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Food Photography Powerpoint Template

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Photography Powerpoint

Transcript: Feburary 15th 2018 Shelby Parker Photography Camera Controls Exposure Exposure Shutter Speed Shutter Speed Definition Definition the time for which a shutter is open at a given setting. Examples Examples ISO 100 - f/4 - 1/800 ISO 100 - f/4 - 1/80 ISO 100 - f/4 - 1/15 ISO 100 - f/4.5 - 1/320 ISO 100 - f/4.5 - 1/80 ISO 100 - f/4.5 - 1/15 Panning Panning ISO 200 - f/7.1 - 1/80 ISO 250 - f/9 - 1/15 APERTURE Aperture Location Location Shallow Depth of Field Shallow Depth of Field ISO 800 - f/4 - 1/40 Deep Depth of Field Deep Depth of Field ISO 200 - f/8 - 1/500 Definition Definition the unit of measurement that defines the size of the opening in the lens that can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film or digital sensor. Examples Examples ISO 100 - f/10 - 1/250 ISO 100 - f/4.5 - 1/250 ISO 100 - f/3.5 - 1/250 More Examples More Examples ISO 100 - f/13 - 1/250 ISO 100 - f/4.5 - 1/250 ISO 100 - f/3.5 - 1/250 METERING METERING DEFINITION the way in which a camera determines the exposure. DEFINITION UNDER EXPOSURER UNDER EXPOSURER ISO 200 - f//10 - 1/50 OVER EXPOSURE OVER EXPOSURE ISO 10,000 - f/3.9 - 1/25 CORRECT EXPOSURE CORRECT EXPOSURE ISO 10,000 - f/3.9 - 1/320 ISO ISO Examples Examples ISO 200 - f/3.8 - 1/10 ISO 2000 -f/3.8 - 1/10 ISO 25600 - f/3.8 - 1/10 More Examples More Examples ISO 200 - f/3.8 - .4 ISO 2000 - f/3.8 - .4 ISO 25600 - f/3.8 - .4 measures the sensitivity of the image sensor Definition Definition Programmed Auto/Program (P) Shutter Priority (S/Tv) Aperture Priority (A/Av) Manual (M) 4 MAIN EXPOSURE MODES 4 MAIN EXPOSURE MODES Programmed Auto DEFINITIONS DEFINITIONS In program auto mode the camera automatically selects the correct exposure for you. Meaning it will select what it thinks is the appropriate aperture, shutter speed & ISO* Shutter Priority In Shutter Priority mode, you choose the shutter speed you want and the camera chooses the right aperture and ISO* Aperture Priority DEFINITIONS DEFINITIONS In Aperture Priority mode, you select the aperture that you want to use and the camera then selects the shutter speed and ISO* Manual In Manual mode, you choose everything, aperture, shutter speed and ISO* to get the proper exposure. the color balance on a digital camera WHITE BALANCE WHITE BALANCE Auto DIFFERENT SETTINGS DIFFERENT SETTINGS Sunny Shadow Settings Cloudy Settings Incandescent Settings Settings Fluorescent Underwater Settings Settings WV Flash

Food Photography

Transcript: FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY every food photographer should have: a good DSLR camera for high quality shots, a marco lens for higher resolution and better focus, a tripod for camera stability, reflectors, possibly homemade, to reflect the proper light into or away from the shot, a computer workstation Tracy Cox Equipment Used life specialization of taking pictures of food or drinks to make them appear more attractive and pleasing to look at, as well as taste. Food Photographers Cont. Education & Training: there is no set educational training for this job, but a bachelor's degree at the least is often required for most food photography jobs. Food photographers don't only require skill and experience with photography, but also an appreciation for food. Food Photographers Working Conditions: food photographers usually work in a studio, either their own or a clients. They may need to attend client meetings to understand what the client wants, and present their photos and make required changes. They must be able to handle criticism and the stress of deadlines and stride for perfection in their photos. Tracy Cox is an award winning photographer from Toronto, Ontario with 15 years of experience. Brandon Barre is an award winning photographer from Toronto, Ontario with 12 years of experience. Introduction capable of shooting tethered to view and quickly edit photos, a color checker to ensure the proper color balance and contrast in the shot, and studio strobes or monolights to modify the light of the scene properly and effectively. Food photography is everywhere, from billboards advertising a new burger at a local fast-food joint, to poorly edited pictures of Saturday mornings breakfast on Instagram. But what truly defines food photography? Food photography is a still Salary: the average salary for a food photographer is about $35,000 a year, but it can vary depending on several factors. Photographers who work for themselves can earn more than what they would working for a specific company, and their salary can be influenced by location, for example a food photographer who works in a city can expect to receive a higher salary. 4. Style it: Set up the food in an interesting, appealing way with proper balance and use of lines to lead the viewers eye into the shot. 5. Enhance it: Add things to the food to make it more interesting and visually pleasing, such as a garnish like vegetable oil. 6. Get Down Low: It can be ore effective to shoot the picture from down low near the plate and food instead of from above it. 7. Marco: Focusing in on one specific part of the food can make the shot more interesting and effective. 8: Steam: Having steam come off of the food can make it look more fresh and as if it was just cooked, making it appear more appetizing and appealing. Canadian Photographers To achieve the best results when photographing food, there are several key elements that should be considered and used to your advantage. 1. Lighting: It is important that the lighting of the shot is as effective as possible to achieve the best quality. The most effective lighting for food photography is natural light, which makes the subject appear more simple and natural. 2. Props: Sometimes the use of a few props can improve the shot, such as plates or forks. 3. Be Quick: Food changes its properties over time, so its important to take the picture at the right moment when the food looks its best. Brandon Barre Basics Cont. A photographer is only as good as their gear, so it is important to have the best proper equipment for the job to achieve the best results and customer satisfaction. There are 7 pieces of equipment Interesting Facts Early food photography was formal, symmetrical, and dull. The food was highly finished and often coated with glycerin to add a shine and cigarette smoke was blown over it to simulate steam. The most common type of food in food photography is sweets and deserts, making up approximately 18.3% of all food photos. The job of a food photographer is to make food and drink appear more appetizing and visually pleasing, often times for advertising purposes. They often need to set up the food and set for the shot themselves, and sometimes must supply the food as well. Basics

powerpoint template

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Food Photography

Transcript: Challenges: The ingredients in the sandwich were not fresh. The lettuce and the tomato was all gross and soggy. So we substituted with our own lettuce and tomato. The cheese was sticky and cold. We had to use a knife to get it off. The bread was broken so we sealed it with a mixture of nail polish and glue. The mayo was dripping everywhere and it was also sticky so we wiped it up and applied our own mayo (glue) to the hamburger with a syringe. The first step we did was taking the burger apart. We separated the pickles in one pile, the the tomato in another pile, and the lettuce into a pile. We also scraped off all the cheese. STEP 3 The good perfect advertisement burger Finally, we placed the bread back on top to our new Grill Burger. Next, we put a piece of cardboard on the bottom bread so it won't get soggy.Then we added the meat to the bottom of the burger. For some final touches to our burger we used a syringe to place glue between the pickles and the lettuce so it will look like mayo. We then used some tweezers and pulled the ingredients out so people can see the ingredients we put in it We cut the tomatoes and ripped the lettuce that we provided. Syringe Director:Leila Lighting:Sun and Meagan Food stylist:Leila Photographer:Meagan Material provider: Leila, Meagan Tech Person: Anjali Editors:Anjali,Leila Tweezers Step 8 OUR STYLED FOOD Step 2 STEP 7 We then melted the cheese a bit and cut it into thin slices We only added the cheese on one side of the meat. After that we placed another small circled piece of cardboard on top . YUMMY Food Photography Conclusion Glue JUST -PURCHASED ITEM ANALYSIS s TASTY ROLES Step 9 DAIRY QUEEN'S Grill Burger MOUTH-WATERING The burger they serve you. Step 1 Later we picked some onions and cut it a little thick so it would look like there were very well proportioned. While we added the onions, we added the pickles right below the tomatoes. Scrumptious SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON ADVERTISEMENT On top of the cardboard, we placed thin sliced tomatoes that covered the cardboard. We also chose the curliest pieces of lettuce of the whole batch. Then found some pins to hold down the lettuce. STEP 5 Step 6 In this step, we tried to puff up the bread by folding it. When we remade the hamburger we realized that the food photographers took way longer to make the hamburger. That is why the ones we buy from the store look different than the ones in the advertisement. They use non-edible ingredients while the fast food restaurant uses real food. The photographer use lights when they take the pictures but you cannot do that in a real fast food restaurant when you are serving real food. Process of Making the Grill Burger Look Professional Step 4

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