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Resume Powerpoint

Transcript: I had my first job at the age of 16. I really wanted to earn my own money rather than depending on my parents to give me money. But unfortunately my first job wasnt the best. It's not that i didn't enjoy it, its just not what i had in mind. It had great benefits such as free food you can eat during lunch and food you can take home. I was surprised i didnt turn over weight. Work Experience June Nichole B. Montecillo Gender: Female Age: 19 y.o Date of Birth: June 15, 1993 I am currently in college in Cebu City, Phil taking up my degree in nursing. I am a polite well being who respects herself as a person. My quote in life is "blood is thicker than water". Meaning to say i love a cherish my family. My family mean the world to me while friends can come and go but the friends i keep they stay for a life time. Education Moxies, was my 2nd job. I was a waitress meaning i took orders and served food to customers. I loved the job of going around and taking orders and meeting new people. The problem was i realized being part of a food industry was just not for me. The pay was better than my first but i still wasn't really that content. ABOUT ME - Good organizational and time management skills - Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills - Helpful and friendly You wont regret it. ..bada bop bop bop, "I'm lovin it." I guarantee you that i won't let you down. Hire me and there won't be problems and difficulties. College Costa Blanca Now, theres college. I was pretty indecisive on what course i would take. Clearly i did not want to pursue studying here but there was no choice in the matter. My Parents happily chose Nursing. I started my first year in Cebu Doctors' University then transferred to University of Cebu-Banild to continue my Bachelors of Nursing Hire me! Me, Myself and I McDonalds Elementary I went to school and started kindergarten at the age of 5y.o in Macklin Public School then transferred to a different school for grade 6 because i moved to a new house. I started fresh in Heritage Park Public School from Grade 6 and graduated in Grade 8. Highschool The time came when i started High School in Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy as a Freshmen. I had a great start during grade 9 but as i finished grade 10 i had to go to the Phil. to study. My memories in High School will never be forgotten. I finished my highschool as a 4th year student in the Phil. Resume Moxies It was all for the money. Skills and Capabilities My 3rd job was at Costa Blanca. My position was being a sales assistance being that store was a clothing store. I really enjoyed my experience there handling customers and choosing what outfits to wear. Fashion was more my scene, not food. Not only did i like working there i liked the pay too. Though it wasnt more than my second job i loved working for hours there.

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