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Transcript: Vol XCIII, No. 311 Vol XCIII, No. 311 THE VARUN TIMES A5 $1.25 Friday, October 13th, 2014 II. Purpose: The purpose of today's edition of "The Varun Times" is to find out who killed the prominent scientist, Zinthane Zircononium. Police have identified five suspects that could potentially have killed Mr. Zirconium. "The Varun Times" CSI team is on the job performing different labs to identify the murderer. MelTemp OBITUARY A2 There was a note at the crime scene that stated, "Enjoy the snack" with a Rf of: Red Dye-water: 1 alcohol:1 and Black Dye-water:0 alcohol:1. Here is the list of the retention factors for each person's pens in each solvent. THE VARUN TIMES Work: Max Density: .713/.25=2.9g/ml Min Density: .711/1.25=.57g/ml Dr. Natasha Neutron $1.25 A muddy footprint was found in the laboratory. The dirt from the boot/shoe had a pH of 11(basic). Below is the list of each person's mud sample and its pH. There was a granular mixture in the bottom of Dr. Z's thermos. Its density was 1.9-2.8 g/mL. Here is the list of the density of each person's insoluble substance. A6 pH Test A long, long time ago, Dr. Zirconium and Dr. Neutron dated. He once asked her, "Are you a radioactive isotope? Because you're hot!" However, due to this same token, he noticed after several months that she was unstable and would breakdown all the time. At first, he was charmed by her many phases she would go through, but eventually, she became Boron(boring). Dr Z. no longer had any interest in Dr. Neutron, so he buried the hatchet (and any nuclear waste left over). Dr. Neutron was furious;her rage was like a nuclear bomb. Over the years, due to their breakup, she gained weight(and neutrons) and she started to breakdown even more. When Dr. Z hired her to help invent the new and improved cut proof golf ball, she devised a plan: a plan to kill. As she kept working for him, she realized he was like a Rutherford model(he would always spin around the same way). Because of this, Dr. Neutron devised a plan where she could put poisonous substances in his breakfast without him noticing. As she was rolling out in her smartcar, she realized what she had done. She had finally lost enough neutrons to become a stable element and had realized Dr. Z was a great person who cut down the cost of golfing, but it was too late. She had put different poisonous substances in all of his breakfast items and there was no way he wouldn't die of poisoning. Friday, October 13th, 2014 Vol XCIII, No. 311 Spectrophotometer FORENSIC EVIDENCE A4 Cory Colloid CONCLUSION: STORY BEHIND THE MURDER We put the news in newspaper Work: 9/5(55) + 32 = 99 + 32 = 131.0º F CSI LAB DATA A3 Chromatography Horatio Hydronium We put the news in newspaper Professor Argentum Friday, October 13th, 2014 There was white crystalline powder found near the fruit on Dr. Z's desk with a Melting Point of 177.8º F. Below is the list of each person's powder's melting point. Zinthane Zirconium 1977-2014 There was liquid found in Dr. Z's juice glass with an absorbance of .330A at 500nm. Here is the list of the absorbance for each person's liquid. FORENSIC EVIDENCE A4 BREAKING: MURDER MYSTERY A1 Molly Molybdenum CSI LAB DATA A3 We put the news in newspaper Zinthane Zirconium FOUND DEAD Zinthane Zirconium was murdered and found by officials this morning in his laboratory. Using proper significant figures, he was 36.79 years old. He was found with multiple poisonous substances that were in his breakfast. Mr. Zirconium was a prominent scientist who made the expensive "sport" of golf much less expensive, with the cut-free cover on all golf balls you lose. He lived right here in the City of Selenium. We request you to give him proper respect by going golfing and using his cut-free cover for golf balls, only $12.99 for 1 pack of 2! Filtration Born: December 25, 1977 Died: October 13, 2014 CSI LAB DATA A3 SOLVED BY THE VARUNS CSI LAB DATA A3 $1.25 CSI LAB DATA A3 THE VARUN TIMES CSI LAB RESULTS Work: Neutron red dye in water solvent: Distance Dye / Distance Solvent = 0 cm / 8.16 cm = 0

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