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•Free Health Care

Transcript: Health care prices in France vs in the US smokers weight loss surgery cosmetic surgery My answer : YES Do smokers deserve free health care like anyone else ? Free Health Care and self-imposed health issues Universal free health care for everyone Should free health care be applied to cosmetic surgery ? CONCLUSION 1) What do you think is the best way to prevent smokers from the dangers of cigarettes ? 2) Do you think universal free health care would lead to an increasing of obese and smokers ? Why ? 3) To you, what is the most justifiable / legitimate cosmetic surgery ? 4) Can you try to find a explanation for such prices gap concerning free health care between France and the US ? 5) If you had to deal with a young girl (about 17 yo) who wants to have recourse to a rhinoplasty, what would you say to her ? A consultation to the doctor's in France = 23 euros partially refunded. A consultation in the US = on average 80 euros. Rules of the game 3 teams the same quizz for each team you have 5 minutes to answer to the questions after 5 minutes = debrief > the team who has the most points WINS VS Free Health Care Definition A day care in hospital = USA = 4,200 euros France = 800 euros An angioplasty costs 50,000 euros more in the US than in France. The prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. We must deserve to have access to free health care Does everyone deserve free health care ? Does weight loss surgery should be free ? Two sides My answer : YES "When a patient comes to me with a gunshot wound I don’t enquire how they got it. If someone is admitted to casualty after driving into a tree when drunk I don’t refuse to treat them - that would be like playing God. It is our duty to treat patients to the best of our ability, regardless of how they became ill, not to punish them for their lifestyles. If the Government made smoking illegal it would be different, but while smoking is legal the nation owes smokers the same amount of care as it owes non-smokers." Some numbers My answer : YES Some questions for you... If I hear one word in French, I take off one point to your team !!

Free Health Care

Transcript: it could prevent deaths because people wouldn't be afraid of the bill on actually go to the hospital save money by lowering health care cost because it would go through the government their wait times are shorter. Many Canadians are more likely to see a specialist in a faster time than Americans The people in Canada get equal treatment, no one gets better service because they have more money. Thank You! In Conclusion ECONOMY BOOST The Study By Marina Vannest The fact that businesses would have to supply health care plans for their workers would save money. It would increase pay for workers and put more money into the economy. People wouldn't worry about all their health care debt. Instead they would go on trips and buy extras and in turn boosting the economy. The solution Many Americans are still having trouble getting the care they need and deserve; even with all the new reforms. Health care is a growing issue in America; many can’t afford or get the health care they need and there is many problems that could be easily fixed by giving the people of America free health care. “About 62% of all US bankruptcies were related to medical expenses in 2007, and 78% of these bankruptcies were filed by people who already had medical insurance.” (procon. 2015. P.8) People never expect an emergency to happen and most of the time when it does they cant afford it The Problem with our health care Canada's system Free Health Care Countries such as UK have a National Health Service for thier people, Canada has a public health care system, and in Brazil free health care coverage is recognized as a citizen's right. If America followed some of these examples it would eliminate a lot of American debt. Canada’s system is a lot like Americas but even better. “It is like Americas Medicare but for everyone and it covers almost everything other than prescription drugs glasses and dental care.”(Khazan. 20142 p.2). People who wanted extras such as dental and eye coverage could buy insurance just for that type of thing. Even People With Insurance Cant Afford Health Care Why is Our Health Care Cost so High? Benefits Some might say that this is a horrible idea but Canada has had this system for several years and it seems to work well. “America would save about $1.3 trillion dollars in health care spending.” (Khazan. 20142 p.3). If you looked at the statistics America has one of the most expensive health care systems in the world and even worse it isn’t even the best in health care. Many other countries supply better care and treatment for patients through this type of system; so why does America's health care cost so much. It doesn’t make much sense does it? Many of America's big cost of health care come from the fact that big corporations make big money off of the people who are in need of care and treatment. Hospitals raise prices for the paitents because big companies raise their prices. Now Americans pay top dollar for the things they need to help their illnesses. If America adopted something similar to Canada’s system the big corporation would have to deal through the government; which in turn would lower prices making health care cheaper. Other Opinions America has a big problem when it comes to healthcare debt, but it could be fixed all we need to do is adopt the ways of other countries such as Canada. It could get rid of all the health care debt and save many lives by people actually going to the hospital when sick. It could even boost the American economy. What could be better than getting rid of a ton of debt and making the American population healthier and preventing deaths?

Free Health Care

Transcript: Evidence In conclusion, health care should be free because it is accessible to everyone, Free, and your loved ones will get the care they deserve. Free health care will enable people to live longer and live stress free. “Citizens can get free medicines for essential needs without fear of not being able to pay for it” ( Opposing Paragraph To Expensive To Risky The right Care wont be provided “It will encourage patients to ask questions about problems they may have instead of waiting until they are able to afford it” ( “A right to health care could increase the wait time for medical services” ( Evidence says that “Healthcare will be for everyone and that no one will be left out”. “Providing a right to health care could raise taxes” ( “Doctors will be able to focus more on you rather than how you will pay for the medication and treatments” ( Conclusion Main Point #1 “A right to health care could increase the US debt and deficit” ( A right List of Public services Wont be scared anymore Any one can use no matter Age, Gender, and Income. Wont be denied Doctors main focus Main Point #2 “Providing a right to health care could create a doctor shortage” ( Risks and Danger Debt Bankruptcies Healthcare in America should be free because it is a basic human right in which the nation should ensure that everyone is covered by equal health care, That anyone can use regardless of age, gender, and income, also with free Healthcare there will be less deaths per year. Evidence Thesis Statement “Insurance companies would charge outrages prices or even deny coverage to americans based on particular medical conditions, age, or even gender” ( Free Health Care “Everyone will be under the same framework” ( states that “The United states Government already provides free public education, public maintenance, and other public services and that free healthcare should be added to that list”. Main Point #3 states that “America spends around 2.8 Trillion dollars each year” “A right to health care could lower the quality and availability of disease Screening and treatment” ( “About 62% of all bankruptcies were related to medical expenses in 2007” (

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