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Transcript: 11-04-18 Trois Rivières, Québec Danyaa and Swetha Location of the City Location Map of Canada Regional Map Longitude Latitude and Climate Region Longitudeand Latitude Longitude:46.3430° N Latitude:72.5421° W Longitude and Latitude Climate Region Climate region The climate region that Trois Rivières is located in is Boreal and it is right on the edge of the border between the SouthEastern region and the Boreal region. Three Consecutive Days Day 1 April 3 Precipitation (mm): Snow:10-15cm Rain:<1mm Probability of Precipitation % : 30% Winds (speed and direction): 4 km/h NE Sunrise (time): 6:27 Sunset (time): 7:19 High Temperature: 4°C Low Temperature: -1°C Normal maximum: 7°C Normal minimum: -3°C Day 2 High Temperature: 0°C Low Temperature: -9°C Normal maximum: 5°C Normal minimum: -3°C April 4 Precipitation (mm): Snow: 1-3cm Rain:<1mm Probability of Precipitation % : 90% Winds (speed and direction): 28 km/h NE Sunrise (time): 6:25 Sunset (time): 7:20 Day 3 High Temperature: 5°C Low Temperature: -12°C Normal maximum: 7°C Normal minimum: -3°C April 5 Precipitation (mm): Snow: 0cm Rain: 0mm Probability of Precipitation % : 20% Winds (speed and direction): 24 km/h NE Sunrise (time): 6:23 Sunset (time): 7:22 The climate for Trois Rivières, Québec is Modified Continental. This is because with a total precipitation being 1122.8 mm which is above 1000mm makes it maritime. The temperture range being 32.1°C which is above 25°C makes it Continental. Lastly, the season of maximum precipitation is summer which makes it Continental. When you add all of this togather you get modified continental. Maritime or Continenetal Maritime or Continental, Weather Conditions and Climates Influence Weather Condition The weather conditions in Trois Rivières exist because of the following three reasons. The latitude of where Trois Rivières is located is 72.5421° W and this is far from the equater which makes the temperature cold. The ocean currents are cold so it lowers that temperature especially in the summer making cooler summers. Trois Rivières is some what near the ocean which makes the precipitation higher and a moderate temperature so they have cooler summers and warmer winters. Weather Conditions Climates influence on human activity Climates influence on human activity There are two ways the climate in Trois Rivières infuences human activity. Firstly one of the job industries is fishing because the St.Lawrence river is right next to it. The ways climate influences fishing in Trois Rivières is since the temperature is cooler there the fishes stay near the top of the water which makes it easier for fisherman. The second way climate influences human activity in Trois Rivières is since the winters are much warmer than other places in Canada it makes it easier for farmers to plant and grow plants during the winter. THANK YOU

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