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Transcript: A new era in communication We now have the ability to use AI to communicate with prospects. Warming them up to your company. It's like having an army of robot assistance answering questions and communicating with your prospect! Leads are 2000% more likely to take an action Eliminates tedious work Sifts through all of the “tire kickers” Acts as a virtual assistant Ensures Buyers are realistic Pre Qualify buyers It's like having an army of robot assistants helping you run your business Your targeted prospect becomes a LEAD immediately Create a hot lead from a cold lead IMMEDIATELY Can Integrate directly to your website, and most CRM Software You can retarget these new leads in messenger for FREE!! You can retarget these leads in their newsfeeds at a Fraction of the cost Less Than 1% of Messenger has a messenger bot integrated Less than 1% of the industry uses Bots Are you Fishing in the Right Pond? The Power of Social media Realized..... First... let's take a look at the enormous size of social media... = 100 Million Hours of Video Consumed Per Day! = 1.3 Billion Monthly Users! = 180 Million Hours of Video Consumed Per Day! = 2.07 Billion Monthly Users! = 1.2 Billion Monthly Users! = Messenger Bots Blow Email Marketing Out of the Water! Social Media Tools Giving us the ability to laser target individuals who: Make a certain amount of money Fall into a certain age bracket Male or Female What they are interested in down to specific keywords Follow certian groups, fan pages, and channels Watch specific videos Or if they have a relationship with ANY of your competition online... We can advertise DIRECTLY to them! Our ability to show these advertisements to not only the people who are interested in your products or service but who can afford them as well, is through the roof!! Using these tools, we can advertise to virtually anyone we want, including people who: And SO MUCH MORE.... Now, after we find the people who are most likely buyers and sellers, we show up right in front of thier eyes on social media... These tools will transform your business Click on the link on the left to "Learn More" about how 7 Figure Ad Co. can transform your business online... And get your Free Bot! If you looking o just get your free bot, Great! Click on the link on the righ to claim your free bot! Our industry leading team has so much more to offer than what we've covered so far...


Transcript: Real Estate Industry Background The condition of other countries' real estate industry. Factors that influence real estate industry What's the real estate industry? The condition of practitioners. 1:Chinese Real Estate Price Drop May Be Great News For New York Homeowners 2:The Art vs. Science of Real Estate Investing 3:7 Steps for Rebounding from Major Real Estate Failures 4:Real Estate Industry Analysis 2014 - Cost & Trends For example, in the second article, it tells us that if the worker more professional, the industry will get a more brighter furture. The real estate industry has been under scrutiny in recent years with the mortgage crisis and other current events, but it is still a large field which generates billions or dollars in revenue. There were 165,000 companies operating in the residential brokerage and management field last year, which generated $170 billion in revenue, and there were 25,000 companies operating in the commercial brokerage and management field, generating an annual revenue of $30 billion. It rose again in the early 1980s until the depression at the end of that decade, and it was a increase at the end of the 1990s. Real Estate Industry development For example, in the first article, it shows us that how the Chinese real estate price effect on the real estate industry in New York. Real Estate Industry further Real Estate Franchise Industry in 2014 at a Glance calm down After that point it sank and as of 2011 has yet to truly recover. Four articles How to deal with failure? The real estate industry consists of three primary fields: brokerages, leasing, and management. never give up In the third article, it shows us that there are some ways for rebounding form major real estate failures. ask helps from others In the fourth article, it shows us that real estate tends to be a particularly cyclical industry, going up and down based on trends in the economy at large such as the fluctuation in interest rates. The real estate industry is a mirror of the American economy. Real estate soared in the post-World War II 1950s, sank in the 1970s.

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Transcript: პროას 1. Market Research We conduct marker feasibility study suggests best opportunities where to invest 2. Search for funding You help us to find investros and financing 3. Purchasing land We shall find the appropriate land for you and suggest several alternatives 4. Architectural project We select best architects and order the project under your supervision 5. Construction permits We shall obtain city and government approvals 6. Construction We supervise construction and report to you periodically 7. Commercialization We sell or rent out the property as YOU WISH Options of cooperation Option 1 – Giorgi and Tengo establish a development company and GC lends money Option 2 – Giorgi and Tengo establish a development company and get 10% of space + operational expenses Option 3 - GC establishes development direction and Giorgi and Tengiz get 10% of space + symbolic salaries Option 4 - Giorgi, Tengo and Zaur establish a development company and Zaur finds financing Preferred option Roles: Giorgi – leads the process of development Tengiz – consults and co-leads the process of development Zaur – finds financing for the project Advantages: Legal and material interest of all three parties Possibility of other projects Our experience of real estate development and construction Your experience of finding financing Right time for development Banks have unused money Deficit of completed apartments, commercial spaces and offices Land prices and construction costs are down Construction companies in trouble Thank youCONTACTS: Giorgi Lomitashvili e-mail: m- 897777735 Tengiz Lomitashvilie-mail: 877410202

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