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Transcript: The letter from Steve Jobs drew lots of criticism and controversy towards him. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen "If Flash [is] the number one reason that Macs crash, which I'm not aware of, it has as much to do with the Apple operating system." Ray Valdes, V.P. of Gartner Research Why Adobe Flash on mobile isn't dead This is not about technology. The criticisms from Apple about Flash can also be applied to many other systems that Apple has not directly opposed. Therefore Apple's stance appears driven by their business need to protect the iPhone platform against the threat of a cross-platform competitor. ” Jobs Open Letter---"Thoughts on Flash" April 2010 Sources Open: open vs. closed; html5, css5 and javscript Full Web: adobe says 75% of web is in flash--proof there's not--50,000 apps in app store Reliability, Security and Performance: Flash has terrible security record--no. 1 reason Macs crash. Battery Life: Decoding software takes battery life and that's what Flash requires. Touch: Flash is made for mice; Touch doesn't recognize rollovers made in Flash to access menus. Apps: Apple doesn't want to be dependent upon a third party to make updates to software. Flash & the iPhone, iPad, & iOS - Apple & Adobe had a long relationship. Apple was Adobe's first big customer, using postscript language for their new laserwriter printer. - Apple invested in Adobe for a while and owned about 20% of the company. Apple & Adobe worked close together to experiment when desktop publishing was becoming more popular. However after that, the Adobe Acrobat program became very successful and Apple almost went out of business. - Fast forward to today, there is little that the two companies agree on. but many customers use Adobe software on Apple products. Thoughts on Flash - Reaction

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