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baby shower

Transcript: Wild flowers Cake Pops Beverages Cakes Pops Scones with Jam & Cream Cup Cakes Up-side down pear cake Brownies Fruit kebab sticks Pin Wheels Home made sausage rolls with sauce Mini quiches Chips Dips with veges Nuts Freckles Maltesers Pink Musks Candy Sticks (like candy necklaces but not) White string (K-mart) Glass bottles (Woolworths) Stencial Letters (K-mart) Paper (pretty colours/patterns) for food, drink labels Stripe Straws Flowers Calco Tablecloth Prizes (x7) Baby Bottle (things to fill it) Something to put in the ice cube game Prizes Catering Have a half Dec/Jan Calendar & people can guess when the baby will arrive Baby Bottle - guess the amount of pins in it? 'My waters broke!' something in an ice cub & once it melts they can claim it Guess the size of Julie's belly with string Write baby name suggestions To Buy Helpers Ginger Lemon on Ice Water Tea & Coffee Platters Games Clothesline/white string/pegs Jars for decoration (etching) Welcome letters to peg onto clothesline Labels for food & drink Stripe straws Punch Bowls Ice - Mark Tea cups/saucers - Kaye Table - Kaye Baby Clothes - Kim Ice bucket - Jill Table - Jill Table - Sue Ice bucket - Sue Flowers - Sue Calco Tablecloth - Sue Cake Stands - Sue Cot for presents - Julie Plates Cutlery Napkins Flute Glasses Glass bottles Theming Straws 7 prizes e.g. boxes of chocolates Hanging Glass Bottes Games Supply's Fruit kebab sticks Sally Kaye Sue Kate Jill Kim Helen Hayley

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