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Birthday Template

Transcript: Let's Celebrate! EMMA! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!..... AND NOW!! LETS Raise a Toast ... To your Good HEalth and Happiness Emma it is time to CHEERS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA! Now introducing, your hostess with the mostest..... GAME ONE! To play, put your answer (A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4… in the chat or shout it out! 2 TRUTHS, 1 LIE IS IT TRUE... ORRR... IS IT A LIE...!?!?! Which is the Lie?? ROUND 1 1. I worked for the FBI. 2. I worked for the UNICEF. 3. I worked for FL DOH. Which is the lie?? ROUND 2 1. I love the beach and white sand. 2. I hate the beach and white sand. 3. I want to live by the beach with white sand. Which is the Lie?? ROUND 3 1. I have no sibling. 2. I have 9 siblings. 3. I have a pet. ROUND 4 Which is the lie?? 1. I love coffee. 2. I don't like diet soda. 3. I am not afraid to try anything. GAME TWO! IMAGINIFF ROUND 1 1. Imaginiff Emma was a shoe, which would she be? A. Cozy/Fuzzy/Bunny Slippers B. Sneakers C. Cowboy Boots D. Stilettos E. Flip-Flops F. Crocs 2. Imaginiff Emma were a mode of transportation, which would she be? A. Airplane B. Train C. Semi-Truck D. Boat E. Trolley Car F. Station Wagon ROUND 2 ROUND 3 3. Imaginiff Emma were at work and a fire broke out, what would she do? A. Save the boss B. Organize the evacuation C. Save important files D. Panic E. Roast Marshmallows F. Destroy the evidence ROUND 4 4. Imaginiff Emma wins the lotto, what would she do with the money? A. Quit their job B. Save the money and pretend nothing happened C. SHOPPING SPREE! D. VACTION TIME! E. Donate to charity F. Throw it off the top of a tall building and watch it float down to the masses (*aka* “make it rain”) ROUND 5 5. Imaginiff Emma were a type of animal, where would she want to live? A. Ocean B. Savanna C. Rainforest D. Jungle E. Underground F. Someplace Snowy

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