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Transcript: 1) Team 2) The Problem Why Should I Care? WHY? We believe in the power of ideas. It is in unproven nonprofits that anwers to social problems are waiting to be uncovered. F: the private and public sectors are failing our kids; our nation is falling behind. American innovation; untapped potential of the kids. Time is now to encourage ideas and innovation within the third sector to impact low-income youth There is a clear need and market opportunity: Most of the nonprofits are small, but the smallest and newest ones get the least amount of funding. At the same time, almost a quarter of Bay Area youth are living in poverty. What's the solution? 3) The Solution HOW: We fund start-up Bay Area nonprofits to break the cycle of poverty for low-income youth. New: you have had your 501(c)(3) for 5 years or less, or you're regionally expanding Small: operating budget between $25k-$500K Youth Focused: you serve low-income children in the Bay Area 4) Model Find Impact & measurement intentional Cost effectiveness/conscious/SROI Invest Grants of $10k-$50k GenOps Multi-year (3 year average) Infrastructure/Team development Connect to our network Launch To foundation partner(s) focused on >$50K funding, scale and/or replicability 3b) Competitive Adv Small organization size allows us to be nimble internally Choosing to grant to start-up nonprofits; we believe where no one else will Board covers operating costs = 100% of each $ donated goes directly to programs Our unique access to athletes will raise the visibility of our grantees As the first believer we start a pipeline, with successful launch to larger funders as the goal Geography: SV = the heart and pulse of innovation History: We were born this way because of Ronnie Staff experience: over 15 years working in high-performing NPOs 5) The Future Key Milestones 2012: 1st cohort; unveiling event 2013: 2nd cohort; BOD covering operating costs; annual dinner 2014: 3rd cohort; increased ASHK staffing; 25th anniv dinner & launch 2015: 1st cohort "handed off"; Industry Problem: Class divide/OWS among nonprofits: 80% of dollars go to the same, bigger nonprofits every year 40% of nonprofits were created in the past 10 years but they only receive 15% of the funding Crowded field: over 10,000 nonprofits in Bay Area Yet 75% of nonprofits have a budget under $500K the number of foundations in the U.S. has doubled in the past 20 years, while grant dollars have grown 43 percent since 1999. But the number of registered public charities has tripled in the last decade, far outpacing the growth rate in giving. Competition for funding has never been so steep Poverty Problem: Poor outcomes: 1 in 4 (fabricated stat) youth nonprofits unsuccessful, without lasting impact on kids; 20% of Bay Area kids born poor; 20% don't graduate high school; x % in justice system; number of kids served by Bay Area nonprofits; concentration of nonprofits in affluent vs. impoverished areas WHAT Vision, Direction, Go to Market Plan (may be own slide) The promise ?Should add in Ad BOD names? ?Other key funders? ?Athletes? 7) Closing slide 6) The Ask What's the value add of our solution? WHAT? ASHK provides select organizations the network, skills and capital to be successful and get picked up by larger foundational funders. Target Bay Area 501(c)3 that focus on instilling behavior change (that can break the cycle of poverty) in low-income youth. We have a particular interest in supporting programs that use sports as the vehicle for intentional, lasting change. The grab and WHY 3a) The Target Market & Opp

Parchment & Prints.

Transcript: Give Parchment & Prints. a voice Primary Research Secondary Resarch Etsy Core Responsibilities Leadership Style over the course of the semester Chief Financial Officer The Art & Science of Managing Money There are no maps It's ok to say that you don't know Communicate with your teammates. One-on-one. Often Your title does not dictate respect. Your actions do. Admit when you need help Assume positive intent Inspect what you expect (c/o Wendy Pellegrino) Take care of yourself CCO Relevance in the business environment Weekly report content & submission Curation of operational platform (Gmail, Google Docs, etc.) Product development, sales, and social media Cecilia Needham Conner Needham Elle Hayes Serenity Martin Seth Riley CEO - Spearheading a Startup Firm's Financial Well-Being Facebook & Instagram Taking & Editing of Pictures Posts on Facebook COO Responsibilities & Contributions Overall Thoughts Word of Mouth Facebook & Instagram Posts Successful Like, Follow, Shout for free print Unsuccessful Blast about first 5 Instagram - 341 Likes, 60 Follows Facbook - 140 Likes 164 Average reach for posts across social media platforms Started with initially strong sales Developed an aggressive tabling schedule which yielded diminishing sales Lowered prices, changed social media incentives and become more special order centric in order to reinvigorate sales Overseeing Day-to-Day(ALL DAY) operations and keeping the CEO apprised of significant events Creating & communicating operations strategies & policies Fostering employee alignment with company goals Issuance of financial documents on a weekly basis Development of print media Set the Vision Provide Proper Resources Keep the team focused Oversee and deliver the company's performance Lessons from a Startup CEO Trials & Tribulations Financial Activity Marketing Techniques "Turning first editions into lasting editions" Digital Marketing Parchment & Prints. My Position, Responsibilities, Contributions, and Thoughts CMO What went well? What went a little wrong? Summation Gross Revenue - $317.00 Expenses Sourced Materials - 51.53 Merchant Services - 1.83 Net Revenue - $263.64 Demographics Development of Financial Strategies CCO Oversight of the financial activity of the firm Development of financial strategies and capital budgeting Close monitoring of the firm's financial well-being How do CCO's function in the business world? How did the CCO function within the Parchment & Prints.? Democratic Situational Coercive Total Social Media Followers Female Single Student or have attended college Combined annual income of < $25,000 Between the ages of 18 to 25, median age of 22 Belong to at least one business, social/athletic organization

Parchment Aeronautics

Transcript: History Videos Joe Ayoob and John M. Collins longest throw. Sources Basic Aerodynamics Parchment Aeronautics -Lift: when moving air lowers the pressure below the plane and lifts the plane up. “A Swiss mathematician, Daniel Bernoulli, discovered this effect which you can demonstrate. Tape a piece of paper to a table edge and blow across it at lower pressure that the still air below it. This slight pressure difference causes the paper to rise.” -Gravity: the force that pulls the plane towards the ground -Thrust: Normally comes from a planes engine, however the thrust comes from the person’s throw. -Drag: The friction created by the plane’s “skin”, or the contact it has with the air. -Big winged paper planes are slower compared to smaller winged planes because of the amount of lift they create. - Airplanes can fly only when total lift is large enough to counteract their weight. World Records Work Cited Hanlon, James. Paper Aviation. Rochester Institute of Technology, 2010. Web. 18 May 2015 Paper Airplane HQ. 2014. Web. 18 May 2015 Blackburn, Ken. Paper Plane. Emerald Coast. 2008. Web. 18 May 2015 Hinkle, Melisse. Cheap Flights. 16 November 2014. Web. 18 May 2015 Chipling, Andy. Paper Aircraft Association “Amazing Facts”. Netitall. Web. 18 May 2015 Guinness World Record. 2015.Web. 18 May 2015 or Paper Airplanes... -The exact origins are unknown Popular theories: Leonardo Da Vinci first designed the paper airplane. The Chinese invented the paper airplane 2,000 years ago when they first created paper kites and origami. Paper planes were created by the Montgofier brothers in France while they invented hot air balloons with paper. -1900 Aero magazines showed paper airplanes in magazines to demonstrate aerodynamics principles. -The Wright Brothers used paper airplanes in wind tunnels to model the first plane designs. -1930 Jack Northrop at Lockheed Corporation used paper airplanes to model aircraft designs including the B-2 stealth bomber. -During WWII all materials originally used to make toys (wood, metal, plastic) were being used for weapons and supporting the military. This made the use of paper in toys more prevalent, resulting in increase of paper modeling especially model war planes. -There are records for: Distance (javelin throwing). Time (javelin throwing straight up with subsequent metamorphosis into a sailplane). Aerobatic (looping). Stable flight -Distance record held by Joe Ayoob with a distance of 226 feet and 10 inches.John M. Collins is the creator and designer of the paper airplane. -Time record was 29.2 seconds by Takuo Toda (Japan), in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan in 2010.

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