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Transcript: -It's a transport that his objective is go to one airport to another by the air -To achieve this is necessary a eficient motors, aerodinamic vehicle, and many systems that we are going to mention now -Transport spices In the actualty he uses for different thinks: Funcion First Plane -Seaplane INTRODUCTION BIBLIOGRAPHY Conclusions Angle of incidence - Third part Commandament In the air His invention HOW DO PLANES FLY? (LIFT) FORCES 1- PARTS OF THE PLANE 2- FORCES 3- ENGINES 4- WINGS 5- HOW DO PLANES FLY? 6- IN THE AIR 7- COMMANDMENT 8- LANDING 9- CONCLUSIONS 10- LAST PHRASE Landing ENGINES The form of the wing surface of the wing density of the air velocity of the relative wind angle of attack WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE AGAINST YOU, REMEMBER THAT THE AIRPLANE TAKES OFF AGAINST THE WIND, NOT WITH IT. ANGLES FUSELAGE WINGS Engines Types of plane INDEX Different planes: Yaw FACTORS ACTION -> REACTION WINGS PARTS OF THE PLANE STABILIZERS Pitch -All the parts of the wings used by direction the plane ailerons: Uses to " rolling" or backing" -Aileron goes down----- in the same direction but when goes up ----- goes in the opositte direction (also it uses to slow down or take velocity) -Flaps and slaps: Up and down What is a airplane? AIRPLANES Angle of attack Planes in comercial airport: How does it work? -For many years, the human was imagine that one day he would fly -The first men that he get on fly with an object was Jean-Francois. He used the designs of Leonardo da Vinci (XV) -But the first "plane" was a planer that was created in 1883 by John Mohnomery COCKPIT -He has an easy motor -Simple estructure -Easy and lights materials Control weel---- Aleron rudder ------ steering Bea Sotelo Marta Muñoz Hug Plans - Second part -Transport people One of the most important part of the plane -> Total Forces = 0 -Policy and army planes -Divided in three parts -first part Company Logo

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