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Science Powerpoint

Transcript: 5.Ability to support life...-No Characteristics...-1.Lava covers the surface...2Has the Greenhouse Effect...3.Yellow Planet...4. Is know as the Morning Star and The Sister planet to Earth. Neptune's Information Reasons to visit...-1. You can meet new people...2.You can do almost anything you want. Uranus' Information Ability to support life...-No Reasons to Visit...-1.Visit the Earths "relative"...2.Come and Swim in the lava. Number of Moons...-30: Titan is the largest, and the next six in size are Rhea, Iapetus, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus, and Mimas. Ability To Support Life...-No Characteristics...-1.Small rocky body once thought to be very Earth-like...2.It has polar ice caps that grow and recede with the change of seasons....3.It has a striking red is twice as bright as Sirius, the brightest star. Jupiter's Information Reason to Visit...-1.Go and chase the hurricanes...2.Go swimming on the planet because it one big swirling sea. Characteristics...-1.It has super heated oceans...2.Farthest planet from the sun...3.It has a great dark spot...4.It has clumpy and irregular rings Characteristics...-1.It's about 3 times the size of Earth...2. It has a big red dot on it called,"Giant Red Spot"...3.It is the largest planet...4.It has 63 satellites. 3.Number of Moons...-0 Period Of Rotation...-24.62 hours Placement from the Sun...-6th planet & 1,426,725,400 km (8.87 x 108 miles) or 9.54 astronomical units Number of Moons...-Sixteen others had been discovered before 2001. Five of the largest are Miranda, Titania, Oberon, Umbriel, and Ariel Come and explore the Solar System! Placement from the Sun...-2nd Planet Number Of Moons...-1:Luna Venus Reasons to visit...-1.Come and soak in the hot oceans...2. Glide across its Rings as if you were on a roller coaster. Reason to visit...-Slip N' Slide across it rings...2.Carve your name in its rings. Earth Number of moons...-0 6.Characteristics...-1.Rocky Suface with many Craters...2.Scientist found ice water ice inside deep craters at the north and south poles...3.Smallest Planet...4.It is grey because it has no atmosphere and all we see is its rocky surface. Number Of Moons...-2: Phobos, Deimos Period of Revolution...-83.75 Earth years Reasons to Visit...-1.Come and float on the clouds...2.Come and swing across the rings. Ability to support life...-No Mercury Ability to support life...-No Period of Rotation...-0.72 Earth days or 17.9 Earth hours Jupiter Saturn Neptune Period of Revolution...-686.93 Earth days 4.Placcement from Sun...-1st planet Period Of Revolution...-365.26 Earth Days Earth's Information Mercury's Information Placement from the Sun...-5th planet & 778,412,010 km (4.84 x 108 miles) or 5.20 astronomical units Ability to Support Life...-No 7.Two reasons why you should visit mercury...-1.You can skateboard in its large craters....2.You can You can Ice fish deep (very deep) in the craters. Reasons To Visit...-1.Come Snowboard on its icecaps...2.Come and race Go-Carts on its rocky surface. Number of Moons...-62 known moons. Four largest are Ganymede, Callisto, Lo, and Europa. Period of Rotation..-0.44 Earth days (10.2 Earth hours) Saturn's Information Placement from the Sun...-2,870,972,200 km (1.78 x 109 miles) or 19.19 astronomical units Number of Moons...-8: Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Triton, and Nereid. Characterisitics...-1.Its 71% Water...3.Its has about 7 billion people...3.It has mountins,glaciers, plains, rivers, lakes, oceans, forest, ect....4.It has 8.74 million different kinds of species living on it. Venus' Information Period of Rotation...- 0.41 Earth days (9.8 Earth hours) Period of Rotation...-0.67 Earth days (19.1 Earth hours) Solar System Project Billie Beverley 4th PD. 2/22/12 Venus Mars Ability to support life...-No Uranus Characteristics...-1.It has ring...2.It is a "gas giant" with no solid surface...3.It spins backwards compared to other planets...4.Its the only planet that spins on it,s side...4.It has a very think cloud cover. Period of revolution...-163.72 Earth years Placement From The Sun...-4th planet & 227,936,640 km Period of Revolution...- 11.86 Earth years 1.Period of Rotation....-58.65 Earth Days Period of revolution...-224.7 Earth days Characteristics...-1.It has rings...2.It is a gas giant...3.2nd largest planet...4.Very Hot. Period Of Rotation...-I day (23.93 Hours) Mars' Information Placement Form The Sun...-3rd Planet & 1 AU (149,597,890 km) Period of rotation..-243 Earth days 2.Period of Revolution...-.24 Earth Years(87.97 Earth Days) Placement from Sun...-8th Planet Period of Revolution...-29.46 Earth years Ability To Support Life...-Yes

Medical powerpoint

Transcript: Characteristics Earn a doctor of medicine (M.D) 4 years of medical school 3 years of general pediatric training (intern or resident) Going into the medical field is going to be a difficult challenge but with determination I will achieve my goal. With some of the experience I already have it will give me a jump start into the medical field. Pediatrician: I am 16 years old my favorite sport is swimming I want to get into a prestigious medical school some of my strengths are: I am very ambitious and this program would be a great opportunity for me. I am a team player and i am happy to work with other people on a project I am very hard working. I put a lot of efforts into what I do and I do my best Master's degree Bachelor's degree in nursing 1-2 years of experience Class of 2017 Health Career Academy Exploration Education plan Registered nurse University of Irvine Salary: $70,590 yearly $33.94 hourly Claudia Lopez period 1 Who am I? My future Skill set Work well with others I know my medical terminology words I know my vital signs Medical abbreviations i am very sociable Want to go straight to a 4 year university I am CPR certified I have completed my 100 hours of externship I have experience in a clinic Nurse practitioner a nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor. $96,460 yearly $46.37 hourly Registered nurse: Education Plan My future Earn a bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN) 4 years at a university 2-3 years to achieve pathway Lesson learned Claudia Lopez Nurse practitioner: Pediatrics Enjoy working with kids $173,000 yearly $74.00 hourly Health Career Academy

Medical Powerpoint

Transcript: Nature Of Work Very similar, yet different compared to an EMT paramedic- a specialized trained medical technician licensed to provide a wide range of emergency services before or during transportation to a hospital this includes assessing the patients condition and determine a course of treatment EMT- a specialized trained medical technician certified to provide BASIC emergency services before or during transportation to a hospital life or death situations often arise work can be physically strenous and stressful can give medication orally and intravenously interprets elecotrocardiograms (EKG`s) used to monitor heart function equipment :monitors, complex equipment, backboards, restraints etc. Work environment inside and outside spend most of their time standing, kneeling, bending and lifting Can work in helicopters with flight crew training/qualifications/advancment must be licensed in the state where the job is held must take 8 hours of training to drive ambulance EMT- 200-250 hours of classroom instructions, skills practice in a laboratory, hospital emergency room and ambulance experience a field internship may become an instructor, a registered nurse, a physician or any other type of healthcare worker Job outlook 33% The number of EMT and Paramedics needed in Florida will grow at an annual average growth rate of 2.4% which is equivalent to 227 openings until the year 2014. Earnings Median is 35,849 per year Bonus: $49 Paramedic located in Orlando, Fl The lowest: 10% 28,090 25% 31,788 75% 40,527 90% 44,705 Related occupations Air Traffic Controllers- coordinates the movement of air traffic to ensure that planes stay safe distances apart Firefighters-protect the public by reponding to fires and other emergencies, they are often the first responders on the scene of an incident Physician Assistant-practice medicine under the direction of physicians and surgeons Police and Detectives- protect lives and communites, gather facts and collect evidence of possible crimes Registered Nurses- provide and coordinate patient care, educates patients/public on various health conditions and provide advice and emotional support OTHER INFORMATION Important Qualities: Compassion Interpretation Skills Listening Skills Physical Strength Problem solving skills Speaking skills Their are four levels of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT`s) : First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic. Detection Reporting response On scene care Care in transit Transfer to definitive You most likely have heard of a military paramedic. They are actually simply called medics. Now do you think you've heard that name before? They fly helicopters, planes, and are their in the midst of battle to support their fellow comrades. Unpaid volunteers are being replaced by paid professionals. GRAPHIC IMAGES!!! •There are about 700,000 EMS personnel in the country. employment change for 2010-2020 is 75,400 PARAMEDIC Star of life: •50% of EMT Basics are on volunteer status. Emergency Medical Technician- 2 year associates degree in emergency medical services technology is available Your salary income depends upon your experience and which state you reside in. paramedics attend large sporting events and public gatherings most work at least 50 hours a week but are on call for extended periods of time only 50% of EMT/ Paramedics actually work in ambulances others work in hospitals, other government facilities etc •70% of all EMS personnel are male and 76% are white. •The origin of the word ambulance is from the early 19th century French words meaning 'mobile (horse-drawn) field hospital' - hôpital ambulant. Ambulant is a Latin term for 'walking'. must be certified as basic EMT before becoming a Paramedic 3/4 of people that go to school to become a paramedic graduate Top 5 paying states for Paramedics: •Hawaii •Alaska •Maryland •Oregon •Washington 1,100-1,500 hours of instruction and experience that includes classroom instructions, clinical rotations in hospitals, a field internship aboard an ambulance and laboratory experience By: Nichole Moroz •EMT`s treats approximately 25-30 millions people each year. Paramedic symbol

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