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Business Case Study

Transcript: Produce future pharmacists with sound clinical competency Current Limitations 30 students per rotation 1 site Sustainable ?? The Solution Diversify to include three facets of pharmaceutical care Measure outcomes to support current strategy and sustainability of cognitive services Sustainability Hospital Produce 5 year multicentre study gain government compensation provision of Pharmacist and Students at no cost to site Differentiation Multicentre Study measuring pharmacist's role in health improvement Pharmacist supervised students performing clinical skills Positioning to advocate government Interprofessional Team Pharmacist Preceptors Access to Patient Information Aliya Kassamali Jeannine Oliver Keith Miller Linda McDougall Multicentre 5 year Study Influential Pharmacy Leadership Pharmacy Advocacy Government Influence Mixed model reimbursement: MedsCheck Service menu for out of pocket Competent 4th year students Startup funding for new clinics Government Stimulus Packages Research Project Grants Counselling & Clinical Services 2 student 1 pharmacist multicentre measurements advocacy University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy Mission Statement Standardized Experiences UW Clinical Capstone Our mission is to create confident, prepared and multi-faceted professionals who will lead and evolve the meaning and dynamics of pharmacy. We strive to be unbounded in our sense of community and approaches to life-long learning, and dare to ask "why not?" as we daily create our bold history. Business Level Strategy Co-op Experience 16 months Clinical Focus Measure program success product Pain Clinic Women's health Antiocoagulation Diabetes Education Centre Renal Program Geriatric Consultation Clinic Palliative Care Program promotion Community Competitive Advantage Family Health Team Value Creation Differentiation - No cost provision of Pharmacist and student services Established Ambulatory Clinics 1. Benchmark for other programs 2. Community Involvement 3. Future Pharmacy Leaders 4. Professional Advocacy process

Business Case Study

Transcript: Advertising to the retail stores. Licensing to manufacturers. Customer Benefit What were some factors that made them successful? Problem Recognition -> Less Hooking! Pro Forma Income Statement (Based upon Seacliff Products) Save Money All the fishing gear manufacturers. Other gear inventors who hold patents for hooks. Inventors of the future with better ideas Customers & Reaching Customers 1. Explain Ideas 2. Describe Business Model 3. Evaluation 4. Questions/Feedback Or Sifting Ideas into truer business opportunities Possible Next Topics? statistics drawn from the 1996 Fish and Wildlife Survey Source: Will become obvious once anglers use the hook and hook works properly for them. The hook will be needed more in regions that are more rocky or weedy. Market Size CH 1. CH 2. - Creating Value; Significant Profit Potential; A Good Fit; Durability; Financing The 1996 survey, which is the source of most statistics on the fishing industry, reports that the number of saltwater fishermen increased six percent between 1991-1996. During the same period, freshwater fishermen declined four percent. However, expenditures on the sport increased at a much greater rate. Fishing expenditures increased 37%, and the number of days spent fishing increased 22% when compared with the 1991 survey. Guidelines about what to look for and where before the analysis? Generate Higher Satisfaction. 1. Is Killer's Technique Necessary? 2. A Creative Idea Can Be Enough? Analyzing some successful start up companies!! Market Evaluation for Weedless Hook All anglers are customers, especially those who enjoy lure fishing. Market Growth To start up a business... Customer Awareness of Need Competitors Class Outline -Lose less utilities (time, feelings, etc.) while fishing, which lead to higher satisfaction. Problem Solving with Innovative Ideas Intro: Summary of Entrepreneur's Toolkit Idea 1: Innovation Weedless Hook - Ideas are an important element of success for entrepreneurs, but they're not as important as personal background, motivation, and attitude. - Traits for entrepreneurial success: comfort in stretching the rules; being prepared to make powerful enemies; having patience to start small; a willingness to change strategy quickly; and knowing how to close a deal. Business Case Study: Weedless Hook Innovation -Lose less amount of hooks thus saving more money without any need to buy additional hooks. Summary of Entrepreneur's Toolkit The fishing market for the hook is quite large. The overall market is valued at $300 million. There are over 39.1 million anglers in the U.S.A. who have fished over 618 million days while taking 807 million trips. What is even more exciting is the growth rate of this industry. Between 1955-1996 the number of anglers has increased at over twice the rate of the U.S. population.

Business Case Study

Transcript: TV advertisement Business Case Study Social media -- 59.6% respondents eat fast-food less than three times a month --78.6% respondents had a family income less than 4000 CNY per month (1 US$ = 8.3 CNY in 2005) --56.3% were married. Reason: Food Advertising Thank you for your listening! The reason is: Gender: 49.3% female and 50.7% male. Social media Reference: Gaber, H. R., & Wright, L. T. (2014). Fast-Food advertising in social media. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research (JBRMR), 9(1), 52-63. Retrieved from 2693.pdf Morton, H., Stanton, R., Zuppa, J., & Mehta, K. (2005). Food advertising and broadcasting legislation—a case of system failure.Nutrition & Dietetics, 62(1), 26-32. Schlosser, A. E., Shavitt, S., &Kanfer, A. (1999). Survey of Internet users’ attitudes toward Internet advertising. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 13(3), 34-54. Social media TV advertisement The case study researches summary: 1. Asked respondents whether they had heard of the 11 most popular fast-food brands in China with some questions (previous experience, taste, food variety, inexpensive/expensive, food&service quality, restaurant environment, location). 2. Gave each respondent a coupon for 10 CNY(about US$1.2) off the price of a selected fast-food brand, then measured their attitude and intention scores. Lots of studies have shown that coupon can change consumers' attitudes and behaviors toward packaged goods. cheap in the United States, such is not the case in China where McDonald's and KFC are still expensive options for the average citizen. A low-income family of three, for example, will spend a significant portion of the primary wage earner's monthly salary for a meal at McDonald's. With limited resources, average Chinese citizens will probably be price conscious and favor coupon redemption. Food Advertising Entered into China in the 1990s 1, Social media 2,TV advertisement 3, Coupon In almost all cases, a coupon influences a focal brand positively. However, it only changes consumers' purchase intentions but not their attitudes. Social media + Coupons = New Promotion Method Effective international management of sales promotions is crucial to the success of many consumer products and services. For example: Ex case study: Effects of coupons on brand categorization and choice of fast foods in China(2005) TV advertisement In my hometown: 20 years ago--several KFC and McDonald's In 2018--more than 20,000 restaurants, KFC: 134 McDonald's: 96 Cheap In other words, (Creative + development)* Promotion = successful Promotion KFC and McDonald's all enjoyed market pioneer positions. Because the Chinese fast-food industry is still in the early growth stage. However, as socioeconomic patterns shift and the Chinese middle-class grows, they are still dominating the chinese fast food market now even the number of competitors are keeping increasing. Following the society and technology development. -- 68% respondents were 39 years old or less; 56% were having a high school education or less --Reflecting the one-child per-family birth control policy, officially in effect since 1979, the typical family size consisted of three members. Overall, results shows that coupon is a very effective promotional tool for educating and persuading Chinese consumers. At that time Chinese average income is around a low standard, the coupon offered was enough of an incentive to change consumers' negative attitudes and intentions even toward the brands in the reject set. Coupons

Business Case Study

Transcript: BUSINESS CASE STUDY Presented by: Team BLL INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION: Rashid Farms is a private limited company. It is a manufacturing business as well as a retail business. It aims to expand by opening a new factory but they lack finance so RF is considering outsourcing. RF plans to launch a new product by the name "Maize Crunchies", they have drafted a marketing plan. RF wants to purchase additional farms from its rival ABC ( Africa Brand Cereal) The CEO has a democratic leadership style as he encourages delegation. To what extent will a marketing plan ensure that the new "maize crunchies" product is profitable? QUESTION 1 The MARKETING plan of Rashid Farms will identify the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. it will give a direction to the firm stakeholders will know the future venture of the firm it will help estimate the cost of production and operation the estimate profit that could be generated it will encourage the shareholders to invest in the business it will show the target market, competitors,position of brand It will allow the business to be proactive and aligned with your vision & goals. it will outline a time frame it will list the marketing strategies and channels to be used It will give a clear process to RF as it will act as a signal to reduce costs and increase efficiency if necessary . in the long-run RF will be able to assess the profitability of MAIZE CRUNCHIES. so it will enable the business to decide the product launch i)Calculate the NET PROFIT MARGIN of RF in 2016 ii) Briefly assess one way in which RF's net profit margin could be increased QUESTION 2 part 1 NET PROFIT MARGIN= Net Profit ⁄ Total revenue x 100 45.5($m)/9.6($m) x 100 = 21.1% (1 d.p) RF can increase it's net profit margin by two methods: Increasing sales revenue: RF can increase its sales revenue by either increasing the sales or the selling price of the product. however this may not be the best option for RF because it is a slow growing market. Hence reducing expenses will be a better option Reducing expenses: RF'S Profit margin will considerably increase if they reduce the cost of production. It can buy cheap supplies, lay off excess employees, reduce salaries, reduce overheads, benefit from economies of scale and take longer credit periods from suppliers. It should also save money on insurance, advertise through inexpensive platforms such as social media and increase its incomes. part 2 Discuss whether RF should always consider the interests of stakeholders as more important than profit QUESTION 3 Profit in order to satisfy the stakeholder groups profit is a crucial element a profitable business will attract shareholders to invest as they will be guaranteed high returns in the form of dividends a high profit will bring more future prospects for the business such as expansion and takeovers. RF will be able to pay its expenses promptly. paying creditors and short term liabilities will be easier Recommendation for Rashid Farms: in summation, profit is more important than stakeholders as it is the main aim of all private sector businesses. although satisfying stakeholders is important but lack of profit will result in the failure of Rashid Farms Profit Stakeholder stakeholders are important for a business as they need to be satisfied. Banks for instance will provide a business with loans and is one of the major sources of finance only if satisfied with the business's performance. Employees will also be motivated if they are treated well and all legal controls are taken care off. It is particularly important for RF as their employees are not currently satisfied with the management. if customers are unsatisfied with the quantity and quality of the product then sales will decline and so will profit. stakeholders will give RF practical and financial support. Stakeholders

case study powerpoint

Transcript: case study presenation sexual assault on college campus this is a nationwide issues that administrators must tackle with improving procedure Clark Atlanta & Western Michoga University campus culture Introduction victims often dot not have enough support and their lives are negatively impacted there should be more rigorous requirement in order for victims to get what they need such as counseling, alternative housing how can universities make sure perpetrators have consequences for their actions accountablilty for predator 1. believe the victim/survivor 2.respect their wishes 3. make sure the perpetrator has consequences for their actions which should include expulsion. colleges must do better with supporting the victim Victims do not feel supported which causes under repporting data is skewed because of under reporting Standards Why sexual assault programming is important? importance of sexual assault programming college campuses only 20 % of female student victims ages 18-24 report to law enforcement Bystander intervention training makes campuses safer because it equips students allows student body, staff and faculty to be educated on dating,violence and sexual assault women ages 18-24 are at elevated risk for sexual violence credible resources Resources References References legislation in place to protect students legislation around sexual assault Jeanne Clery Act, this was name after Jeanne Clery who was assaulted and murdered in her dormitory in 1986 so her parents fought to have the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security policy and crime Statistics act details any university or college that participates in federal finical aid programs must disclose crime on or near campus in order to continue getting aid. Step 1 requirements on Clery act yearly crime reports are required to be published. things that must be included like stalking,intimidation, dating violence,sexual assault and hate crimes that happen on and around campus. Step 2 Western Michigan data around sexual assualt statistics only 20 percent of female student victims ages 18-24 report to law enforcement 10 percent% experienced at least 1 incident of sexual misconduct since the school year beginning of the school institution #1 Assessment Activity 1

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