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Focus Lab Presentation Template

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FOCUS Presentation

Transcript: By: Tiana Sherwell FOCUS Presentation Explanation My Venture My venture included: -Walking dogs -Fund raising for the Lost Dogs Home What was the Purpose of my Venture? Purpose The purpose of my FOCUS venture included some of the following... How did I plan for my Venture? Planning This is how I planned for my Venture. Who was Involved? Participation Schedule of my Venture Schedule What did I need to consider before Starting? Consideration I considered all of the following factors.... My motivation for this project was..... What was my motivation? Motivation Service to both the Individual and the Community Analysis I was able to serve myself because I was able to fulfill the following... Service to the Individual Individual I was able to serve the community in many opportunities throughout my project. Some of the ways that I served the community was the following... Service to the Community Community Reflection on the FOCUS Venture Project Reflection Through this project I enjoyed helping the community in small ways whether by a donation of funds, or simply walking dogs. What did I enjoy? Enjoyment Through this project I faced many challenges. Some of them that I had to face were the following.... What Challenges did I face? Challenges Through this project I had many surprising outcomes. Some of them included the following..... Where there any Surprising Outcomes? Surprises - I would walk more dogs than I did this time - I would approach more neighbours with this focus venture - I would ensure I had more time available to contribute to my focus venture. More time would mean more funds could be raised. If you would do this project again, what would you change anything? Change? For next year I think the FOCUS program could be a whole class experience, so then the work load can be shared around. Structured class time could be of great benefit as well. How do I feel the FOCUS project could improve for Next Year? Next Year In Conclusion I ended up raising $200.00 through all the walking and the donations that I got. Conclusion Conclusion Thank you for Listening and I hope you enjoyed!! What you thought I was Finished? The Lost Dogs Home

Focus Presentation-

Transcript: stunned Thesis Abstract: “ ’I think all right’ ” (121) Focus Presentation- Lord of the Flies by Carmen “ ’I think you’ll get back all right’ ” (121) In the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the characters are slowly starting to drift apart into two main groups, either against Ralph or with Ralph while Ralph himself is trying his best to prove to the others that he is worthy of being leader. Jack is doing the same thing also. This illustrates suspense and complications in the story. THE END don't mind Question 2: What does Simon's actions and dialouge show about his character? “ ’I’ll go if you like, I don’t mind, honestly’ ” (129) “ ’ if you like, I , honestly’ ” (129) Question 3: Does Jack and Ralph's relationship foreshadow possible events in the future? “ ‘I’m going up the mountain” The words came from jack viciously as they were a curse “I don’t mind” (131) Question 1: How did Ralph and Jack's relationship change from the beginning of the book till now? hunting was good after all “He himself in their new and felt that .” (124) “ ‘I’m going up the mountain” The words came from jack viciously as they were a curse “I don’t mind” (131) respect “ ’we mustn’t let anything happen to Piggy, must we?’ ” (128) “He stunned himself in their new respect and felt that hunting was good after all.” (124) I'll go you'll get back “ ’we mustn’t let anything happen to Piggy, must we?’ ” (128)

Lab report template

Transcript: NAme of Lab Introduction Introduction Add a brief paragraph to introduce the topic and include important background information. To get creative, record yourself introducing the topic and add the video here. Include any pictures that may help introduce the topic. INtroduction Video Mrs. Brown's super cool lab! Insert introduction picture or video 56 students liked this post WOW! That's Amazing! Materials Materials List required materials here. Have students take a picture of their materials, or post a picture of the materials and have the students gather everything. They can then list the materials here. Safety Safety List relevant safety information here Discuss safety as a class and have students list important safety procedures. Have students take a selfie with their lab group and proper PPE. Safety first! Sciencesquad Insert PPE selfie with your group! Pre-LAb Pre-lab 1. List pre-lab questions here. 2. Students can answer on this slide or complete the questions of a piece of paper then upload a picture of it here. Insert photo of pre-lab questions here Procedures Procedures 1. List the steps for the lab here. 2. For more advanced classes, have students make their own procedure! 3. If needed, take pictures of what the steps should look like. For older students or advanced classes, have them take pictures of the steps, or video. Insert video link of you completing the lab! Data DAta Have student upload a photo of their data here Or, add a table and insert data into this prezi. (Click "insert", click "story blocks" and choose the table that works for your lab! Insert photo or videos of data here! Trend chart Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Segment 4 Time Trial 1 Trial 2 09:00 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 11:15 - 11:45 11:00 - 11:15 DATA Table Observations Observations Students can list observations here, Or, Insert photos and type out observations Type important observations here! Insert photos here OBSERVATIONS Type important observations here! Insert photos here OBSERVATIONS Type important observations here! Insert photos here OBSERVATIONS POST-Lab Post-Lab 1. Add any post-lab questions here 2. If you want to take a separate grade just on post-lab questions, make a google form and add the link here! Conclusion Conclusion Have students add a conclusion here. For advanced classes, have students brainstorm sources of error or where the lab could have gone wrong. Brainstorm how to make the lab better. Or, have indivdual students or lab groupd record their conclusions in a video. They can add the link to the video on this slide! Conclusion Video Insert link to video conclusion here! PREZI tips and tricks Prezi tips and tricks Click on "style" at the top of the screen to change layout, background, and color scheme. Click on "insert" to add text, pictures, clipart, powerpoint, shapes, etc. Use "Command C" to copy and "Command P" to paste. Students can turn in a prezi by adding the teacher as a collaborator using the "share" button or adding the prezi link to a google classroom assignment.

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