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Food Web Powerpoint Template

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Kids Food Template

Transcript: It was a great way to include all participants in the race to visually show the world they contributed to kids food basket --otherwise they would go relatively unnoticed-- -Constraints -Benefits -Results Volleyball Tournament Charity Car Smash Wheelchair Basketball Tin Can BeerPong Tournament Rent a Puppy (Humane Society) GVSU Treasure Hunt Promoting Mission Statement Questions? Initial Donors After the Race * Content Gathering * Linking Accounts * Set up donor info with running club * Design Campaign * Publishing Campaign Project Ideas Crowd funding Conclusion During the Race Boost likes Creation Steps Great Coincidence Beneficial organization helping those in our community 1/4 children in Michigan are affected by hunger In Kent County, 30,000 children live in poverty We saw this as a call to action for those less fortunate in our community It's a process Tiffany Chesson Marco Diaz Spencer Jacobson Mason Porritt GVSU Turkey Trot Provided beverages and snacks to runners Welcomed and cheered runners Helped with breakdown of event Awards Ceremony Prizes Raffle Draw T-shirt giveaway Purpose GVSU Spikes Down Hunger Team 5 Course Marshalls Spencer participated Thanks for Watching!!! Update Constantly Vision FORCE EVERYONE TO SHARE THE CAMPAIGN!!!!! Met with several groups to promote the run Sigma Kappa Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Tau Panhellenic Meeting Community Event Friends Family Students VIDEO Kid's Food Basket To help organize and execute an annual 5k fun run aimed at bringing awareness of and raising funds to support less fortunate children. Day Before To be recognized as a group, who work with a local charity aimed at resolving childhood hunger in West Michigan. $3,120 raised!!! Maintenance On the Day 99% of crowd funding donations come from friends and family First chosen Project to pursue Tournament rules/outline done Meetings with GVSU Campus Rec. Director Awaiting the approval to use the facility Running Club has a sign up page on -Add all members from Michianatiming to the offline donation list constantly "Incredibly Tedious" - Keep updating and keep sharing Arrived early to meet the other volunteers and get assigned roles for the day Helped with set up Put together gift bags Walked course to check safety due to weather conditions Promotional Strategy To create community awareness of, and to raise money for the charity Kids Food Basket in order to help feed children from less advantaged backgrounds. ***Tip Jar Theory GVSU Turkey Trot Redirected by Campus Rec Running Club Met with Justin Davis Developed a plan of action Fundraising Marketed Managed Event Participated GOFUNDME!!! Finalize details for course of day Organizing data into Excel Sheet Marking the course Chalk on sidewalks Set up tables

organic food powerpoint

Transcript: Organic food have a lot of benefits. people have more economic capacity They can afford to buy the organic food consumers are growing to emphasis on food safety issue. organic food have a lot of benefits No chemical pesticides fertilizers chemical preservatives and additives do not have genetically engineered organisms. Natalie (3C) 687996 Decide the target consumers Maintain a stable customer To satisfy customers specific needs profit maximization introduction The reason why people want to buy organic food some marketing step of sell a food/product conclusion Organic food market The organic food is truly derived from natural, nutrient-rich, high-quality ecological food safety and environmental protection. Increase customers awareness using promotion Do some research about organic food primary and secondary reresearch People started to eating organic food because of their health marketing step the improvement of living standards, Reference list : Create product value selling point attract people who want to eat healthy my plan Organic food as an emerging industry in recent years, presents a steady growth momentum in the country. introduction Maurizio C (2007) Organic Food: Consumers’ choices and farmers’ opportunities, New York, Springer Organic food without using the chemical pesticides, fertilizers, chemical preservatives and additives, and also do not have genetically engineered organisms. The reason why people want to buy organic food

Food Safety PowerPoint

Transcript: Food Safety PowerPoint By: Chloe Darmer ensuring your food is/has been prepared safety to ingest ensuring your food is/has been prepared safety to ingest hasn't been sitting out for longer than 2 hours none of the ingredients are expired its at the correct temperature everything is fresh Risk Foods" for certain people/pets with dietary restrictions Risk Foods" for certain people/pets with dietary restrictions make sure to strictly follow your diet plan especially if you have diabetes try to eliminate sugary foods if your someone ho is trying to loose weight don't form a habit just to break it again if your not serious about your diet just know its going to be hard to change so be prepared What is food poisoning? What are symptoms of food poisoning? How can you prevent it and how can you cope once the body has been invade What is food poisoning? What are symptoms of food poisoning? How can you prevent it and how can you cope once the body has been invade food poising is illness caused by bacteria or other toxins in food, typically with vomiting and diarrhea. chills, dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, fever, lightheadedness, loss of appetite, malaise, or sweating Clean. Wash your hands and work surfaces before, during, and after preparing food. ... Separate. Separate raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs from ready-to-eat foods. ... Cook. Cook food to the right internal temperature to kill harmful bacteria. ... Chill. Keep your refrigerator 40°F or belo if you do end up getting it drink plenty of water and sleep What is a Food Recall? Name a recent (include the year) Food Recall and why it was a recall? What is a Food Recall? Name a recent (include the year) Food Recall and why it was a recall? food recall is when Action taken to remove from sale, distribution and consumption foods which may pose a safety risk to consumers'. food being recalled right now is 06/08/2021 Hubbard Feeds EASY FEED ORGANIC CHICK STARTER/GROWER ORG and the reason why its being recalled is because its not safe for us to ingest

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