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Financial Results Presentation Template

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Financial Results

Transcript: Pitcher Of Pleasure! My brand image is appropriate for my lemonade stand because it's straight to the point and it shows exactly what I'm advertising easily and simply. The colors in my brand image were chosen because they go nicely together and are simple like the image I'm tying to produce for my business the slogan goes well with what I'm selling, which is fresh delicious lemonade! During the lemonade stand game I didn't have a loss. Throughout the whole game my strategies got better and I learned more about spending money and buying stock. At the end of the lemonade stand game I made a good amount of money. I found that on hotter days the people would buy more lemonade for a higher price. During the game I changed the price and the recipe of my lemonade as the days got hotter I boosted up my prices and as the days got colder I removed some ice from my recipe. I made a profit all 30 days I was playing the game because I never spent more then I had and I always made sure I bought enough stock to sell as many cups of lemonade as I could. I also tracked the mobility percentage so I could station myself in the location I would make the most profit in. Location, Location ,LOCATION Overall this game taught me a lot about business, it taught me to be patient with business. A new entrepreneur can be successful in business by listening to the customer, and dealing with problems calmly. All year throughout business the most important things I've learned is how to save money, control debt, how to be better overall when it comes to money. I'm glad I now have all these new skills to help me in the long run, and now I can share my knowledge and help other people financially. I hope the things I learned this year will help me in my future career. During the thirty days I played this game I changed my location twice, to maximize the amount of money I was making I moved to a location with a higher mobility percentage and population so I would have a higher popularity rate and more chances to sell more cups and make more profit. at first I started off at Green Villa because it was the best choice for the amount of money I'm making and the amount of money I could spend on rent. After a short period of time spent in Central Park I changed my location to the City train station because the population and mobility were higher. After that I moved on to blue wave beach so I could play out my last few days near the water also because I could bump up my prices higher because of product demand and the weather. Ethical Scenario Logo Where are my lemons?!! Pricing During the lemonade stand game I didn't use the advertisement because I didn't have enough money to pay for it. In the real world I would use online advertising and direct mail to spread the word of Pitcher Of Pleasure! I think that would be appropriate for a small business it would be useless in my opinion to put up a giant billboard for a small business like my lemonade stand, but maybe one day Pitcher Of Pleasure! will need giant advertising ;). Recipe My lemonade was very affordable in my opinion, it was priced mainly in the $2-$4 dollar range so it could be accessible to my target market. The sun screen will be $2.50 and the tanning lotion will be $3. My smoothies will be priced by size a small will be $2.50 medium $3.20 and a large will be $3.70. And the gums will be $1 a pack. The pricing strategies I used was leadership pricing I copied most of the prices you would normally see at a lemonade stand. Financial results bar graph Brand Image Conclusion The recipe for my delicious lemonade was 3 lemons 3 sugars 3 ice (per cup) and 7 cups of water. I changed my recipe based on the feed back I received from consumers about the lemonade if the recipe wasn't delicious enough I would change or I changed it due to the weather adding more ice or less ice depending on the temperature. At my lemonade stand I will also be selling sun screen and sun tan lotion to protect yourself from the sun and get that nice summery glow,also my lemonade stand will be selling smoothies in 4 different flavors mango, peach, strawberry, strawberry banana. Also I will be selling t-gum to keep your breath minty fresh. Oh no! My lemon trees have been hit by a tornado! If my lemon trees were hit by a tornado I would pick alternatives that are affordable and still delicious. My three lemon alternatives would be lemon from concentrate, buying lemons from other places or capitalizing on the other goods I have at my lemonade stand like my smoothies. The consequences for choosing these alternatives is loss of customers. I my opinion I would choose my 3rd alternative because if I don't have my delicious lemons to sell them why not sell them some of my other delicious products in the mean time. During the game I had three main locations. Green Villa: For green villa my target market was children or small young families. While I was there I didn't raise my prices too high because I assumed that the people

Financial Results

Transcript: Financial Results Mission Statement Actual Results vs. Projected Results Important Decisions Final Debt to Equity Ratio Future Outlook Lessons Learned Produce cheap bikes Increase market share Increase stock price Build our brand Make a profit Not to be last Be eco-friendly Thank you. Any questions Releasing two bikes Delegating tasks properly Investing in quality Taking a risk Cutting unnecessary expenses Financing through debt Use diverse distribution channels Financial Results (cont.) Shareholder Value: $7.38 Retail Sales: $12,057,500 Profit After Tax: $1,035,010 Profit Margin: 47.89% Strategy? More like Trial & Error Shareholder Value by Year We want to succeed in fulfilling all of our cyclists’ endeavors; equip them with an outstanding staff and always deliver rejuvenated bicycles. Objectives Net Income by Year Promotional Strategy CircularMotion Corporation CircularMotion vs. our Competitors Final Profit After Tax Releasing two new bikes Heavy advertising for release of the new bikes Light advertising otherwise When sales go up, prices go up When sales go down, prices go down High efficiency & low idle Low prices failed Average prices succeeded High sales, higher production Facebook Twitter Instagram Magazines TV Radio Commercials Word of mouth Release a mountain bike Increase profits Increase market share Expand into Canadian markets Increase retail sales Invest more into efficiency Recover stock price Make bikes cool again Debt to Equity Ratio: .17 Market Share: 4.36% Market Capitalization: $7,837,375 Retail Sales: $12,057,500 Total Assets: $7,453,986 High advertising at beginning Lower from there Don't let PR consume most of the spending budget Release new products when available Find balance between idle and productivity Don't have dirt cheap bikes Create more realistic projections Actually looking at the reports

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