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Powerpoint Resume

Transcript: Fall 2013: Intramural Games Achievements Personal Accomplishments Fun Facts Strengths Year 2- UTSC Cheer President Residence initiatives such as #Hour and first year residence students integration -Resident of University of Toronto on campus Student Housing from 2012-2014 -Accepted to an academic focused division of residence (2013-2014) -Executive on the Health an Wellness Committee -Responsible for the organization, planning and execution of health and wellness related events on campus as well as gathering information for powerpoints, informative and interactive educational games and tip sheets for healthy living -Adaptable to working in different environments -Organized and conscientious Residence events such as Upper Years Ceremony, Arts Night and Halloween Haunted Hall University Of Toronto Scarborough A new campus club whose purpose is to emphasize school spirit on campus and accepts members with no experience to varying experience levels in dance, gymnastics or cheerleading. Founder: Allison Browning Founded: May 2013 2013-2014 Members: 22 Performances: Intramural Sports, Toronto Pan Am Sports Center Promotional Event, Cultural Mosaic Promotional Event: Pre-Mosaic, Campus Recruitment Fair Philanthropic Events: Keep A Breast Fundraiser, Me to We Crowd Pumpers, Advocates for Canadian Cancer Society Personal Accomplishments Art: Spotlight Feature in 2013 Art Side Out Festival UTSC Cheer fundraiser for Keep A Breast Foundation at Think Before You Pink raises over $700! UTSC Cheerleading in The Underground October Issue: Spotlight Feature -Self Motivated Past Employment Residence Other Philanthropic Events: Advocating for the Canadian Cancer Society and We Day Crowd Pumpers Honours Science; Majors in Psychology and Biological Anthropology -Anticipated Graduation: 2016 Previous Employment Health and Wellness Event: Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention through education March 2013 Philanthropy: Letter writing campaign and Fiesta I have modeled for a marketing company in Hong Kong Allison Browning Promotional Event Performance for the Toronto Pan Am Sports Center Health and Wellness Events: Mocktail Party and Healthy on Campus food options seminar Nominations for SCSU Awards: Best New Club and Most Active Club One of my hobbies is star gazing -High executive functioning My favourite novel is The Great Gatsby I am a Vegan and due to my respect for animals I wore this t-shirt to my high school biology class which allowed me to alternatively do my biology dissections online -Tim Horton's: 2009-2013 Crew Trainer -Glen Eagle Golf Course: 2011-2012 Server -Noble Trade: Summer 2013 Purchasing Assistant UTSC Cheerleading Delta Delta Delta Other events: Fundraising with Menchies Sponsor and Fall 2013 Recruitment!

Resume Powerpoint

Transcript: I had my first job at the age of 16. I really wanted to earn my own money rather than depending on my parents to give me money. But unfortunately my first job wasnt the best. It's not that i didn't enjoy it, its just not what i had in mind. It had great benefits such as free food you can eat during lunch and food you can take home. I was surprised i didnt turn over weight. Work Experience June Nichole B. Montecillo Gender: Female Age: 19 y.o Date of Birth: June 15, 1993 I am currently in college in Cebu City, Phil taking up my degree in nursing. I am a polite well being who respects herself as a person. My quote in life is "blood is thicker than water". Meaning to say i love a cherish my family. My family mean the world to me while friends can come and go but the friends i keep they stay for a life time. Education Moxies, was my 2nd job. I was a waitress meaning i took orders and served food to customers. I loved the job of going around and taking orders and meeting new people. The problem was i realized being part of a food industry was just not for me. The pay was better than my first but i still wasn't really that content. ABOUT ME - Good organizational and time management skills - Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills - Helpful and friendly You wont regret it. ..bada bop bop bop, "I'm lovin it." I guarantee you that i won't let you down. Hire me and there won't be problems and difficulties. College Costa Blanca Now, theres college. I was pretty indecisive on what course i would take. Clearly i did not want to pursue studying here but there was no choice in the matter. My Parents happily chose Nursing. I started my first year in Cebu Doctors' University then transferred to University of Cebu-Banild to continue my Bachelors of Nursing Hire me! Me, Myself and I McDonalds Elementary I went to school and started kindergarten at the age of 5y.o in Macklin Public School then transferred to a different school for grade 6 because i moved to a new house. I started fresh in Heritage Park Public School from Grade 6 and graduated in Grade 8. Highschool The time came when i started High School in Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy as a Freshmen. I had a great start during grade 9 but as i finished grade 10 i had to go to the Phil. to study. My memories in High School will never be forgotten. I finished my highschool as a 4th year student in the Phil. Resume Moxies It was all for the money. Skills and Capabilities My 3rd job was at Costa Blanca. My position was being a sales assistance being that store was a clothing store. I really enjoyed my experience there handling customers and choosing what outfits to wear. Fashion was more my scene, not food. Not only did i like working there i liked the pay too. Though it wasnt more than my second job i loved working for hours there.

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