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Transcript: WPS Worker Protection Standard = Pesticide Safety 5 years Any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest or intended for use as a plant growth regulator, defoliant or dessicant What is WPS (Worker Protection Standard)? (reduce risk or hazard) What is a Pesticide? Provide Safety Training Pesticide Safety Poster Access to Label Information Access to Info on specific Pesticide Treatments Herbicide Fungicide Rodenticide Insecticide Miticide (Acaricide) Repellants Molluscicide Plant Growth Regulator Nematicide Insect Growth Regulator YES Information Reduces risk of pesticide poisonings, injuries, and exposure Federal regulation issued by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 revised in 2005 Covers pesticides used in production of agricultural plants Covers workers on farms, nurseries, forests and greenhouse operations There are state and national certifications for organic production Broad Categories of Pesticides Do Organic Growers Use Pesticides? Pest = an unwanted organism Cide = to kill Decontamination Supplies Must Be Available Emergency Assistance Must Be Provided Mitigation Handlers must apply pesticides in a safe way Workers must be excluded during treatment with pesticides Workers must be excluded in treated areas until REI is met Early entry workers must be protected Workers must be notified of areas being treated Handlers must be protected during mixing, loading and applying pesticides Protection 3 Components of WPS How long is the WPS training good for? Organic growers must still control pests


Transcript: Negative Cultural Impact on Children in Asia By Abbie McLaren Solution Because children are looked down on, abandoned and treated badly by society because of culture in Asia, we want to provide and fund the necessary care they need. Because children are looked down on, abandoned and treated badly by society because of culture in Asia, we want to provide and fund the necessary care they need almost 260 children are dropped off at baby hatches every two weeks Lots of parents drop off one or two kids off at baby hatches. Baby hatches usually only accept children up to age four, so older children don't really have a chance. 25% of Asians are children Problem: Because of the culture in Asia, children are looked down on by society, abandoned and treated poorly. Problem There are over 1 billion kids in China. Approximately 15 million kids are untouchables. China’s ministry of civil affairs states that the number of homeless people under the age of 16 in China has risen in the past decade to 150,000. Professionals in this field say the real number is up to 3 to 4 times more than that, up to 600,000 and still growing.


Transcript: In order to qualify the WPS, a test piece is welded together using the parameters and vaThese tests typically include X-Ray examinations, ultrasonic examinations, tensile testing, bend testing and when required impact testing. Changes to the parameters, variables, and/or materials specified in the WPS may require re-qualification of the WPS. Essential & Non Essential Variables The End Welding Procedures Step 4 WPS Qualification Maintained Welding Equipment Welding Procedure Qualification Record WPS is documented with all applicable welding parameters in line with the code specified in the Contract or design documentation. Welder Qualified Weld Procedure Qualified & In-Use Conclusion Codes & Standards WPS Changes Step 2 A Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) is mandatory for structural welding of metals. The WPS is the recipe for the welding operation. It describes the welding process, the base materials used, the joint design and geometry, gases and flow rates, welding position and includes all of the process conditions and variables. Sample WPS Step 5 Qualified Consumables Step 1 What needs to be controlled WPS Use During Fabrication Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Certified Welding Inspector Effects Welding Procedures Welding Personnel Welding Supervisor Welding Inspector Welding Equipment Welding Consumables Parent Materials Inspection & Non-Destructive Examination Processes Supervisor Qualified Introduction Step 3 Welding Process Specification To become certified the Welder must posses the skills necessary to produce a sound weld that is visually acceptable and meets the testing requirements The WPQR is the document that qualifies the Welding Procedure Specification. The WPQR combines all of the information of the WPS and adds the test results to provide a complete document that certifies the welding specification. Welding Personnel Welding is considered to be a 'special process'. The WPS must be available for use by the qualified welder. Welding Supervisors are responsibl for ensuring that the correct WPS is being used for the weld being performed and that all of it's requirements are being complied with. The WPS number must be recorded on the weld map next to the welds that are to be completed by it. Welding Construction is NOT to commence without an approved WPS

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