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Roles and Responsibilities

Transcript: A finance officer will: make sure sufficient money is available take care of income- entrance fees, sponsors tv coverage, broadcasting fees ect. expenditure- road closures, stuards, staff, car park, fencing cleaning ect. take care of the books balance- income and outcome. make sure the bills are payed e.g. transport, higher of venue, advertising costs ect. e.g. the ECHO have agreed with the financial officer that they would pay for all the advertisment in wales through their newspaper. e.g. princess gates agreed with the financial officer that they would provide enough water for the runners e.g. the ECHO have agreed with the financial officer that they would pay for all the advertisment in wales through their newspaper. e.g. princess gates agreed with the financial officer that they would provide enough water for the runners Chairperson The chairperson would also be in charge of majour responsibilities such as Logistics Providing Equipment Health And Saftey Marketing Publicity Raising Finances Example An exapmle would be at the Cardiff Half Marathon the chairperson could deligate the responsibility for making sure that water is provided all throuought the race. If more water or helpers to provide the water is needed, the chairperson would make the decision on how to overcome the problem. If this type of problem was not resolved the chairperson would be held responsible. Publicity Officer the main role of the publicity officer is to raise the profile of an event through advertising. they also aim to promote the event because they want more people to take part,a better sponsor, more support and more people to know about the race. they are responsible for publicising the event. They would collate the results of the race and pass them on to the media to help improve the profile for next year They will make a list of media contacts so that they can be told about the race before it takes place and after. they can also provide local and national stories on the results, for example who won the race? if any records were broken, any majour accidents or even any unusuall events. Secetary the secetary's job is to liaze with all the commite members and provide the administration for the chairperson and the commite. this would involve keeping minutes ( written records) of all the meetings, putting together the agenders (plans for the meetings), booking the venue for meetings, notifying everyone about the time and place of the meetings too. They would also be responsible for making applications to the local authority and highways departments for road closures.. They would also be responsible for all correspondents and filing systems, the chairpersons diary, and making sure the chairperson is available. The secetary will be responsible for creating a list of all entrance, contact of all runners, informing the police, also contacting the first aid/ st johns for helth and saftey reasons. Basicaly their job is to be responsible for all paperwork and record keeping. Roles & Responsibilities Finance Officer A finance officer will agree with sponsors how much they pay and what for, when they pay, how much e.g. cardiff marathon is sponsored by the ECHO, the financial officer will agree on how much the ECHO will sponsor them for and what they will recieve in return. The finance officer is responsible for raising the finances needed to run the event. The chairperson is the highest person in charge of the whole event and people who organise it. Although the chairperson doesent actually do the jobs themselves, they are responsible that the tasks are completed properly and in time. They do this by deligating jobs and tasks to specific people. the finance officer will make sure all runners will pay their entrance fees, and that all payments are put through too a bank account that has been set up for the event. They will keep all records of income and expentiture and make sure they keep within the budget.

Roles and Responsibilities

Transcript: Responsibilities In this activity you will work in groups of three in which you will individually have separate roles and responsibilities to handle in order to gain success in this game Why do you feel that it is so important? Try to think of some examples where integrating it appropriately has been successful. Has the been times where it hasn't? http:// Depending on the leadership style that the group has decided to take on may determine the roles and responsibilities that each person may receive. Nevertheless, the roles given to each specific person must either compliment their current skills or help them develop them. Throughout the activity the group will often face obstacles, assigning the proper roles to each person while maintaining a diversity of skills will most often result in overcoming a teams difficulties Consequently, the results of the general project, will be of better quality because the quality is reflected in how important the task is to them. In conclusion, the proper distribution of roles and responsibilities will increase the moral of the team and result in a better quality product. Roles and Responsibilities Building positive habits when you are young will allow you to be able to manage difficult problems with more ease than you would if you haven't developed proper management skills earlier on in life. The choices and the way you act today can affect you for the rest of your life. Roles will be divided as the following: The first person will be given a certain phrase that they will then need to draw The second person will then need to act out the drawing created by their teammate The third teammate will then interpret the enactment The first team to correctly identify the phrase will win! What are they? Why is it inspirational? As you can see, roles and responsibilities are present in almost all forms of group work whether it be positive or negative influence. Depending on how everyone likes their role in the overall project, people may increased motivation. Everyone in a team participating and involving one another can positively affect a team's success. Working efficiently together and contributing ideas and fulfilling individual responsibilities can ensure a team's victory. During a team activity the key to success is the withholding one given role. This means that everyone should also help motivate one another in order to sustain high moral, enthusiasm, and overall generation of trust. What keeps you inspired when you are assigned with a task? What is the life that you are trying to aim for and what keeps you motivated to reach for it? How to integrate it It's significance can be seen within almost every successful or influential team at one point or another during their endeavors. Therefore, the order that Roles and Responsibilities provide should not be underestimated and should be used to a team's advantage Roles and responsibilities are what keeps a group working efficiently and helps them develop their skills while doing it. Without them, the group will be less likely to succeed in their goals. Why is it so important? Draw, Act, Think! Debriefing Questions What would you do differently to better your team's success? What are some of the main things that made your team succeed or fail? What were the main obstacles within your team? Why? Was it difficult to communicate with your group members without being able to speak? Was everyone in your team engaged? Why or why not? What did you learn from this activity that relates to Roles and Responsibilites? Where in real life may you need these essential skills? Groupings Christy, Chad and Kismat Areesha, Caiden and Ravinder Ishpreet, Ryan and Lauren Anchal, Adil and Simran Georgia, Maninder and Jamie Apkirat, Melanie and Emma Scott, Nicole

Roles and Responsibilities

Transcript: Roles and Responsibilities Record Keeping and Legislation Records must be kept. Why? Auditors Inspectors Regulators Verifiers Records Data Protection Act (2003) controls how your personal information is used by organisations, businesses or the Government. Emphasis on records being kept up to date! (Included in the strict rules - principles - that every person holding data must follow) accident / incident forms Student progress Evidence of embedding numeracy, literacy, language and ICT Subject Related Legislation and Standards: Control of Substances Hazard to Health (2002), Animal Welfare Act (2006) etc Profeessional Memeberships e.g CIEEM Identifying Needs Risk Assessment Standards: Effective, continuous record keeping lies at the heart of our best teaching and learning. It enables us to plan, to organise and to create the best learning environment for each [learner]" Maxim & Five (1997) Record Keeping Planning Learning Facilitating Learning The Learning Cyle Receipts for submission Tracking sheets Little Bobby Year 12 Little Bobby Year 1 Info-related legislation Initial Assessment Results Student Contract (Conduct) Targets Funding Data Children Act (2004) Equality Act (2010) Human Rights Act (1998) Protection Of Children Act (1999) Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (1996) Assessing Learning Quality Assurance and Evaluation Up to date Accurate Factual Legible Legislation (Part 1) Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers Further Education Teachers Qualification Regulations (2007) Learning / Action Plans Copyright, Designs & Patents Act (1988) Freedom 0f Information Act (2000) Data Protection Act (2003) Minutes of meetings Questionnaire and feedback analysis Legislation (Part 2) Person-related legislation

Roles and Responsibilities

Transcript: In Coldplay, the roles and responsibilities are very similar to our BTEC group, just on a much bigger scale. Chris Martin, the lead vocalist very much leads the group on stage, taking a position at the very front of the stage, this however does not mean that he is the only person who is makes the final result possible. The band as a whole are responsible for choosing pieces to perform, most of which they write themselves. All of the individual instruments are kept by their players who are responsible for repairing them if needed. There is a band manager who will organise concerts and events for the band to perform at. They will also sort out recording dates if the band need them and book the studio. The band will work together to develop as a group, they will do this by agreeing rehearsals which they will all attend. Each band member is responsible for getting to rehearsals and concerts on time, to get the most out of these sessions. Orchestra The master drummer leads the group of drummers whether that is in rehearsal or in the performances in front of audiences. The master drummer gives rhythm direction to the group, this includes things like changes of tempos and melodies. This is vital because it will have a major effect on the effectiveness of the final performance. The master drummer also organises the grouping of instruments such as which ones need to play together and how they should play. Again this will have a key effect in the interpretation by the audience of the piece performed by the group. They will also come up with dances that could be performed and movements, if there area any. On the stage they will normally take a position away from the rest of the group or right at the front of the stage so that they can engage with the audience. To be given the title of "master drummer" the drummer must know all of the songs and dances that go with each rhythm. They must have also played for 20 years to qualify to be a master drummer. The master drummer is most of the time regarded as the most able musician in the group. They play a lot of solos in the performances as most of the time, they are the most experienced in the group. To get to this status they have to put in a lot of work to get there. The title is awarded by an already know master drummer. People in the group have to confirm that they believe the candidate has the knowledge and skill of drumming to receive the title of master drummer. Master drummers are regarded as very important people in life in Africa as music takes up a massive part in African life. These people play a massive role in life as they play at ceremonies and at religious gatherings. Different but the same... In our BTEC band in our music lessons, the performers have the main roles by ensuring that we are practiced enough for performance. We are all responsible for the keeping of our instruments including repairs and spare parts in case they are needed. The musicians are also required to make sure they have all of the things they need for performance. One responsibility for the musicians is that they can all work together as a team to get the most effective rehearsals. All of the performers need to make sure that they get to the lesson on time to maximise the time spent rehearsing. We all need to ensure that we have ways to be certain that we can develop as performers. This could be recording our performances to watch back at a later date or performing to other members of the group to get feedback on how we can improve. In a performance we have to ensure that we all have rehearsed enough to be happy with the final performance. The members of our group are: Rhys Nicholls, Rhys Gradwell, Jimmy Bishop, Bethany Ellis, Charlotte Craggs, Penny Absolom and Heather Fisher. Roles and responsibilities in different groups In many ways, the way Coldplay perform is in many ways similar to the way that we perform. We both use quite high end musical equipment for performances, for example, monitors are sound systems. Both of these groups have to rehearse to work on the pieces that we perform to ensure people spectating the performance will enjoy the music being played. We have to decide on pieces to perform by a mutual decision. Both us and Coldplay perform to live audiences, whether these have payed or at an event. Obviously the scale that our BTEC group perform on is much smaller than Coldplay but the basics are along the same lines. The conductor would keep the time signature and tempo during a piece being performed and during rehearsals they would be in charge of making any adjustments to make the performance better for the audience. The conductor normally decides how the piece will be performed and sometimes even decides on the members of the orchestra. A section leader in an orchestra is the main musician in that group for example, in a string section, they decide where bowing should done. However although they have a huge responsibility, only the orchestra should know who this is

Roles and responsibilities

Transcript: Roles and responsibilities Whats the difference? Responsibility: The obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion. With responsibility goes authority to direct and take the necessary action to ensure success Role: The characteristic and expected social behavior of an individual. EVERYONE HAS ROLES AND RESPONSIBLITIES WHERE?? HOW DO THEY CHANGE? At work At home At school In your community Important Details What do your roles and responsibilities entail? What expected behaviour is there? Are you always successful at fulfilling your responsibilites? Role Responsibility Expected behaviour Successful? How? How do responsibilities change in your family? Responsibilities @ School This person has 2 cats and a rabbit and can hold their breath for 70 seconds! Charlotte Birley This person plays football, hockey and tag rugby and their favourite colour is blue Jamie lloyd This person has brown hair, their favourite lesson is english and they have a twin sister! Lee Burton This person has 5 dogs and 1 fish, they have 3 brothers and love a bit of thai boxing Maisie Cooper This person enjoys sailing, their favourite food is pasta and they have to check their hair straighteners 5 times before leaving the house! Mrs Jones Relationship with Friends (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr You Father Mother Last lessons my role as a teacher Brothers and sisters You tube clip make a list of YOUR roles and responsibilities (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Roles in the school rOLE What responsibilities does the school have? Community My responsibility as a friend My responsibility to my horse Roles and responsibilities (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Personal attributes Responsibilities in the school

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