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First 90 Days In A New Job Presentation Template

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First 90 Days

Transcript: Tom Swift 04.07.22 First 90 Days 90 Day goal To have business ready proposal for initial system changes and a two year technological change road map. 90 day goal - Increase Medecator+ Sales - Improve Medecator+ functionality and user uptake - Realise new financial benefits through new technological opportunities Initiate business sign off for first system optimisation Initiate business sign off for first system optimisation To present a two year technological change road map To present a two year technological change road map Integration - First 45 days First 45 - Current Business standing and setup - AAH operations - Hospital operations - Key Stakeholders and stakeholder mapping - Current customer engagement strategy - Aligned IT and Development teams - Introduction and collaboration on current AAH IT projects - Current change process / implementations of system change Understanding current business operations Induction support Induction Key reporting lines Business overview Stakeholder introductions Weekly project governance & Check ins What changes can we make? Understand our opportunities building our Future - System Gap analysis - Current Benefits realisation model - User feedback - Business change readiness - Opportunity and associated risks - Current business risk assessment - competition offerings / comparisons - Exploration of ideas / realistic expectations of internal IT parties - Change impact assessment - Stakeholder engagement - Build initial business case for first proposal Road map - Repeat orders - Suggested orders - GPHC / MHRA updates - Product Recalls - Specials

first 90 days

Transcript: First 90 days Aliya Kunyazova WHY WE ARE HERE? WHY WE ARE HERE? Sponsor: Maria G Content Owner: Aliya K. Time allocated: 60 min Facilitator: Maria G. PURPOSE Purpose of the session Engage MT in the leadership journey conversation, get advice and support required. For the MT is to get visibility on the newly recruited talent progress and development OUTCOMES OUTCOMES What specific outcomes do we want? MT provided feedback/support needed, got visibility on talent What decisions are required? Support requested AS A RESULT OF THIS SESSION I WOULD LIKE YOU TO: We have a unique opportunity to grow CM expertise on the market for the next 2 years with right mindset, set up and choices! We set up our talents up to success! THINK: RESULT INSPIRED, ENERGIZED & COMMITTED TO SUPPORT! FEEL: Provide feedback and align on support requested DO: Agenda About me My journey so far My priorities for 2020 Challenges and support needed from MT AGENDA ABOUT ME IF IT DOES NOT CHALLENGE YOU IT DOES NOT CHANGE YOU! JOURNEY SO FAR WORK-LIFE BALANCE OPEN DEVELOPMENT FUN ON-BOARDING WOW ADAPTATION SUPPORT MEETINGS FEEDBACKS GLM CHALLENGE 1:1 STRESS GREAT PEOPLE PEOPLE 1. High quality PDP of direct reports 2. Synergize the team: CM weekly, CMTM monthly 3. Work load allocation among team members PEOPLE BUSINESS BUSINESS New approach to customized activities Optimized approach to CAM Structured and effective WOW process with progression Understanding of category and our performance Operational: CM GM Day, in absence of CAM KZ leading Top 2 clients in KZ from CM side, supporting Aidai in Bel. Personal Development opportunities OPPORTUNITIES FROM: New to Mars, not familiar with the policies, practices, org structures, doesn't know how things are done thru formal and informal networks. ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY TO: 1. Understands and lives Mars culture 2. Knows how to get things done both through formal channels and the informal network 3. Understands the origin and reasoning behind key policies, practices, and procedures FROM: Has LM experience outside of Mars, but 1st year LM at Mars GLM TO: Effectively utilizes all steps of GLM. MY PURPOSE AND PRIORITIES FOR 2020 PRIORITIES 2020 WHY Customer Marketing team, Leverage growth opportunities in the channels and customers by translating category, brand, shopper and customer insights into strategies, plans, tools and capabilities that deliver excellence in activities execution HOW FROM: low functional capabilities & customer centricity TO: To a team consists of subject matter experts with customer centric mindset 1. Recruit, grow Customer Activation Managers with high learning agility, invest on functional & customer expertise 2. Build customer centric CM within Mars 3. Create strong network with Lead Market, Regional Team and Global team WHAT 1. From 2 Customer activation strategies to Customer activation strategies for all SP accounts, combining Mars & Customers strategies 2. Set up CM for long term success: knowledge management, new channels development, talent development 3. Engagement (placement of team, team spirit, wow, network with regional&global team) CHALLENGES & SUPPORT NEEDED

First 90 Days

Transcript: The Road Ahead You've been offered the position... Job Offer CONGRATULATIONS! Next Steps: Confirm Availability Negotiate Pay Accept Position Title How to Negotiate Salary: Let's Talk Pay... - Many workers in WA earn Paid Sick & Safe Leave - Wage Theft is illegal - don't work off the clock, you are owed what pay you agreed to - All workers have a fair chance to apply for a job without being asked about their crimial history right away "A famous study done by Linda Babcock for her book Women Don’t Ask revealed that only about 7% of women attempted to negotiate their first salary, while 57% of men did. Of those people who negotiated, they were able to increase their salary by over 7%." Title Seattle's minium wage increases every January 501+ Employees = $16.00 500 or fewer Employees = $15.00 or $12.00 + $3.00 in tips/medical benefits Title Title Title Title Welcome to the HR Office Meet HR New Hire Paperwork I9 W2 Company Policies Other Forms New Hire Paperwork What you need: 2 forms of ID VOIDED Check/Letter from your bank Permits Pay Checks Let's talk PAY How do will I receive my paycheck? When will I get paid? ADVOCATE: Can you help me understand the deductions? BENEFITS Additional / Not all Employers: - Dental insurance - Vision insurance - Retirement benefits or accounts (401K) - Healthcare spending or reimbursement accounts, such as HSAs, FSAs, and HRAs. - Long term disability insurance Basic Full-Time Benefits: - Paid time off (PTO, sick days, and vacation days) - Health insurance - Staff Meal On-boarding "let's get situated..." On-boarding New employee on-boarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. Work Place Culture: Company culture refers to the personality of a company. Company Culture It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals. Training New Staff Training It is the process through which new hires learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization. Writer, Producer, Director & Star The first 90 days of a new job is an evaluation period Month 1 The employer is looking for you to deliver on the promises and claims you made in your interview Month 2 How quickly can you get up and running and start contributing? Can you maintain the work ethic you showed at the start? Month 3 Entering a new job, position or career can be challenging... Learning Systems Who will help you get acclimated? How are you going rise to your greatest potential? Staying Hired or Ask For Feedback Timeline Be Prepared HIRED Be On-Time Maintain Stamina Getting Fired Sleep. Eat. Take Care of Yourself. "Early is on-time, On-time is late" Ask how you can improve What pieces do you need to be successful? 90 Day Goal! 90 Days on the Job completed! so, whats next? Next Steps: Next Steps Benefits - speak to HR or managment to sign up Feedback - speak to your manager for strengths & challenges Career Development - what opportunities are available to me? what am I interested in pursuing? Reflect on your success Personal Development Challenge yourself Set healthy boundaries Speak with your mentor or Career Specialist

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