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Transcript: Science: How they physically or psychologically affect people when watching or participating. Technology: Different materials were used into the making of each different boxing glove. Engineering: We have made different layers and improved upon each one. Math: We needed to measure the dimensions of the glove, as well as the weight and the height. Boxing Gloves impact us today Presenting: BOXING GLOVES BY: Kevin rowland and Bishop nance Boxing Gloves In modern days boxing gloves impact in a positive\negative way. Positive: it can protect the person's hands when they swing at a person or object. The boxing glove provides the person wearing it to teach themselves and practice self-defense or entertainment when boxer fight with boxing gloves. Negative: Injuries somehow gained from participating in boxing that can affect the person later on. How Boxing Gloves are involved with Science, Technology, Engineering and math (STEM) Boxing gloves have changed the way of not killing someone in hand-to-hand combat and to protect their hands. They are also fashionable too, they come in different colors and design if you want some on your boxing gloves. In the old days we killed people for entertainment, now we just knock people out for sport and to learn self-defense. This has made humanity to be more defensive and efficient in close combat. The reason why boxing gloves are made so boxers won't have to fight bare handed so it can protect their hands and knuckles from getting injured when they are punching a punching bag. In boxing matches the opponent will get less hurt from a swing because of the boxing gloves, they can be hard or soft, light or heavy but have no chance of killing their opponent, they will just get knock out. (K.O.) The purpose of using Boxing Gloves The Evolution of Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves Change Humanity In 1743 the inventor of the modern boxing glove was Jack Broughton, a bare-knuckle champion. Before Broughton's glove was invented, the ancient Greeks and Romans made their own gloves but they were used to kill, not knock out. The Greeks had leather straps to wrap around their hands, but later fitted them with spikes AKA brass knuckle, and/or blades. The Romans used a similar glove called the Cestus. (basically they are leather gloves with metal plates) But now our modern day boxing gloves are made of leather, cow or goat hide and plastic as well. Thank You for Your time!

Boxing Gloves

Transcript: According to, fifteen to forty per cent of ex boxers at any given time have been found to have symptoms of chronic brain injury. Death Rate Increase Since Modern Boxing Glove Kayla Schultz Composition I This image shows a blow to the head and how the brain moves inside the body Although the modern boxing glove was invented to soften the blow to the opponent, death rates have increased since then. Brain Damage Invention Deaths One study from a few neurosurgeons from the University of California suggested that there have been 339 deaths in professional boxers between 1950 and 2007. History There have been many variations of a boxing glove since the modern invention. At first, fighters only wrapped their hands in leather as protection. Later, the Roman's hardened the leather, turning the glove into a weapon. Sometimes adding iron and brass studs. They would also sometimes attach a large spike called a myrmex. When Broughton had the modern glove in mind, he did not suspect that there would be an increase in injury. Broughton had the idea that the modern boxing glove would better protect the fighters hand and wrist from injury, and would soften the blow towards an opponent. Intention The modern boxing glove was invented in 1743 by Englishmen Jack Broughton. Ever since then, the glove has evolved. Leather is imported from a tannery, cut up into glove shaped pieces, sewn together inside out, then filled with the padding. (Padding depending on weight class) How It's Made Boxing gloves. (n.d.). How products are made. Retrieved from Magraken, E. (2015). Combat sports law. Number of bouts and years fighting related to reduced brain volume in boxers and mma fighters. Retrieved from References Farrier, J. (2010). Neatorama. Retrieved from Surprise Reversal

boxing gloves

Transcript: Made by Amr Tamer 100059484 Technical Report on Boxing Gloves 15/3/2021 Introduction This is my technical report on boxing gloves that was requested by Head Coach David Dalton of the world-renowned MMA team City Kickboxing. Introduction Fig. 1: Stock photo of gloves The Team Fig. 2: City Kickboxing logo The Task I was assigned the task of researching, analyzing, and comparing the specifications of 3 boxing gloves of my choosing as the team's boxing gloves require replacement. As this is an MMA team, I ensured that the gloves I picked should be the best options for MMA specifically. The Task Note: Feel free to pause at any time Needs of the team Highest quality gloves Environmentally friendly Only used for sparring and heavy bag training Needs of the Team Scoring system Scoring System Fig. 3: Pyramid chart explaining criteria in order of importance Examples Examples For example: If glove has feature that improves fighter safety, it gets one point to safety. If a glove had 9 in safety they would get 81 points added to their final score. In contrast, if it got 9 in design, they would only get 9 points. Extra aspects Extra aspects Customer service, brand popularity and trust were unnecessary yet useful aspects to possess and were kept in consideration. Methodology of picking gloves Methodology of picking gloves The process of picking the 3 gloves that will be assessed was done by gathering a long list of boxing gloves that were explicitly picked as good options for MMA training, then trimming it down to what followed the criteria the best, and the final choices were... Hayabusa T3 gloves Boxing glove 1 Fig. 4: Hayabusa T3 gloves ONX Sports' X Factor gloves Boxing glove 2 Fig. 5: X Factor gloves Cleto Reyes Extra Padding gloves Boxing glove 3 Fig. 6: Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves Comparative Analysis Comparative analysis Hayabusa T3 gloves Hayabusa T3 Figs. 6-9: Different Hayabusa T3 glove color schemes Marvel variations Marvel Figs. 10-15: Marvel Hayabusa T3 gloves Design Design Panels on the back of the hand Fig. 16: Black Hayabusa T3 glove "Sweat X" Thumb "Sweat X" thumb Microfiber suede panel Fig. 17: "Sweat X" thumb Vylar Leather Vylar leather Fig 18.: Close up of Hayabusa T3 glove Inside Lining Inside lining Anti-bacterial Water resistant Stiff Longer breaking in process Fig 19.: Inside side of glove Wrist support Wrist Straps Popular fighters who use this glove Popular fighters who use it Fig. 20: Kevn Holland, Middleweight contender Fig. 21: GSP, Former Welterweight and Middleweight champion Clinching problem Issue with clinching and grappling Background X Factor Fig. 22: Trevor Witmann Fig. 23: ONX Sports X Factor gloves X Factor Fig. 24: Lace Up version (Recommended) Fig. 25: Velcro Strap version Design Design Fig. 26: X Factor glove Advantages of microfiber composite Micofiber composite Soft Durable Water resistant Environmentally friendly Strapping system Strapping system Technology Foam Technology foam Palm extension and grappling Heat molding Heat moldable gloves Heat molding Eliminates breaking in process Eliminates inuries caused by wearing hand wraps Maximizes comfort MMA fighters using them Popular MMA fighters using them and many more.... Figs. 27-30: High level UFC fighters Price Price Fig. 31: Prices of X Factor gloves Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Cleto Reyes Extra Padding gloves Fig 32: Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves Durability Durability Heavily used glove in very good condition Fig 33: Orange Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves Stiff glove Stiff outer lining Basic wrist support Basic wrist support Single basic velcro strap Fig 34: Cleto Reyes extra padding glove Palm extension Charts with data collected Results and summary Fig. 35: Bar chart with main aspects of criteria Extra aspects Extra aspects chart Fig. 36: Bar chart with extra aspects Final results Results Fig. 37: Table chart with final weighted scores Final recommendation Recomme-ndation X Factor gloves THANK YOU!!!

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