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Quality Assurance

Transcript: Observable, Measurable Behavioral Outcomes Pamela Orozco Wrap Our Workplace in Quality Reminders! Job Comfort Business Need Confirmed with Client Number of Calls Per Agent Callibration Develop Reporting April Waller Individualized Scorecards for Each Skill Area Spark Chat Assess Training Results Graded Practicum Creating Customer Delight, One Call at a Time. Spot Checking Accuracy Training and Quality Teams MOODLE Scores Are Reported Julissa Perez Nested Pre-Practicum Career Succession "Tiers" Key Performance Indicators Roleplaying Final Calibrations Quality Analysts Quality Process Administration Callibration Participation? Special Recognition Weekly Monthly Annual Trends Trial Job Shadow Experience Identity Verification Immediate Coaching Video Conferencing Second Month Alvaro Martinez - Call 2 Process Flow Development Phase WHEN? Coaching Elena Moskvina - Call 1 Individual CSR Teams Skill Areas Contact Centers Documentation Bank Statement Data Entry Ensure Customer Service Excellence Nesting Phase Quality Starts from the Beginning Quality and Training Staff Work Hand in Hand Role-Plays and Skill Practices Graduated Supervision on the Phones Collections Outbound Ratio: 1:20 - 25 Quality Assurance Affirmative Praise Auditory Visual Kinesthetic Managing the Customer Experience Moodle Key Hire Progressive Scorecard Process In-Service Training QUICK STATS: We use CallCopy as our Recording Solution. Three Calls per CSR are Monitored Each Week. The Sample Range is between 1.5 and 3%. All Calls Are Recorded with Audio and ScreenCapture. All Audio is Permanently Archived. QA to Agent Ratio 1:20-25. Most QAs are Program-Dedicated. Selected QAs are Cross-Trained for Program Flexibility. All QAs Occassionally Take Calls, & Assist with High Queue. Trainer to CSR Ratio is 1:75 in Growth Mode; Trainer to CSR Ratio is 1:150 in Maintenance Mode. Ways: Succession Training Compliance Monitor Trends for Developmental Training Graphics Mentored and Monitored Identify and Address Defects Outbound CSR Master the Tools (Call Copy and Spark) Coaching Monitored All Call Types Per CSR Parallel Score Spark At The Desk Team Assignments Training Internal Callibrations Teamlead Callibrations Sofia Acosta Natalia Gonzolez A Lead Trainer will utilize SMEs and manage the process with a checklist Coaching Analyst Selection Implement Rescore Calls Already Scored Call Recordings Online Learning Management System Ben Cairns Key Hire Testimonial Popups "Closed Loop" Communication Facilitated Activities Training Calibration Scorecard Spark Coaching Reports Maria Nacarrp - Call 1 Scheduling Calendar Service Above All Else Training/Quality Consistency Modeling Average Length of Calls King/Queen of Quality Juan Perez - Call 1 Live Supervisor Feedback Team Lead "Leadership University" Developmental QA Training Ecalation Calls Integrated Learning Theory Methods: Franqui Jones Outcomes In The Training Room Video CSRs Podcasts Remedial Alvaro Martinez - Call 1 Action Plans Adult Learning Theory Probation Phase New Hire CSR Recognition Jocelyn Wilkerson Competencies As Soon As Possible! Calibrated Client Requirements Learning Styles Kathleen Elliot Moodle (online) Classroom Lecture Facilitated Activities Modeling Nested Expiramentation Video Production CallCopy Global Quality Orientation Inbound CSR CSR Feedback Social Media Derrimarth Castro Ross Ian Vance Laurie Hage Analyze Coaching Results? Steps: Client Callibrations QA FAQ Blog Quality Analyst Certification Training Evaluation Cross-Training Failure Notices Chinetha Noble Technical Systems Overturned Scorecard Appeals "Expert" CSR in Skill Area to be Monitored Career-Oriented Emotional Maturity Sound Judgement Diplomatic Excellent Written and Verbal Communication Skills Detail-Oriented Self-Directed Well-Organized Facilitation Skills Able to Productively Deal with Conflict Employment Verification First Month Johanna Brenes BaseCamps ADDIE Model Ticketing Continue Independent Scoring Trainer Checklists Align Processes On the Desktop Independently Score Y-Jacking Random Selection Protocol Teamlead Briefings Doris "Dee" Weetly Design Byron Viquez Agent Profiles Ongoing Send Scorecards Pre-Qualification All Scored Calls are Checked Sharan Jackson Suggestion Program Additional Elements Processes CSR Retention CSR Recognition Job Shadow The immediacy and specificity of feedback has maximum impact on desired behaviors Everywhere They Look Lesson Plans Effective Written Feedback Training Christina Vanhorn In Coaching Rooms Experiential Methodologies Interdepartmental Participation in Callibrations Telephony EDCOMs Change Management Processes Types: Q Scorecard Behavioral Styles (DiSC) In CRM Instruction Real-Time Feedback to Operations Quality Analyst Evaluation Calibratated to Client Standards Balanced Feedback Team Lead Interaction? ScoreCard Development Joshua Smith Collections Inbound Jerria Garth Quality Feedback Calibrations Collections AWD (offline)

Quality Assurance

Transcript: Applying all the greetings. Explaining the products + Asking the qualifying (survey) questions. Ask for the patient’s email. Offering other products. Taking the correct DR’s info. Getting the secondary ins info (ID#+ Telephone number) Recapping the pt’s shipping address. Giving out the toll free number. Conducting a conference call with the DR’s office (verify if the pt currently sees the doctor, Fax #,NPI #, the name of the nurse) Recap the products with the pt. End the call in a courteous manner. NON-FATAL MISTAKES Offering all the products. Recapping shipping address Recapping all the products Asking all qualifying questions Mentioning "OWL" if needed Speaking in Arabic. (100 pounds) Conducting the right conference call Mentioning that we have to get the DR’s approval first. 2 Enrollment/MISTAKE. "TYPICALLY” AND “SHOULD” when needed. “OUR GOAL is” if needed. Never Provide the patient with false information Thank you Quality Assurance Active listening FATAL MISTAKES Put the patient on hold or mute for a long time without informing the patient. Reflective listening “We will provide you with the insulin.” “The back brace goes on the shoulder and helps with pain associated with the shoulders.” “The insulin pump is just like needle but instead it’s a pump” Not applying the right rebuttals. Never have attitude while talking to the patients, nurses nor RBS reps Handling The Call SLM “works on batteries/ push a button to lift you up/ can be used in the car seat” In active listening Giving out the Toll free number Catheters and CPAP’s ( The pt must be using them already) Selective listening KB has two types the “fixed and the flexible” COMMON MISTAKES “OWL helps to get you secondary ins.” Call Flow Listening Exerting effort with a potential customer 50 POINTS/ MISTAKE PVT INS, mentioning the conference call

Quality Assurance

Transcript: That Opus provides a high level of quality in the process & delivery of our services. WHY do we need to provide quality assurance? WHAT do we assure people of? HOW do we provide assurance of our Quality? WHERE do we carry out Quality Assurance? Project Audits Client Relationship Reviews Christchurch Property QA 2014. Quality assurance is a process of ensuring that the desired level of quality is perceived by clients looking in. ISO = International Organization for Standardization 10 Project Risk Reviews (Project Audits) Completed 4 Project Outcome Reviews (Client Feedback) Completed ...we need 12 of each. Christchurch Property provide us with projects for review & clients to seek feedback from. What do we need to assure people of? Project Risk Reviews (Project Audits) Why do we need to provide Quality Assurance? Christchurch Property 2014 QA Our Competition Where do we carry out Quality Assurance? Quality Assurance Quality Assurance (QA) Project Outcome Reviews (Client Feedback) The Opus management and operating procedures are accredited under ISO 9001:2008, a standard that sets out the requirements of a Quality Management System. How do we provide assurance of our Quality? Quality Assurance procedures are carried out Opus-wide. Every Team in Every Region in Every Country is required to produce evidence of following the quality assurance procedures including but not limited to the following; - Records of Management Meetings (by Management) - Project Risk Reviews (Project Audits) - Project Outcome Reviews (Client Feedback)

Quality Assurance

Transcript: White Box Testing Unit - Test each individual UNIT Integration - Test all units after they have been INTEGRATED together Why Automate Tests? Increased Test Speed, Test Efficiency and Software Quality Decreased Costs and Shorter Time to Market Increased Confidence Greater Test Coverage What Manual Tests can be automated? Unit Tests Regression Tests Performance / Load Test Functional Tests Test Execution, Reporting, and Closure What should you ask your QA candidates? Automated QA runs the SDET's test script with the push of a button. QA will document which tests pass or fail. This QA can read, modify, and execute the programming language in which the tests are written. (thank you) What should we ask our clients about their QA requirements? What is being tested? Client/server, web, mobile, cloud? Front-end, middle / web services or backend testing? How are you testing it? Manual or Automated? Agile / Scrum? TDD or BDD? What tools will you be using? Perhaps the client has not chosen a tool so it is good to ask if this person will be responsible for tool selection. If automated - Is this person building the automated framework from scratch? Are they writing test scripts or are they doing record / play? What programming or scripting languages do they need to know, if any? Black Box / Systems Testing Usability – Is it USER friendly? Functional – Does it FUNCTION correctly? Performance – Does it PERFORM correctly? (Load, Volume, and Stress tests) Security – Is it SECURE? Tests vulnerability to outside attacks? Find out the candidates area of expertise. Do they like testing front-end (HTML/CSS/JS) or do they prefer testing backend applications? Mainframe? IVR? etc. Who creates test plans on their team? Manual or Automated? If both, what was the percentage on your last project? How many test cases did you automate on your last project? Did you write the test scripts from scratch or was that the responsibility of the developers? Find out any and all OO and scripting languages they know! Do you keep up with new open source tools? If so, which ones? Do you have a GitHub account? It is very important to gauge a QA's ability to work on a team. Assess communication and technical ability as it relates to the job. Test Environment Setup Create the Test Plan Front End vs. Middle vs. Backend Prepare the list of software and hardware needed to set-up test environment. Environments could be a Test Lab or Emulators. Record and Playback "R/P" After Systems Testing comes… Smoke – Was the basic functionality met? Acceptance – Does it pass ACCEPTANCE criteria / client requirements? Regression – Tests any code changes made to the system after it’s been deployed Software Testing Life Cycle Test Case Example Definition: QA with a background in Development who takes a manual test case, converts it into a script, and saves script into a code repository. The manual test case is now a repeatable, automated test script which can be run over and over again with the simple push of a button. Quality Assurance Training Presented by Karen Evans Bugzilla JIRA Quality Center / ALM RedMine FrogBugz ClearQuest, etc. Test Plans provide a road map and feasibility check of resources, cost, and schedule. It asks the question: "What needs to be tested and how?" Software Development Engineer in Test "SDET" Automated Testing Tools Selenium Web Driver (Any OOP language) Watir (Ruby) SoapUI (Groovy) TestComplete (.NET, C++) Visual Studio Test Suite / Coded UI (C#.NET) QuickTestPro (VB Script) Unit Testing Tools JUnit NUnit xUnit TestNG (Java Testing Framework tests Unit+Integration) BDD / TDD Cucumber (Gherkin) JBehave (Java) RSpec (Ruby) Mobile SauceLabs Plus many, many more! Create and Execute test cases. Report findings to team Work with Developers for resolution to bugs. QUESTIONS? Manual Testing Automated Testing Defect Tracking Tools


Transcript: Lindsay balances a long commute, a husband, a young son, and trainings both in and out of town, with demanding hours and the drama of a mostly younger photography team. Social Media and Marketing Manager MGM Grand Las Vegas,NV I chose to interview Lindsay for a variety of reasons Lindsay is my manager, whom I get to work with directly. She is driven and one of few females in a managerial role that I know personally. She is young and ambitious. She directly oversees a team of 11 tightly knight individuals with very specific duties and processes. Reasons for interviewing Julia Lindsay oversee's two teams of photographers, data specialists and social media specialists that promote the inventory of 16 Arizona automotive dealerships, including high end branding such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Ferarri, and Bentley. Matthew Corrington Interviewed by: Duane Dennison Chief Information Office - Dysart Unified School District I decided to interview Julia because of the major impact that her job has on the entire MGM Grand organization. Julia has developed and implemented numerous policies and procures leading to increases in revenue throughout the company. She is a young leader among the company who is quickly rising to the top. Julia excels at all challenges she faces and implements newly proven marketing tactics. I see her as a successful businesswoman with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lindsay started with the company as a receptionist and has only been with the company for a little more than three years. She has not only developed the department, but has grown it from a department of one to eleven and continuously growing as new aspects are continually added and expounded upon. Julia graduated from a very prestigious college in Vancouver,BC with a Bachelors in Communications with a focus in media studies. After graduation she worked at an optics company named clearly contacts where she established a legacy by beating all sales records which still stand today and implementing various policies. Currently Julia is working at MGM Grand with numerous high profile companies establishing marketing relationships within entertainment. Julia Fay LINDSAY CALLAWAY Some of her team members have been with the company for many years while others have only been there a few months. She must keep each team member happy while also keeping the team productive and maintaining high standards of quality and consistency. John Andrews Interviewed by: Matthew Corrington John is the CIO for the Dysart Unified School District in Surprise, Arizona. He is responsible for overseeing the technology that is used in the district. For technology our customers are the staff and students in the school District. With this in mind we service over 30,000 customers. The main goal is to keep the technology working and available to assist in education of the students. John Fay Interviewed by: John Fay Julia is an expert in various social media platforms, international marketing, and campaign management at MGM Grand hotel and casino. She has a direct impact on customer satisfaction in relationship to digital media by establishing a customer following via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and numerous other forums. QUALITY ASSURANCE BACKGROUND TMC 331 Final: Group Presentation Duane Dennison E-COMMERCE MANAGER, PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, SOUTHWEST REGION

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