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Transcript: Annual Report 2018 Human Resources Department Introduction Content Content Training Achievements Personnel Human Resources Organization Chart Recommendations Recruitment Performance Appraisal Competencies Job analysis Hierarchy Human Resources Manager Mahmoud Fouad Personnel Manager Alaa Sayed HR Specialist/ P.T Sara Mohamed Supervisor Heba Al Sayed Supervisor Sherien Khalaf Specialist Sara Wagdy Specialist Mohamed Gad HR Section Head Samar Moharm Hierarchy Achievements 1 2 3 4 5 6 OD Training Competencies Job Analysis Recruitment Appraisal Training Training Year 2018 2017 2016 No. of trainees 423 758 197 Technical Training programs 10 7 3 Non-Technical programs 4 7 12 Total No. Of trained Dept. 14 15 11 New training Programs: 1. Project Management 2. Presentation skills Competencies Competencies Departments No. of Employees Electromechanical 45 Structural 21 Architectural 18 Business Development "BDU" 15 Quality Management "QMU" 4 Operation Management "OMU" 3 Design Management "DMU" 2 Competencies assessment Job Analysis Job Analysis No Department No. of Jobs 1 Arch 8 2 Structure 6 3 Electromechanical - HVAC 5 4 Electromechanical - Electrical 4 5 OMU 2 Recruitment Recruitment Personnel Overtime Overtime Employees Distribution Employees Distribution Total 482 Employee Full time 427 89% Part time 55 11% 83 17% 399 83% 2017: 2016:462 Experience Experience Mission Outside Egypt 74 Mission 35 Mission to United Arab Emirates 35 Mission to Saudi Arabia 3 Kenya 1 Tanzania Overtime 32398 Hours Admin Draftsman MEP Draftsman Str. Draftsman Water Technician Security Const. 18884 Hrs. 9518 Hrs. 29 14 859 Hrs. 4 306 Hrs. 2 470 Hrs. 3 440 Hrs. 1921 Hrs. 1 4 Recommendations

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Transcript: Ana's intial change in behaviour occured around the same time as Chris's injury at work. 3.Memory Issues impacting Anna Kat's way of dealing with Ana/s new behaviour only escalted Anas already poor attitude. Ana's probable stage of psychosocial development: Initiative vs Guilt Memory has been defined as the mental capacity to encode, store and retrieve information. There are three main types of memory, sensory , short-term and long-term memory (Gerrig, Zimbardo, Campbell, Cumming and Wilkes, 2012). References Buultjens, M. & Buultjens, P. (2016). Human Development. In Individual Determinants of Health and Human Behaviour (pp. 37-86). Melbourne: Pearson. (Reprinted from Psychology and life, (2nd ed.). pp. 358–371, 373, 377–407, by R. J. Gerrig, P. G. Zimbardo, A. J. Campbell, S. R. Cumming & F. J. Wilkes, 2012, Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Australia). Buultjens, M. & Buultjens, P. (2016). Learning. In Individual Determinants of Health and Human Behaviour (pp. 1-34). Melbourne: Pearson. (Reprinted from Psychology: From inquiry to understanding, (2nd ed.). pp. 220–237, 239–249, 253–259, by S. O. Lilienfeld, S. J. Lynn, L. L. Namy, N. J. Woolf, G. Jamieson, A. Marks, & V. Slaughter, 2015, Melbourne, VIC: Pearson Australia). Buultjens, M. & Buultjens, P. (2016) Memory. In Individual Determinants of Health and Human Behaviour (pp.82-129). Melbourne: Pearson (Reprinted from Psychology and life, (2nd ed), pp.239-278, by R.J. Gerrig, P. G. Zimbardo, A. J. Campbell, S. R. Cumming & F. J. Wilkes, 2012, Frenchs Forest: NSW: Pearson Australia). Schwabe, L., Joeles, M., Roozendaal, B., Wolf, O, & Oitzl, M. (2011). Stress Effects on Memory: An Update and Intergation. Neuroscience and Behavioural Reviews, 36 (2012), 1740,1749. doi: 10.1016/j.neurbiorev.2011.07.002 Learning Influencing Ana's Behaviour a) Factors that may be impacting on Ana’s development include: • Chris’ memory • Kat’s stress • Ana’s poor treatment from children at the childcare centre • Her physical health (e.g. broken arm, eyepatch) • The accident in general Who is having the greatest impact on Ana's behaviour? Chris also agrees that Kat is being too soft on Ana by not allowing her to learn for making mistakes but rewarding her instead Overall, these factors are likely to be delaying Ana’s psychosocial and cognitive development. a) Taunting from children at the preschool may affect Ana's psychosocial development b) Kat’s stress and Chris’ poor memory may be affecting her psychosocial development. c) Chris' accident and his subsequent behaviours may affect Ana's cognitive development d) Kat's stress can also be impacting on Ana's cognitive development Ana is having the greatest impact on Kat. Caring for Ana, particularly when she is not well behaved, is leading to Kat's stressed and tired behaviour. - WHY? Kat is impacted by Ana's behaviour the most because she is mainly responsible for looking after Ana. - WHERE? Kat is seen to show stress and anguish when Ana misbehaves in the case study, such as trying to get Ana in and out of the car, or to go play quietly, etc. As noted in the resource, 'Kat's notes', Ana's behaviour is effecting Kat everyday as Ana's main carer, for instance when she sleeps in Kat's bed, which may prevent Kat from having enough sleep. - HOW? When Ana misbehaves it effects Kat by creating hassel and making everyday activites more difficult. It may also effect Kat's mental health because some people may judge Ana's behaviour as a reflection of how good of a parent Kat is. For who are they problematic Anna’s aggressive behaviour towards the other children at her day care becomes very problematic for her mother and her father. Kat doesn’t want to believe that Anna has an aggressive behaviour at child care. Anna’s behaviour is becoming problematic for her father due to the stress it is putting on his wife. Chris is not functioning normally due to his accident and Ana’s behavioural problems seem to override Chris’ health problems. Both parents contributed to Ana's new substandard behaviour. By: Kiara Bower, Tyler Loats, Victoria Lekkas, Lucy Taylor and Laura Taylor Operant Conditioning: Ana is learning through positive reinforcement that she can get her own way by throwing a tantrum. This behaviour is prominent with Kat. However around Chris, Ana behaves well, as he has taught her to do so through positive reinforcement. Classical Conditioning: Ana's aversion to the psychiatrist is an example of classical conditioning. She may have learned this behaviour through experiences with health professionals following Chris's accident. Social Learning Theory: By modelling her new friend Ben at the childcare centre, the way Ana interacts with other children has changed. She has begun to show anti-social and aggressive behaviours. This is effecting Ana's behaviour at home and at childcare From Chris's work place accident, he is suffering from anterograde amnesia. This is inhibiting Chris to form new memories. He is forgetting things such as Ana

Final Template

Transcript: Swiss Re Legal Framework Board of Directors Bancassurance Member 1 Lebanese Swiss Company for Insurance represented by Mr. Lucien Letayf Member About Delta 3 Hannover Re Scor Products 4 Mr. Zaki Beni Boutros Noursi About Delta the creation of the brand Delta + Member 1990 Legal Framework Delta Insurance Company is managed by Board of Directors comprised of a group of distinguished businessmen, economists, and insurance sector experts. This reflects the strong confidence the Company enjoys in the Jordanian market. Chairman Add-ons Motor Insurance Property Insurance Medical Insurance International Medical Insurance Personal Accidents Insurance Life Insurance Travel Insurance Financial Products Group Life Insurance Group Travel Insurance Group Medical Insurance CONTENTS Bank's Risk Member Partner Re Discover Delta Mapfre Re About Delta Member 3 Bank must submit quarterly report to the insurance regulator Bank and Insurer must agree to give authority to audit one-another's records in relation to Bancassurance operations Mr. George Nicola Abu Khader @deltainsurancejo 4 Our Products other elements Mr. Pierre Michel Pharoun Elia Nuqul And Sons Company represented by Mr. Basem Isam Salfiti Delta Insurance offers its clients segmented and customized products answering the different coverage needs of Individuals and Corporates. We succeed in what we do because of the solid base of experts we employ, and because our work is largely informed by our partnerships with top reinsurance companies that include: Employee Benefits Purchase Protection Warranty Payment Protection Insurance Fraudulent Use Home Assist R & V A Jordanian company with expertise that stems from its direct cooperation and coordination with a wide network of regional and global partners. Since its establishment, Delta Insurance has been providing services to a significant portion of Jordanian society and international institutions. Its customer base includes a diverse range of insured individuals and groups, with services designed to meet each constituency’s unique demands. We at Delta Insurance are proud to provide our customers with high-quality services. We strive to exceed your expectations by espousing methods that make you comfortable with putting your full trust in us, and aim to improve the efforts we exert along our path of success and progress. Mr. Basim Fouad Faradj D+O Bankers Blanket Bond Cyber Crime Credit Life Credit Property Credit Motor Credit Default Member Our Story About Delta Member / General Manager Member / Deputy General Manager 2 About Delta 1 Bank's Needs Mr. Raja'ei Zaki Beni Noursi QBE Mr. Nadir Michael Sandaha Bank shall be given direct access to the insurer's software through a web-portal, through which real-time records are created Alternatively, bank's software can be used and daily records uploaded via .xml files If bank's software is used, operations are hindered as pricing would have to be done manually Bank must apply for Bancassurance license Department manager must be assigned and licensed An employee dedicated to each segment (life/non-life) must be assigned and licensed Business plan is to be jointly submitted for approval Investments & Integrated Industries represented by Mr. Ghassan Elia Nuqul Echo Re Licensing Audit IT 2 Products 3 the merger of the agency of libano-Suisse Insurance and Arab Belgian Insurance 1989 Thank You Employee Benefits 1973 1 the establishment of the agency of Libano-Suisse Insurance Co. in Jordan Re-insurers 2 1976 the establishment of the Arab Belgian Insurance

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