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Sales Pipeline

Transcript: 1,200,000 Data Center e-Business 900,000 14,900,000 <80% storage and servers and ERP solution 4,000,000 20,000,000 23,000,000 800,000 Applications & resources 72,468,000 10,000,000 Aljedaei Group Network Admission Control (NAC) net clarity & fax solution 1,600,000 Market Municipality systems Cisco Smart care IP Phones 18,200,000 e-Services (PS for BPM) 500,000 Training & POC on Ultimus 3,000,000 4,000,000 Extention for EHALA - IVR & ECM 9,480,000 Alhujoum houspital Madina - NEW 500 bed 2,352,000 Outsource Project >90% Outsource Project OpenText ECM 300,000 2,000,000 2,200,000 Genral Department of health 2,000,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 potential >90% User Infrastructure for New branch 700,000 1,000,000 <50% Municipality systems 1,000,000 27,050,000 Work Flow Alhujoum houspital Makah - NEW 500 bed >90% EMC storage project Infrastructure for some branches (Alriyadh Aria) 232,000 100,000 1,500,000 Genral Department of health <80% 9,380,000 2,500,000 1,200,000 potential 800,000 Call Center 420,000 15 Branches 1,032,000 700,000 IPT solution potential 1,600,000 Infrastructure & Network <50% 16,280,985 Infrastructure for New branch CISCO Project Blade Server King Abdullah Hospital Bisha Hamad Bin Mohammed Bin Saedan & Partners Real Estate Investment co alfanar IT Sales Team >90% 9,300,000 2,500,000 DataCenter <50% Repeat user Lan for Center for Developmental Project (LAN- CDP) OpenText to be integrated with SAPOpenText to be integrated with SAP 3,000,000 3,000,000 70,000 83,150,000 PCS and laptop and printers 50-20 Outsource Project 3,780,000 <80% 187,000 4,268,985 OpenText - phase II ARAMCO 600,000 Visitor 1,000,000 Network Admission Control (NAC) net clarity 3,268,000 9,500,000 OpenText ECM include backlog 2,950,000 Infrastructure Hilton(Riyadh hotel & Residence) (Allatefiya com) Al Sulaimy Municipality Aljedaei Group RightFax Business Server Wireless for three floors 37,900,000 e-B project Tender for e-Document Center 34,368,000 230,000 Infrastructure 2,000,000 Portal 5,000,000 1,000,000 potential Active Directory tender PM system 34,100,000 <80% 1,500,000 180,000 Infrastructure for New branch <50% 78,000 10,000,000 1,000,000 1,300,000 Al Ghazala Municipality CISCO Project

Sales Pipeline

Transcript: a proparent community Usage statistics Pages per visit: 5.5 to 7 ready emailer body ready templates PARENT TALK I ADMISSION CORNER I SCHOOL-PRESCHOOL RANKING I NUTRITION I PARENTING BLOGS I POLLS I REVIEWS a proparent community Parent Profile Foster decisions First time urban parents a proparent community Pune Co’btr Ch’grh Indore A’bad 6000+ Verified parents Rigorous verification, “parents only” proparenting community Thank You a proparent community 2 3 Thank You Parents trust & decide Time spent per visit : 7.5 minutes (proparent-15 min) reach out to friends who will help Stand out of the Clutter a proparent community Relevant Parent talk a proparent community Parent Profile in Delhi-NCR Target more clients : FORTNIGHTLY Active expert panel for parents to engage daily a proparent community 27-38 years, working parents, Active mothers in majority 1 a proparent community Talking, liking, commenting, Reading, blogging, sharing, rating, asking (35%+ daily), 11% Handheld a proparent community Health Nutrition Pediatrician Physical wellness Child Psychologist Parenting Education Oral care 1:8 ratio get contacts from friends Foster decisions 1-12 years age-group High activity, interaction, High time spent, active parents 3 Returning Visits 4 Parent talk on weaning relevant for Chicco TOI , Blor Mirror Why should Chicco be present on Parentune Time Spent Return visits: 35%+ 2 a proparent community Increase the speed of reverting 3 Page Views 4 approach more, more & more Target Audience of largely Mothers Stand out of the clutter High traction & activity Thank You Fosters decision making, parents get solutions, choose brands Relevant Parent talk Solid engagement “parents only” community Focused Engagement Interact with experts from your desk Parent discussion on weaning Parentune expert panel… more aggressive Parent Profile a proparent community a proparent community The Asian Age 1 Parent talk on feeding relevant for Chicco 3 Early starter Interactivity Relevant Parent talk a proparent community

Sales Template

Transcript: What the Award Winning Holiday Inn Battle Creek Can Do for (Company Name)! Conveniently located moments away from I-94 for easy access to all Battle Creek has to offer. Complimentary WiFi throughout the entire hotel. Business Center on the main floor. Guest Self-Laundry on 3rd floor Off-Site Dry Cleaning available Mon.-Fri. On-Site Fitness Center Passes available to Feeling Fit Fitness In-door Heated Pool set to 84 degrees Teri Pearce Corporate Sales Manager Holiday Inn Battle Creek 12812 Harper Village Dr. Battle Creek, MI 49014 D: 269-589-9530 P: 269-979-0500 F: 269-979-0501 E: Company Logo Here Walmart Meijer Kohl's Menards Executive Boardroom Free WiFi Iron with Ironing Board Coffee Maker Complimentary Parking Around Entire Building Perfect blend of Old-World traditional hospitality and contemporary design with modern amenities. With more than 5,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Full-Service restaurant, Cereal City Grill, located off lobby. Open for breakfast and dinner daily. Restaurant, Lounge, and Patio Types of Events: *Trainings *Receptions/Dinners *Seasonal/Annual Parties *General Meetings *Conferences *Ceremonies *Auctions *Tournaments *Fundraiser Events Etcetera Best Buy Rue 21 Macy's JC Penney's Harvest Ballroom IHG Rewards Club *Absolutely Free *Points Never Expire *Earn on Room Rate and Restaurant Charges *Redeem for Free Night Stays or Merchandise IHG Meeting Rewards Program *Attach IHG Rewards Number to Participate *3 Points/Dollar on Room Rental *2 Points/Dollar on Catering Charges Located minutes away from more than 50 retail outlets. 120 beautifully appointed guest rooms, including; family suites and executive suites

Sales Pipeline

Transcript: Sales Pipeline Improve the traceability of sales pipeline 1. Improve the information flow (Inter/Intra) in organization. 2. Digitalize sales activity. 3. Ensure the stock availability and delivery of goods on time. Improve the traceability of sales pipeline Sales Pipeline Sales Pipeline Qualification Meeting Propose Closed Sales Maintain & Service (Current Key Account) Acquire new customer 1) Qualification. Location, budget, authority, credibility, exchange of company relevant documents. 2) Meeting. Display SKU sample, discuss about the offer best fit to the prospect needs. 3) Proposal. Quotation, credit term, duration of contract. 4) Closing. Sign contract. Acquire new customer Turn prospect into customer 1) Qualification. The rep asks questions to determine if the prospect has the need, budget, and authority to buy in the near future. 2) Meeting. The sales rep and prospect discuss the solution that would best fit the prospect’s needs. 3) Proposal. The rep sends the prospect a detailed quote laying out what will be provided, at what cost, and for how long. 4) Closing. Final negotiations are made and contracts are signed. The prospect is officially a customer. Turn prospect into customer Sales Administration & Operation Processing document from prospect. HQ access to B2B or receive information from sales rep. Infomation provided by HQ such as PO, DO, RN, GRN, DN, CN, etc to sales rep. Coordinate delivery schedule between transporter and buyer. Sales Administration & Operation Maintain the Key Account Schedule weekly itinerary according to the information provided by HQ - follow up goods delivery status - collect return - request or collect payment Service outlet - merchandising - update stock card - propose order Update promptly to HQ upon outlet visitation - via whatsapp Maintain the Key Account

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