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Transcript: IVAW and MFSO (Nationwide) Urgency and Approach The Green Party of Utah, Home of the Desert Greens (Taylorsville, UT) A lot of military peoples have traumatizing events happen during their service. They also have a lot of stress put on them and their families. IVAW and MFSO both have conventions to show their views. KaraJean Kirkland Veterans/Military People for Peace and Justice of Utah They are fighting for the rights of both American and Middle East people, condemn the terrorists and any kind of violence, so I believe they are the opposite of what I was looking for. These are some of the groups that are more what I was looking for. They both talk about bring troops home, but they also talk about support for returning veterans, active duty service people, and their families. Thank you, The End They didn't say anything specific about Veterans or the military, just that they want equal opportunity for everyone. They look for environmental security and equal opportunity for everyone. They also support democracy. I think it is important to understand the affects of war on the people who actively participate in it. I grew up with a lot of veterans in my family and it has played a major part in their lives. I believe that the issues need to be recognized and sometimes having a large turnout at a convention is a great way to make people pay attention, because the media pays attention.

Military and Veterans

Transcript: SOURCES: PTSD A survey finds that injured veterans most likely say that they are not getting enough assistance from the government that they need. One out of every ten veterans alive today was seriously injured at some point while serving. To ensure our veterans, who served our country with all the pride they have, get the help they need, the government and our country need to come together to find better solutions. The military should have all the resources they need to transition back into civilian life with more ease and less difficulties. Our veterans should know they are not alone in this struggle, and we have their back. Unemployment "Flag of the United States." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2016. Is it easy for our Military to transition back into the real world? Preface to "How Is the United States Caring for Its Veterans?" (2016). In N. Berlatsky (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints. The US Military. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press. Retrieved from Rachel Cooper. "Honor American Heroes on Veterans Day in Washington DC." Travel. Rachel Cooper, 01 Nov. 2016. Web. 25 Nov. 2016. Preface to "How Is the United States Caring for Its Veterans?" (2016). In N. Berlatsky (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints. The US Military. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press. Retrieved from Healthcare Ingraham, Paul. "The Medical Blind Spot for Aches, Pains, and Injuries." Paul Ingraham, 2012. Web. 25 Nov. 2016. updated May 15 2015 "Veterans-relief-fund." Veterans-relief-fund. Http://, n.d. Web. 25 Nov. 2016. Nelson, B. (2015). A Jobs Corps Is Needed to Put Veterans Back to Work. In D. Bryfonski (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints. Veterans. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press. (Reprinted from Congressional Digest, 2012, November, 270) Retrieved from Post 9/11 War Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it Issues Veterans endure: Fallon, BusinessNewsDaily Nicole. "Unite US: Tech Platform Helps Veterans Adjust to Civilian Life." MNN - Mother Nature Network. Nicole Fallon, 8 Nov. 2013. Web. 25 Nov. 2016. Military service isn’t an easy career. Being in the military is one of the most dangerous careers to have. Its demanding physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are away from home for long periods of time and miss out on special events with their families. Most veterans who served active duty are extremely proud of their services. However, many veterans have a difficult time transitioning back to civilian life without the substantial benefits from our government that they need. Veterans can apply for “VA service-connected disability compensation program” however, there is no deadline for making eligibility determinations. The veterans could wait up to years to be approved. RED,WHITE, BLUE AND WE STAND WITH YOU. The unemployment rate among veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan was just under 11 percent and it is higher for those who are younger. MacReady, N. (2012). Mentally Ill Veterans Need More Effective Psychotherapy. In R. Espejo (Ed.), Opposing Viewpoints. Mental Illness. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. (Reprinted from Challenges of Treating PTSD in Veterans,, 2008) Retrieved from

Military Veterans

Transcript: Thank you! Matching Passions with Career Paths Please input your name CONTINUE Automotive Mechanic Trainee Construction Equipment Operator Electrician I How VCA Works Benefits Process Improvement Automotive Mechanic Trainee Construction Equipment Operator Field/Dist Worker Welcome Veterans Career Assessment Analysis Findings Dominion Diversity Military Veteran Job Fairs, Troops to Energy Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Overview Analysis Findings Recommendations - VCA Plan of Action - How VCA Works VCA Vision Benefits Qualification Time spent in the shop? Working outside in various environmental conditions? Working outside operating machinery? Working outdoors with energized wires or electrical paraphernalia? Overview Optional Recommendations - VCA Interest Questions? Foundation (Create/Build) Website + other users Mobile app development iCIMS connection (Future Use) VCA Vision Questions Cont. Qualification Qualified Candidates Diversity Exposure and more Dominion Power and/or subsidiaries does not guarantee employment based upon qualification for positions available with Dominion and/or affiliates, but acts as a guideline for the candidate. By choosing to continue you are confirming that you understand the prior information and there is no guarantee employment nor does this serve as an employment application. Program Ends John Doe Yes No Yes Yes Test Cases: Automotive Mechanic Trainee Field/Dist Worker Electrician I Construction Equipment Operator Could it be higher? Is there anything else that could be done to help bring troops to energy? At the moment Dominion currently does not have any positions available that may match your interest and/or qualifications. We encourage you to continue to check our website,, for any updates and postings for positions in the future. Executive Summary Future Use Mechanical work experience? Prior electric/electrical work experience? Work experience in construction? Any gas field, or pipeline work experience? Questions Begin Objective VCA is a program/personal assessment that will gather candidates information. What they have been doing, what they are capable of, and match them with what Dominion may offer. Goal Help candidates see the options they have paired with their abilities. Whether things they like to do or have been doing Interest After attending Dominion’s Military Veteran Job Fair. I decided to start an independent project for process improvement. The new process is now under review based upon the potential impact potential candidature and exposure. Military Veterans Veterans Career Assessment End Reults Yes No Yes Yes

Military and veterans

Transcript: Military and Veterans By: Damien, Matthew, Landon, and Annabel Question 1 What does the government do for the military and veterans? The government tends to do a lot for veterans and soldiers for serving us and sacrificing so much. Here are a couple of examples Government Help Soldiers Soldiers have problem No care after serving country Government provides loans and care Sad Soldiers Happy Soldiers For soldiers they mostly provide for their families as soldiers are at work yet they give them much when they retire they are given many things and if they don't make alive their families are given support. Veteran Support Veterans The government supports veterans in various ways. One way is by giving free education, housing, prevention of homelessness, gives you free stuff for one year, and ( if you get hurt ) you get free stuff. Question 2 The safest jobs in the military. yes there are many diferant jobs in the military that are safe such as haking, mision berifing, and planing the mision. no there are mostly unsafe jobs and some of those are: infantry, artilery, para troop, and sniping. Question 3 How do we know if they are safe? There schedule is very precise. if something were to happen that would cause harm they would know exactly what to do. There are many people on duty to protect the navy. Thees people are ready for any circumstances. What does the navy do to stay safe? Navy what the the air force does to stay safe is they said that they were ready for any circumstances. I checked multiple webites and they all gave me the same awnser. What does the Air Force do to stay safe? Air force Extra Info Fun Facts Did you know that the army is older than the country it serve! If the US Army were a city, it would be the 10th largest in the United States. Resources Resources Sondra, Paul. “7 Surprising Facts You Probably Don’t Know about the US Army.” Business Insider, 14 June 2017, ‌

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