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Back to School Night Template

Transcript: About Me The best way to reach me is through email Books and Materials: Writing or Project Expectations: Back to School Night: Jennifer Pell Notes This course is novel based and there is no English textbook. Students must check their assigned novels out of the library and are responsible for their return. Resources for Students: This Humanities course will include information presented in both thematic and chronological formats. Our goal will be to create learners who will be able to think critically and apply historical facts to themes that transcend our nation’s history. In the Humanities course we will concentrate on the literature and historical archives from the years 1930-Present. This class uses a unified department writing rubric that has been shared with your student in google Technology Used: How much time? 30 minutes per night Types of assignments? Online through googleapps and ongoing reading assignments Humanties II In this class we follow all of the school norms. We have our own procedures for signing in late and using the restroom. All presentations and handouts are available on googleapps HW assignments are emailed to the entire class Many novels are available electronically on the department website Our class also uses prezi and goanimate for certain assignments Important Class Policies Homework Expectations Contact Info googleapps for education I have been teaching in the Burlington Twp. School District for 10 years. I have 2 Children; Ethan and Emily I love antiques, books, animals and all things Disney.

2014 Back to School Night Template

Transcript: Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 2:40-4:00 Email address: Phone number: 503 359 2465 ext. 5107 "Career and College Readiness" goals make up 30% of the grade. This includes classwork, homework, notes, etc. This work is SIGNIFICANT. 8th grade Language Arts Units Google Sites for portfolios. Class Materials: 8th grade Language Arts Units We are prioritizing time at school to find and read books. Neil Armstrong Middle School's English Language Arts Unit 3: Genius Hour for Part 1 Creating essential question, pitching your idea- persuasive writing Notes Teacher: 11 years Tech Coach and National Presenter: 3 years Unit 6: Author Study Part 2 Explanatory writing, analysis of author/genre, online publishing, compare/contrast, your own writing compared to an author. Explain everything presentation. Schoology and Google Drive for assigning and collecting work. Research proves MORE READING is the best way to improve at reading, and better reading leads to school and career success. Resources for Students: Unit 2: Author’s Purpose & Point of View (nonfiction) Credibility, textual evidence, bias Students read at their own level and self-select books. This year I'm looking forward to reading some good books with my classes, increasing student choice and independent learning, and working closely with my department and team. Technology Used: Most homework will be digital. Students should read at least 20 minutes on weeknights. 7th grade Language Arts Units Notability for taking notes and writing responses. Unit 3: What’s Your Passion? Passion Project/ Modified Genius Hour Written analysis, credible nonfiction sources, small research writing for multiple purposes Unit 1: Finding Meaning in Stories Plot, theme, written analysis See the handout for more info. Unit 5: Write Like an Author Analysis of E.A. Poe’s writing style, tone & mood, word choice, word meaning Homework Expectations Unit 2: The Art of Language & Storytelling Personal Narrative writing, word choice, figurative language Unit 7: Genius Hour Part 2 Research, Reflection Writing, TED style talk presented to peers Published Author: 2 years Reader: 28 years 40 Book Challenge About me Turn in work via Schoology. Unit 4: Historical Fiction & Capstone Project (cross curricular with Geography class) Goals: charged iPad pencil and notebook reading book sense of humor, curiosity, and kindness. Homework will be assigned a few times per week. Videos can be downloaded to iPads at school. 1st Semester Students may always (within the same semester) make multiple attempts to show their mastery of the standard. 2nd Semester More as we develop skills! In ELA students develop their skills at reading for literal understanding and deeper meaning Unit 1: Author’s Craft (fiction) Plot, textual support, word choice, and theme 7th and 8th grade Language Arts Proficiencies make up 70% of the grade. These include tests, essays, and projects that demonstrate mastery of essential standards. The expectation is an honest and focused attempt to increase the amount of reading done. Unit 4: Author/Genre Study Explanatory essay, analysis of author/genre, online publishing We are challenging students and staff to read 40 books this school year. Proficiency Grading Information about assignments will be posted on Schoology, and homework reminders will go out via twitter, instagram, and Remind. Contact Info making sense of the world and expressing their thoughts in writing, speaking, and digital formats. We are encouraging a variety of genres.

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Transcript: BACK to SCHOOL Presentation WELCOME The most important thing to know is that Mrs. Martin is your child’s teacher… and is honored to have that amazing responsibility. Thank you for entrusting me with your child. I can't wait to work on helping them be successful and working with you and your family! Welcome to my Learning Support Classroom I work with students Kindergarten through 2nd grade. WELCOME I went to school in the UCFSD. I started at Unionville Elementary and graduated in 2007 from Unionville High School. TEACHER We have 5 two dogs, a Black Lab named Tootsie who is 6 months, Jax a white German Shepard who is 5 and three cats Marshmallow, Snicker and Doodle. I have one Daughter names Penelope a fun fact is she shares her birthday with me! She was born in 2021 ABOUT ME FUN FACTS Mrs. Martin: Kindergarten- 2nd Grade Learning Support Teacher My Friends and Family are who mean the most to me. I was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and then coached competitive gymnastics to kids who ranged in age from 1st grade to senior in high school for 13 years at the same place I did gymnastics growing up. The beach is my happy place. We have been going to Stone Harbor as a family every since I can remember. FUN FACTS Parent Information Parent Information Specific services I provide are: 1. Direct Instruction to students in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math based on each individual student's needs. Direct Instruction is based off data, evaluation report and the IEP teams input. 2. Assisting in the regular classroom during instruction and activities as requested by the teacher or required by the IEP. 3. Making sure the materials and tests are using the accommodations required in the IEP. 4. Instruction in specific study skills and test-taking skills. 5. Administering quizzes/test (sometimes a classroom aide may help a child take a test if I’m not available). 6. Progress Monitor students based off their individual IEP goals. 7. Annual IEP Meetings for each student. Report Card Info. If your child receives pull-out instruction in Language Arts and/or Math from me, he/she will receive a general education report card in these areas from me. In addition, your child will be receiving an IEP Progress Report at the same time specific to the IEP goals we’re working on. Report Card Info. Schedule School Schedule 2nd Grade Schedule 9:30-10:05-ELA 10:10-10:50- Special 10:55-11:50- ELA Lunch and Recess 12:45-1:40- Math 1st Grade Scheule 9:30-10:30-ELA 10:50-11:30- Special 12:00-12:55- Math Lunch/Recess 1:30-2:30-ELA Contact Information Mrs. Martin's Contact Information Phone- 610-347-1700 Call at 8:30-9:00am or 2:45-3:45pm Email- - Email is the quickest and best way to contact me SUBJ/ECTS My Classroom In my learning Support Classroom I provide direct instruction to students in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math based on each individual student's needs. Direct Instruction is based off data, evaluation report and the IEP teams input. Reading Reading Programs that I use: WILSON- phonological, scientifically-based, systematic instruction of phonetic sounds and syllable types taught in small groups. READ NATURALLY- repeated reading of short stories to build sight word vocabulary and fluency SRA- scientifically-based program, Reading Mastery or Corrective Reading for comprehension and decoding skills, as well as grammatical/written language skills WONDER WORKS- adapted version of the Common Core program titled “Wonders” that addresses reading, writing, and spelling FUNDATIONS- This is a structured reading, spelling, and handwriting curriculum using engaging, multisensory techniques. Fundations is aligned with the science of reading and guides teachers to provide effective instructional practices. HEGGERTY- Is a Phonemic Awareness Curriculum that provides everything you need to teach phonemic awareness lessons in 12 minutes or less. The daily lessons are fast, effective and fun. Learning Support- Reading Information Each child’s IEP drives his/her own language arts program. Most of my students require intensive instruction in reading decoding/fluency, reading comprehension, written expression, and spelling. A variety of materials and methods are used. Writing Writing Insert text here Math Math Most students will be using the i-Ready math curriculum that provides students of all ages with differentiated instruction and supports them on their individual paths to success. Students gain experience through concrete examples and engaging lessons. This personalized math curriculum features responsive instruction that provides consistent insight into student understanding and performance. Homework: 1. Each night your child should be working on math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). I’ll be providing websites to assist in practicing (students links page). They can also use the flashcards I sent home. 2. Workbook pages will be assigned as means to practice the day’s instruction I will only assign

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