ALL WHO THREATEN IT Nuclear Energy The inarguable first commandment of naval leadership, shown time and again by leaders young and old when their defining moment came: where principle is involved, be deaf to expediency. -Nuclear powered ships Intelligence: Top-secret information related to international policy and military strategy Decode internet chatter, spy reports and satellite images Operate underwater communications equipment Both Enlisted Sailors and Officers Requires special security clearance requirements Navy SEALs - Met the standard requirements for the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corp Occupational v. Managerial positions SH-60 Seahawk Commitments and Benefits -Forward Presence -Deterrence -Sea control -Power projection -Maritime security -Humanitarian assistance/disaster response -Operational Swimmers of the OSS -Enlisted Bonus Source Rate Program (EBSRP) Domestic Hurricane Relief Efforts - Led to improvements to their carrier tactics and equipment, including fighter tactics, strike coordination, torpedo bombers, and defensive strategies. Also, further development of Radar. Fourth Fleet and Fifth Fleet -Navy SEALs and SWCC Area of Operations: Western Pacific and Indian Ocean Headquarters: Yokosuka, Japan 10 different task forces - Stealth Technology -Master of Arts Naval War College F/A 18 A-D Hornet -Difficult and stressful promotion culture Role in World War II Operational Structure Personnel The admirals of the greatest sea battles faced enormous decisions that had to be made on little information, with thousands of lives and indeed a nation in the balance 21st Century and Post-Cold War Navy Fleets -Pacific front: Battle of Okinawa, Battle of Midway “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” Conduct clandestine missions, capture enemy targets and intelligence, and resolve sea piracy problems. Established by JKF in 1962 Suited for all aspects of unconventional warfare Members train and work in all environments Operate in a tightly knit SEAL units Task units (32 man) Platoons (16-man) Squads (8-man) Teams (4-man) Swim buddy (2-man) Most deployments are 6-8 months - Physical geography of the sea creates a sense of self-reliance amongst sailors and how that self-reliance in turn colors their decision making Stage 1: Naval Special Warfare Prep School 5-9 weeks Great Lakes, IL Physical Screening test Stage 2: Basic Orientation, Intro to BUD/S 3 weeks San Diego, CA Stage 3: First Phase: Basic Conditioning 7 weeks San Diego, CA Stage 4: Second Phase: Combat Diving 7 weeks San Diego, CA Stage 5: Third Phase: Land Warfare Training 7 weeks San Diego, CA Stage 6: SEAL Qualification Training Problems Arising from Culture -Coordination between Marine Corps and Coast Guard Aviation Equipment Area of Operations: Eastern and

US navy

Transcript: US NAVY xilberto 5/11/2023 12th grade navy description my carrier focuses on collecting valuable informations and knowing valuable information DESRIPTION history and responsibilities The navy was created by congress in 1798. but it also has been dated back to 1775 HISTORY AND RESPONSIBILITIES some responsibilities are to recruit,train,equip and organize Requirements some of the requirements to join is to be at least 17 of age and to have your parents sign off on your inlistment requirements qualification for promotion it takes a sertain amount of time to get promoted and "To qualify for a promotion a sailor is evaluated on several factors including score on their promotion exam, time in service and at current rate, and possession of the skillset required for the new position"information from. military qualification requirements THE IMPORTANCE OF MY CARRIER the importance the importance of the US navy to me is quite huge because ive always dreamnt of joining the navy or the army and doing somthing rigth. the relevance this has to us is tremendous. they protect us from foren and people that want to harm us or this country by showing their force. thigs i wil do in my job i will be most likely be working on vehicles planes and engines stuff like that because i work on them with my dad from time to time things i will do three job postings and other jobs that are in mid radar are the coast guard, the army and airforce that are in need of recruits they will probably always been be hiring and recuting as long as you mee the requirements PROS AND CONS some pros are free health care great carrier opportunity and free husing witch is just amazing. and one of the most famous pros is that they pay for your college. pros and cons some cons are that you spend most of your time working and that you dont get to chose where you work like the location of your work place. and you work in extreme Environment. information from me and some from OMK HIRING PROCESS lastly the hiring process first you will be to talk to a recruter at a school if your school has the jrotc class or go to your navy recruting center and they will tell you the requirements to join and get started HIRING PRIOCESS another option is to go to and get more information on their recruting process and see how it works

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