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Brand launch

Transcript: GOALS GOALS Why are we doing this? Establish our own identity Reflect our values Increase awareness JOURNEY Journey Steps to the new brand Launch: -Brand assets and guidelines on Sharepoint -New collateral -Website live -Competitive review -Design study -Messaging work -Logo & colors Strategy session with cross-business stakeholders -Website development -Asset creation/transition September 3 January STORY STORY Verbal expression of the brand What we do Appgate delivers secure access solutions that protect enterprises from complex threats to their digital assets. Appgate enables businesses to unlock limitless growth by delivering confidence that access is secured. Appgate can help enterprises handle any threat whether it’s a user, end point, or fraud attempt. What we do Mission Mission Appgate delivers secure access solutions that protect enterprises from complex threats to their digital assets Vision Vision Enable businesses to unlock maximum growth and innovation by giving them the confidence that their network access is secure Core values Core values Integrity We don’t sell snake oil. We are candid in all that we do. Impact We strive to leave a positive and tangible impression with our customers and partners. Passion We love what we do, what we sell and how we help our customers achieve secure access. Simplicity In an industry with complex threats and complex challenges we aspire to deliver a promise of simplicity. Innovation We live by the mantra of “evolve or die.” Appgate is the secure access company Who we are Appgate is an industry leader in secure access solutions Who What Appgate is the vendor you can trust to face the complex threat landscape and protect your enterprise's digital assets. Why Appgate works relentlessly to deliver the highest value for every security dollar spent and provide solutions that positively impact our customers livelihood. IMAGERY Visual expression of the brand IMAGERY Logo Behind the design Collateral Design system Website


Transcript: - This means our value proposal offers a customized experience to the customers. Customization Standard models Why?? 1 How do we deliver the product or service to Consumers? Special Packaging which offers new design experiences and emotions for our customers. Postal service within a short deadline. Product and service description 2. How do we communicate the product or service? SEGMENT MARKET Online Market NICHE - Cool people - People who like technology - Creative and cosmopolitan people. Opticadirecta Optica24 3. Activity Calendar Self service April Open webside Booking 4. What objectives would we establish in 3 years (Market Share)? Budget Per unit/glasses Raw material……..........................15€ Lenses………………....................50€ (30€-140€) Printing………………....................20€ Direct labor………….....................5€ Indirect labor(designer)……..........2€ (estimated) Packaging………………………….12€ Logistics (express service)............15€ March Social Networks Sustainability Inmaculada Fernández González Casto Gutiérrez Ávila Ignacio López Martín Javier Roldán Garoz What is the opportunity? WE Estimation Traditional stores = 50% E-commerce= 25% Trending Brand= 25% Thank you! WE Lean manufacturing (0 stock) E-commerce optical Monthly quiz Values Assisted service and advice Market Share: 15% Promotion Booking before the opening: 50% discount. Monthly quiz: 3 best designs for free. Innovation Competitive Advantage Confortable buying process Social Networks MARKET SITUATION Little Atomistic Market in relation with the price. Vision Market and 3D Market are in a Hugh trending. PLAYERS OVERVIEW OPTISEVEN PRODUCT Sale glasses online with additive technology. SERVICE Customization glasses. Total unit cost: 119€ Single selling price:250€ MARGIN:131€ May to August Outdoor summer E-commerce optical store PERCEPTUAL MAP Design. - E-commerce is growing. - Health problem vision market is a stable one. Define Price Point and Margin LAUNCH PLAN ACTIVITIES Competitive advantage Customized designs Trending Brand Traditional optical - We are the first movers in applicate “Do it yourself” trend in the glasses online market. Trending brands Mr Boho Knockaround Hawkers Segment market and choose target audience Happy employers Traditional optical store Multiopticas VisionLab Afflelou ONLINES SALES OPTICA DIRECTA OPTICA 24 CUSTOMIZATION KNOCKAROUND HAWKERS Market situation and players overview What is service positioning? Media INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION Social Networks Fashion Magazines Outdoors events Bloggers Winter Events Quick solutions Message Create your style, create your trend!! With the help of the best designers and ophthalmologist of the moment. BRAND LAUNCH PLAN Heard customer voice. Competitive advantage Wider & personalized cataloghe Customer attention

Brand Launch 2020

Transcript: Mafia Vibes Bundles LLC. Mission Mission The mission set to take place will be a purchase and renewal of an LLC and EIN number and recreate a brand of extension bundles and eyelashes. Problem statement Problem statement Due to some overdraft funds for Lyft and Uber ; there is fee due to the bank in the amount of $ 200.00 after the debt is paid sooner rather than later the company will once again remain in good financial standings Solution Solution = Funds & Structure Seek investors and propose positions of equity (WHO WANTS A SLICE OF PIE) PAY AWAY THE DEBTS TO GAIN OWNERSHIP FULLY DRAW UP NOTARY OF NEW OWNERSHIP AND RECEIVE AUTHORIZATION GET TO Initiatives Initiatives GROWTH MUST IMPROVE BY LAUNCH DATE 5.28.20 Test Launch ****** GOAL: Promote the Brand Release & Maintain the brand Collect Profit & Relaunch BRAND LAUNCH Reap Our Profit Seek Investors Pull in inventory Invest in brand Introduce team to fall in line Reap our success!! Photo shoot Social media coverage Brand Ambassadors in place Buy In bulk from test profit Development timeline From Launch Date to Fall Reaping Development timeline 5/28 -8/28 Mafia Vibes Bundles is a millennial based organization , creating wealth through Trendsetting, -Yanna Sutton (C.e.o & Founder) Marketing Marketing Mafia Vibes llc. Announce 5281 N 63RD ST Package Imports Instagram,FaceBook,& Snapchat Announce ( Coming Soon) Mafia Vibes Bundles LLC. Push Pushing The Brand The C.E.O (Myself) Networking & Trend Executive (Bella) Brand Ambassador & Design (Alexandria) Word of Mouth and acquaintances SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Daily & Weekly updates Live Raffles Suggestion & Demand post Intercept Mafia Vibes LLC. Bundles,Lashes,& Trend /Modeling experts Brand Ambassador C.E.O/ Founder Network & Trend Exec. Alexandria (Age 22) Grinder College Junior Creative Talent Solid Personality Jamellia /Bella (Age 19) Model College sophomore Makeup & Fashion expert Grinder Tyanna/Yanna (Age 19) Leadership Strength College Sophomore Linguist Cultural Articulate BUDGET: Debt payoff :$236.00 Sellers fee: 350.00 Vendor & supply :$1250.00 Brand & Promo account: $1160.00 Total =$2996.00 Topic


Transcript: Launch Party Launch Party Welcome Welcome everyone to the launch of are companion. We will start by going over what you will be receiving, are brand, are story, and what we are planing for the future Welcome In Side The Swag Bag Gifts Pencil Case USB drive T-shirt tote Bag Key Chain Pen Are Brand The Birdies for Charity Graphic Design Company offers a wide variety of serves such as, logo work, wed design, and concept work. However what makes are company unique is the charity in the name. When you sigh up for a serves you are asked to chose a birdie. Each birdies is linked to a different charity and said charity will get a donation from some of your proceeds. Are Brand Are "Story" The Birdies for Charity Graphic Design Company wanted to be a company the focuses on quality and selflessness. To show that we when with bight playful and friendly colors. Are Story Cyan Cyan a calming yet energetic color meant to be a color that inspires productivity and helps with procrastination. In are company we understand that many people including (most) artists struggle with artists block and procrastination. We plan to help by planing detailed schedule, multiple due dates for different parts for a project, and time for the artists the regroup when a art block hits Cyan Yellow Yellow Yellow is arguably the friendliest and fun color. This color is meant to be a color that shows safety. In are company because we work along side many different charities we are bound to work with charities that deal in cruelty cases or people suffering in situations out of their control. The yellow in are logo shows that we are not only a company, but a people you can go to for help, safety or when you just need a friend. Pink Pink Pink one of the boldest colors yet also the one used in most kids toys. This shows a fine balance between the colors roles of work and play. We use pink in said roles. We use pink in are eagerness to step our of the box when designing. However we also use pink in showing we a child safe and child friendly. Creating logos and designs kids can enjoy too. The Future For are future we are pleased to show are new store front and wow items as well as are social media presents. The Future New Store Are studio is set in downtown Toronto at 159, next to the Eaton Center and is set to be fully open tomorrow. Inside are studio we have A main digital room and traditional art room with any and all supply's ,bathrooms that include a non-gender spastic bathroom, a main meeting room, multiple offices for for meeting clients, the main desk/waiting room, and a fully furnished brake room with a beautiful kitchen. New Store WOW Items Wow Items Official Converse Shoes Razer Computer Tower Razer Computer Chair Gucci Perfume Social Media Social Media Are social media presents includes are personal website. Where we add are contacts, previous jobs, and events. Are company's twitter. Where we post events and news. Are company's Instagram where we show off are newest creations. Lastly are YouTube. Where if given the OK by the client we post videos showing the creation of are designs. Thank you, We hope to work will you in the future. This is Only The Beginning

Brand Launch Event

Transcript: We aspired to GROW, so we decided to lay our EFFORTS We just knew where to BEGIN and Enhance FIIB’s reputation and market position with an integrated communications and marketing strategy C4 To advance the practice of management, and produce leader-managers of business and social relevance OUR MISSION STATEMENT To develop success-ready leader-managers who drive growth in their communities and professions WHY WE EXIST WHY WE EXIST An exemplary individual focused and career oriented education that challenges every student to develop the right attitude, problem solving abilities and management skills for their long term career success WHAT WE OFFER WHAT WE OFFER By providing a strong knowledge foundation, rigorous experiential training and a career-empowering community HOW WE MAKE IT HAPPEN HOW WE MAKE IT HAPPEN OUR PROMISE To challenge you to achieve your potential, and create opportunities for your future success TO STUDENTS TO STUDENTS To provide opportunities to make meaningful difference with your work in own and others' lives TO FACULTY AND STAFF TO FACULTY AND STAFF TO ALUMNI TO ALUMNI To nourish your intellectual and career advancing needs, as well as the need of inspiring those who follow TO BUSINESSES TO BUSINESSES To help you discover and develop skilled, highly motivated, hardworking and career-ready individuals who will enable you to drive your organization forward Enter to Learn. Leave to Succeed OUR TAGLINE OUR PERSONALITY confident, executive presence, engaging/appealing personality Smart Spirited youthful, full of energy, enthusiasm and determination, take up challenges, can do attitude Dynamic industry ready, problem solver, creative, used to constant change Focussed achievement/outcome oriented, get the job done attitude, hard-working, perseverant, prioritize Purposeful upholding values and ethics, make thoughtful choices, relevant, self aware

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Transcript: Energy Drink Life is a marathon you never stay back. By Brothers comp. Coming up in 2020 Coming up in 2020 Marketing Power Marketing Power We will produce more than 20.000 cans first 3 months of 2020. This production constitutes 20 percent of the total production in Turkey. What is inside? It contains just organic chemical. What is inside? Mulberry Molasses Flower Pollen Natural Mulberry molasses made by villagers living in the Artvin where no machine or chemical is touched. Natural flower pollen taken from regional beekeepers. Bee milk is a special substance that bees make to feed the queen bee and it is completely natural. Bee milk It also contains water and some flavor. Mission Retrospective Mission Retrospective What didn't _ _ _ What we did well It is completly organic. + + + _ + Costs are expensive compared to other similar products. It is good for your healt. We'll make enough production. Potential customers Potential customers Anyone who wants to buy the product but not recommended for children under 3 years old. Sick people can use it because the ingredients in it are good for every illness except death. Tired people or office workers Anyone who needs energy can take it because it is no harm. We provide employment to 500 people. In addition In addition We have no employees under 18 at our workplace. Resources I received Help Resources I received Help Inönü Ugur Ata Sahin

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