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Transcript: NICODEMUS URINGI UWANDA SEX AND GENDER WHY THIS TOPIC. Topic 1 I chose this topic because the society we live in today, is highly weak when it comes to sex and gender part. In most cases, women are seen as less valuable than men. OBSTACLES. For a topic like this, it is usually hard to get all the information you want, especially through surveys. Surveying people who are older than you, is a big obstacle i faced. Majority of them were not willing to talk about sex. OVER VIEW. Topic 2 For many years, we have been taught that sex and gender do not matter or they have no difference In some cultures sex is considered a sin, but in other cultures sex is a normal thing that is done in private. Perhaps you might ask yourself how sex and gender even came into existence. How did we end up considering sex as an adult private affair? Why females are considered weaker than men in some cultures? This presentation explains all the questions and mysteries about sex and the creation of gender (female stereotype). THE STORY BEHIND Topic 3 In the beginning the earth was filled with nothing and God decided to create something in it. He created the water bodies, land, fish, birds, animals, plants and lastly he created human beings He create Adam to take care and control everything that was in the earth AND he created Eve out of his ribs. God told Adam and Eve to eat all the fruits that the trees within the garden bear, but they shouldn’t eat the fruit of the tree that was in the middle of the garden. The serpent was craftier than any other animals. It persuaded Eve to eat the fruit and then Eve persuaded Adam to eat it as well THEY SINNED AGAINST GOD WHY WOMEN BLAMED Topic 4 the unfairness we see today towards women derive from the wrong choice she did when the serpent tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit. In original sin, woman was considered weak by the serpent and that’s why it went to her first instead of man. CONCLUSION Although many people say that the forbidden fruit was sex and sex was the first original sin and that sin made a lady look weak, I say no. The forbidden fruit was not sex and the sin that our first ancestor committed, shouldn’t make women weak. Sex has been there and we shouldn’t consider it as a sin. Women should not be under looked by men. Both man and woman ate the fruit so no one is a saint. Topic 4 OUTCOMES I CHOSE The communication competency of analyzing fitted best in my project.In this, I analyzed and evaluated messages from my sources and incorporated it with my own opinions for my paper. Before starting my research paper, I had a lot of opinions. For a perfect research paper, I needed facts rather than opinions. For example, I had an opinion that women are more affected by the sex and gender issue because they were the first to bring sin into existence. I used the phrase in the bible that says, “Eve, the first female, gave the forbidden fruit to her husband. They both sinned against God, but the woman is the one who initiated it”. The information from the sources, helped me organize my opinions into a fact through evidences. Evidences makes your arguments strong and reliable. Topic 4

Final presentation capstone

Transcript: Information is delayed by approximately 1-2 days Frequent cases of illegible handwriting, and transcribing mistakes Material handler must search for materials, or inventory The warehouse inventory locations vary in size based on transaction frequency, inventory type, and physical location This design was the best compromise between accuracy of inventory locations, and ERP transaction frequency. Warehouse Inventory Layout Background Design met scanning requirements and received operator approval. Conclusion and Impact Oregon Freeze Dry Professor Calvo Professor Porter Tracy Ann Robinson Vicki deTal About Oregon Freeze Dry Advantages Oregon Freeze Dry: Barcode Inventory Control (Project 107) The training manual shows how the handheld barcode scanner can be used to perform barcode transactions. Utilized screenshots of the handheld barcode reader Created step by step instructions Oregon Freeze Dry: Barcode Inventory Control (Project 107) Oregon Freeze Dry: Barcode Inventory Control (Project 107) Pallet tag with barcodes for finished good pallets Information flow, and inventory maps Employee training program The training manual is a written document. Project Description How it solves them Familiarize employees with OFD's transactions Inventory tracking Accurate materials and WIP logging Faster retrieval of stored materials Employee Enterprise resource planning software training Inventory locations are based on transaction frequency, inventory type, and physical location. The layout map links OFD's ERP software to the physical location in the warehouse. Barcodes incorporate a unique format to ensure that the correct code is scanned. Pallet tags were stripped of information that wasn't needed. Barcodes are spatially separated on the sheet to mitigate accidental scans. OFD's existing system Our project includes understanding the current inventory control system, and develop components for implementing a new barcoding inventory control system. The deliverables are part of a larger project. Involving the users of the system early in the development will contribute to a more enthusiastic the adoption later. Training Manual Section Inventory Location Map Also explored location division by.. Training Manual Customer deliverable include... MIME Capstone 2013 Performed tests in real situations From forklifts Damaged tags Tested the pallet tag performance under extreme conditions Poor lighting Covered with tape Original System Deficiencies Oregon Freeze Dry (OFD) is the industry leader in freeze drying. OFD owns and operates the largest food freeze drying facility in the world, spreading over 32,000 sq.ft. They not only freeze dry all their products, but they also cook all their own entrees. Readily accessible Easy to follow Simple to revise Finished Goods Pallet Tag Lane Comprised of six paper forms Paper must be manually processed daily at the distribution center Work in process inventory is not tracked No visibility of materials during transit between buildings Pallet Tag Also explored.. Oregon Freeze Dry: Barcode Inventory Control (Project 107) Designs Selected Oregon Freeze Dry: Barcode Inventory Control (Project 107) Row Questions? Special thanks to Prototypes and Results Team 107 What problems will it solve Matt Knoop Alex Newman Tim Heneveld Lecture series Video program Oregon Freeze Dry Barcode Inventory Control

Capstone Final Project Presentation

Transcript: In the coming days and potentially months I hope to continue drafting the inner cuts to the bass for switches, the bridge, and the pickups, which I have recently received in the mail (as this held me back for a while). The final stage of the outer-body work that I finished in class was the routtering of the edges of the bass, which went smovely, however it required further saning along the edges to create a deeper looking "Cut." The next step in the process involved re-drafting the design onto a piece of would, in this case I used maple (Primarily for its density), from here I merely used the bandsaw to roughly cut out the design of the body of the bass, and finally I sanded around the edges using a belt sander. Phase 1 Initially the project involved drafting, and design of the bass, this process primarily utilized French Curves, in order to create the long sweeping arches in the guitar, while a simple straight edge was used in drafting the neck of the bass. Capstone Final Project Presentation - Talon Flynn Conclusions I was able to learn a lot from this project as well as you dozens of techniques and skills I've used over the course of my high school years, and I was able to meet, and connect with people in my community that shared a common passion, such as the instructor I shadowed from spotlight music who assisted me in drafting and design of the internals of the guitar. I picked this design, and this subject for constructing for my passion for music, and building, and I am very excited for the results! Phase 3 As well as beginning on the drafting of the neck of the guitar, and completing this portion. Phase 4 Phase 2 The guitar required additional sanding after this; which was entirely manual

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