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social studies powerpoint

Transcript: He was born in village in Uganda called Odek Odek in Acholis family, Acholis is a ethnic group that is mostly Catholic or Protestant Kony was a Christian as he says KONY Child soldiers are usually poor 1/3 of child soldiers are girls the other 2/3 of them are boys In some cases the girls are raped They don't run away because they're scared they'll be recruited or killed The L.R.A. is military group operating in central Africa The L.R.A. killed over 70,000 civilians Kidnapped over 40,000 children in from 4 different countries Leader of the L.R.A. Abducts children in Central Africa, turns the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers to fight in his army Joseph Kony Today Joseph Kony does this because he needed to fight againest the dictatorship of Museveni Childhood of Joseph Kony THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Was born in 1961 (50 years old) in Odek, Uganda Was the last of 6 children to be born in his family When he was 26 he joined the L.R.A. Lords Resistance Army (L.R.A.) Shocking Facts How You Can Help Child Soldiers Joseph Kony has 33 criminal charges 12 for enslavery, prostitution, rape, inhumane actions and mental and physical torture 21 for war crimes You can Help by making a donation to the 'Invisible Children' or 'MCC' organizations Go on a Kony walk to raise awareness Tell friends and family Make a post or page on Facebook Buy the 'Kony 2012' action kit Joseph Kony in the Past #1 wanted rebel leader in the world believed to have 88 wives and 42 children terrorized villages for 20 years last 25 years he abducted over 30,000 children in Central Africa Solutions Why Does Kony Do This? Barack Obama sent 100 American troops to countries in central Africa to protect them from Joseph Kony and the L.R.A. Celebrities have been making Twitter posts like Justin Bieber and Rihanna

social studies powerpoint

Transcript: During New Jersey v T.L.O, the Supreme Court had ruled in the Fourth Amendments favor. The Fourth Amendment relates to school because unreasonable searches and seizures often occur. When the court was determining this case to be valid, this case wants the principle to know, that school officials do not stand in the place of parents. The Court has decided that before searching and seizing any pupils belongings, the school officials must meet a certain standard. The fourth amendment requires that a search should be conducted only after an official obtains a warrant . The court decided that neither the warrant or probable cause was needed to justify a student search . the only requirement is that the search should be reasonable. A reasonable search must meet two criteria : (1) the search is justified at its inception .(2) the application of the search is reasonably related to the conditions that contributed a rise to the initial justification of the search. The premises of the case was that the court implied some restrictions on the officials. Since the case was not willing to go far into giving the officials unlimited power. Introducing The Fourth Amendment The fourth amendment protects us from any unreasonable searches and seizures. The police can't check our houses, papers and someones persons (body) without a warrant. Galiano, Dean. The Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Search and Seizure. New York: Rosen Central, 2011. Print.(book citation) 2011 cons a law enforcement official must receive an approval from a judge before placing a tracking device in a vehicle. a police placed a gps tracker in a car of a drug deaker this search is unconstitutional "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." 2010 credits Explaining The Amendment "Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution." American History Online. Facts On File, Inc. ItemID=WE52&iPin=E12900&SingleRecord=True (accessed February 22, 2013). New Jersey V. T.L.O 2013 Pros and Cons of G.P.S Tracking Systems 2012 double click on the link Search and Seizure Results of New Jersey v T.L.O Description of a Supreme Court Case by nirali lavani enjoy :) any questions or concers email me at =) By : Nirali Lavani 2009 Quoting the Amendment in order to search someone's property, you must be issued a warrant by the supreme court pros although gps is a great way to track things, it can also be misused. its a great thing that the police caught a smuggler who hid a hundred kilograms of cocaine Antoine Jones was jailed bibliography Current Debate relevant to the Fourth Amendment Mezey, Susan Gluck. "New Jersey v. T.L.O." In Schultz, David, ed. Encyclopedia of American Law. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2002. American History Online. Facts On File, Inc. ItemID=WE52&iPin=EAL0265&SingleRecord=True (accessed February 22, 2013). 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

Social Studies PowerPoint

Transcript: 1) What was the 38th parallel? 1) the dividing line between South Korea and North Korea. 2) What is demilitarized zone? 2)an area with no military forces. 3)What is perjury? 3) lying under oath. 4)What does censure mean? 4) officially condemn. HOMEWORK The Senate in 1954 had televised hearings to investigate a new McCarthy charge. He insisted that there were Communists in the U.S. Army. On national tv, he came across a bully instead of hero which showed McCarthy had gone to far. This made his popularity decline. The Senate in December 1954, passed a resolution to censure McCarthy for "conduct unbecoming a member" censure-officially condemn. The McCarthy Americans also worried that there were Communists in high government positions. Alger Hiss, a State Department official, was imprisoned for perjury. Hiss said that he was not apart of a Soviet spy ring. Evidence later suggested that Hiss and several other officials were passing secrets to the Soviet Union. President Truman ordered investigations of government workers to determine if they were loyal. Thousands of government employees were questioned. Many were not disloyal. Perjury- lying under oath. Korea Divided Truman wanted to unite Korea and so they won United Nations approval for MacArthur to cross into North Korea Landing at Inchon Then the United Nations pushed China back into North Korea Armistice (continued) Some people still remained Communists. Between 1946 and 1950, many people in the U.S. , Canada, and Britain were arrested as Soviet spies. In the U.S. Ethel and Julues Rosenburg were sentenced to death for passing atomic secrets to the Soviets. Both were executed. General MacArthur felt that to win the war, United nations had to attack China. The Korean War changed nothing. Korea remained divided, but the United Nations forces did push back North Korean Forces. The United States and it allies showed that they were ready to fight to prevent communist expansion. Invasion During the deadlock, there was a disagreement betweeen General MacArthur and President Truman. Truman thought that the attack on China would cause a world war. Truman wanted to limit war and restore the border btween North and South Korea. The Soviet Union and the United States divided Korea knowing at one point it will be reunited again. The Soviet Union wanted the communist government. The United States wanted a noncommunist government They feared communist sympathizers and spies might be secretly working to overthrow the government. Them worrying about this sparked a hunt for Communists within American society. MacArthur sent troops over seas into Inchon behind North Korea lines and soon pushed North Korean troops back across the 38th parallell China Enters the War By: Ali Novak & Russia and China were on the north and west side of Korea and Japan was on the east. They all competed to control Korea Japan ended up ruling Korea as a colony from 1910-1945 The cease-fire set the border between North and South Korea near the 38th parallel. This is close to where it had been before the war. Section 2 By March of 1951United Nations troops regained control of the South. In July 1953 both sides signed an armistice to end the fighting. It redrew the border between North Korea and South Korea near the 38th parallel, where it was before the war. It also set up a demilitarized zone along the border. Some Americans had turned against democracy and free enterprise during the Great Depression. Search for Spies(continued) Search for Spies Setting The Scene As the United Nations got close to Chinese border Chinease troops crossed into North Korea North Korean troops moved into South Korea. South Korea was overwhelmed by the attack, but President Truman responded forcefully. He asked United Nations to send military forces into Korea. Deanna Speranza The Korean War increased worries about Communists at home for many Americans. MacArthur frustrated he complained publicly and politicians in Washington were holding him back. China warned the US that invading North Korea wouldn't be easy video Armistice Questions Chapter 28 Answers The United Nations Security Council said to set up a force. It would be commanded by whoever Truman picked.Truman picked General Douglas MacArthur. About 54,000 Americans and nearly 2 million Koreans and Chinese lost their lives during the Korean War. demilitarized zone- an area with no military forces. at Home video Peace talking began in mid-1951.Dwight Eisenhower pledged that if he was elected as the presidential candidate he would personally go to Korea and at the same time work to get the stalled peace talking going again. Early, June 25,1950 Joseph Darrigo was woken up by the sound of exploding shells.He was stationed at the 38th parallel. At once he knew exactly what was going on. Immediately he went to warn a military base, but he was to late. This attack soon involved the Koreans,United Nations,United States,China, and others. The Korean War Period Angry that

Social Studies PowerPoint.

Transcript: What is the California Gold Rush? Harriet Tubman. The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. The effects of the Gold Rush were substantial. Whole indigenous societies were attacked and pushed off their lands by the gold-seekers, called "forty-niners" (referring to 1849). California Gold Rush Why is it important to History? Harriet Tubman escaped slavery to become a abolitionist. she led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the rought of the underground rail road. Why did she do this? Henry Clay was appointed Secretary of State by President John Quincy Adams on March 7, 1825. Clay entered his duties on the same day and served until March 3, 1829. Henry Clay was a 19th century U.S. politician who served in Congress and as secretary of state under President John Quincy Adams. Born on April 12, 1777, in Hanover County, Virginia, Henry Clay worked as a frontier lawyer before becoming a Kentucky senator and then speaker of the House of Representatives. Henry Clay (1777–1852) was a paradox an eloquent speaker known for charm and generosity Clay served in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate as well as U.S. Secretary of State. He also ran for the presidency five times and lost each time. Why is the Trail of tears important to history Resources Harriet Tubman - Wikipedia Clay was called 'the great compromise Because he played a major role in formulating the three landmark sectional compromises of his day the missouri Compromise of 1820 the tariff compromise of 1833, and the compromise of 1850 The discovery of gold nuggets in the Sacramento Valley in early 1848 sparked the Gold Rush, arguably one of the most significant events to shape American history during the first half of the 19th century. On January 24, 1848, James Wilson Marshall, a carpenter originally from New Jersey, found flakes of gold in the American River at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Coloma, California. Harriet Tubman was a America humanitarian and also and armed scout, and spy for the U.S Army in the American War. she was also a slave beaten in her childhood days. she escaped 1849 and returned to Maryland with her family "We still got a lot room for improvement but its all coming together." In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma. The Cherokee people called this journey the "Trail of Tears," because of its devastating effects. The Trail of Tears remains one of the worst human rights disasters to befall Native American peoples in United States history. Between 1838 and 1839, 15,000 Cherokees were taken from their ancestral homes in Georgia and placed on a forced march, finally ending up in the future state of Oklahoma. Trail Of Tears Basic facts What did he do? Harriet Tubman believed all people should be free including black people Her qoute "if i could have convinced slaves they were slaves i could have freed a thousand more". proves this. "The California Gold Rush left us in a tragic legacy. We appreciate the state parks, willingness to take action to end empires toxic legacy of contaminating our water shed During the California gold rush, thousands of people from all over the world came to the U.S. in search of gold. This event was one of the most important events in the history of California and the country. For America, it helped with the westward expansion of the nation which many believed was part of the country's Manifest Destiny. For California it bought prosperity and eventually a place in the Union "The sun would have no rainbows if our eyes had no tears" "I freed a thousand slaves and would have freed a thousand more is only they knew they were slaves." Basic Facts What is the Trail Of Tears ? Henry Clay What did she do? Who is Harriet Tubman Who is Henry Clay Why did he do this? The Trail of Tears began in the summer of 1838, when General Winfield Scott, on orders from President Martin Van Buren, forcibly escorted approximately 15,000 Cherokee from their lands east of the Mississippi to Oklahoma. The Cherokee named this journey the "Trail of Tears. They were not allowed time to gather their belongings, and as they left, whites looted their homes. Then began the march known as the Trail of Tears, in which 4,000 Cherokee people died of cold, hunger, and disease on their way to the western lands. Social Studies PowerPoint.

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Transcript: Example of a Jeopardy Template By: Laken Feeser and Rachel Chapman When creating without a template... Example of a Deal or No Deal Template PowerPoint Game Templates There are free templates for games such as jeopardy, wheel of fortune, and cash cab that can be downloaded online. However, some templates may cost more money depending on the complexity of the game. Classroom Games that Make Test Review and Memorization Fun! (n.d.). Retrieved February 17, 2017, from Fisher, S. (n.d.). Customize a PowerPoint Game for Your Class with These Free Templates. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from 1. Users will begin with a lot of slides all with the same basic graphic design. 2. The, decide and create a series of questions that are to be asked during the game. 3. By hyper linking certain answers to different slides, the game jumps from slide to slide while playing the game. 4. This kind of setup is normally seen as a simple quiz show game. Example of a Wheel of Fortune Template Games can be made in order to make a fun and easy way to learn. Popular game templates include: Family Feud Millionaire Jeopardy and other quiz shows. Quick video on template "Millionaire" PowerPoint Games Some games are easier to make compared to others If users are unsure whether or not downloading certain templates is safe, you can actually make your own game by just simply using PowerPoint. add logo here References Example of a Family Feud Template PowerPoint Games are a great way to introduce new concepts and ideas You can create a fun, competitive atmosphere with the use of different templates You can change and rearrange information to correlate with the topic or idea being discussed. Great with students, workers, family, etc. For example: With games like Jeopardy and Family Feud, players can pick practically any answers. The person who is running the game will have to have all of the answers in order to determine if players are correct or not. However, with a game like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the players only have a choice between answers, A, B, C, or D. Therefore, when the player decides their answer, the person running the game clicks it, and the game will tell them whether they are right or wrong.

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