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feasibility study (presentation)

Transcript: The first recruitment company provides part-time jobs in the Middle East. In 3 years: 2000 Companies and more than 50,000 job seekers. SWOT Analysis Experiences - Associate degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Strengths Jeddah, Saudi Arabia -More than 100 SSA. -Rental equipment. -New market in Saudi Arabia. Threats - Been working since I was 12 years old. Abdulrahman Dammak (Abdul) -Sales $18,000 -Expenses Freelancers' fees $4,000 website $540 Rent $1,200 -Net income $12,260 - 3 years experience in HR Opportunities Status Update C3 Films What is Saudi Kadir?? Pro-forma Thank you *Primary market : Saudi Student Associations in US. *More than 109,000 Saudi students in US. -Established in 2010. -Producing >10 famous youtube shows. -Eysh Elly 1st youtube channel gets 1 million subscribers. -More than 900 million views and more than 5 million subscribers. -Two major sponsors (Unilever & Mars) Hometown weaknesses Shared a Link -Governmental issues. -Community issues. U-TURN Ent. -Lack of time. - Co-founder at Saudi Kadir (Saudi Cadre) Saudi Kadir (Saudi Cadre) Twitter page -Established in 2011. -Producing 6 youtube shows. -More than 700 million views and 3 million subscribers. -Two major sponsors (P&G, STC) C3 Films like comment share Happy - Pharrel Williams covered by Alaa Wardi like comment share Idea -Large clients database. -Teams members diversified. -High capital. - 3 years in volunteering work in Saudi Arabia U-TURN Ent. idea Wow Factor Entertainment is going to focus on shooting and producing short videos (youtube shows, ads or events) for companies or individuals. It is also going to help freelancers (Photographers, Editors, Animators, etc.) by connecting them to business opportunities with low cost. Start-up cost Personal Profile Mechanical Engineering student -Minors: Entrepreneurship & Engineering Systems Education Wow Factor Entertainment Target Market

Feasibility Study

Transcript: "Khave Shack" The goals and objectives in starting a feasbility study is to know whether or not this business would work out and to know all the hardships in starting one. This also shows all the facts and accountings we need to start the business. It will also help us list in detail all the things you need to make the idea work, to Identify logistical and other problems and solutions, to Develop marketing strategies to convince a donor, bank or investor that your idea is worth considering as an investment and to Serve as a solid foundation for developing your business plan. Our Objective is also to give the best coffee the customer will ever taste and give them the satissfaction they need. Our other goal is to gain a lot of money so that we could donate some to charity which would make a great cause. As all of you know, coffee, pastries, beverages and such, are now popular amongst other people. Also, most people who are studying and/or working, tend to sleep late at night. Which causes them to be very sleepy the next day they wake up. So, during those times of their lives, coffee is their bestfriend. We think this business would be the best to build, considering that we are planning on building it on a commercial area where a lot of workers and students are passing by and buy drinks while having a good time with their friends and families. We are also building it on a lot where it is very cold and where a lot of tourists go to. Our plan is to make our café look good and cozy in the outside so that people will get a good first impression and maybe wanna try it. We will also be advertising our café so that people all around the country will know that we exist and probably try to visit it. We will also conduct a survey to know what people would want. Like, what coffee they would drink or what price is the most reasonable for them and also to know what to improve and change in our business according to their likes. Objectives Feasibility Study Introduction Methodology Background of the Study

Feasibility Study Presentation

Transcript: Bella Terra would not be feasible as it would not attain our goals Not profitable in year three High variable, labour and equipment costs Loss on investment Is It Feasible? Bella Terra Authentic Spanish restaurant Masonville area Casual dining No other Spanish restaurants in London Thank You! Environment Analysis Quantitative Profit goals: $5,000 by year 3 Maximum investment: $100,000 $40,000 salary Financials Sales Projections Consumer Analysis Promotion Strategies Net Income/Loss Y1: -$128,409 Y2: -$123,885 Y3: -$119,094 Break Even: Y1 B/E sales: $1,316,633 Y1 projected sales: $265,824 Qualitative Positive work environment Customer service excellence Work-life balance Our Goals Investments Equity Infusion: $100,000 Bank Loan: $29,237 Line of credit: $20,000 Cost Of Goods Food: 35% of sales Alcohol: 4% of sales Demographics 13,045 London residents speak Spanish Industry Continued dining out trends Casual is the name of the game in 2018 Consumers Typical spending 56% in Masonville area Competitors: Casa Blanca Latino Flavours Che Restobar SWOT PEST minimum wage food cost dining out culture Website Major respondents are between 18 and 27 $11-30 is the range per meal most respondents are willing to pay High demand for Spanish food High distribution in Masonville area Project Description Website Easy to navigate with access to menu and contact information Portray Bella Terra's atmosphere Social Media Facebook and Instagram Posting twice/week making one out of the two posts an ad on our select target markets EatDrink Magazine Wide exposure and recognition Featured in the Summer Issue and in the Holiday Issue every year BT revenue is generated from the sale of: Food Y1: $234,000 Y2: $257,400 Y3: $283,140 Alcohol Y1: $31,824 Y2: $35,006 Y3: $38,507 Target Market Survey Results Students Predominant demographic in London Most likely to spend money on food Adults in the workforce Disposable Income Increasing dollars/household on dining out Hispanic Population Importance on maintaining culture Value authenticity Any questions?

Feasibility Study Presentation

Transcript: Sinkhole Detection Methods Who is responsible? Site inspections Geophysical site characterization Floor mapping Subsurface geotechnical testing Lab testing In the early 1990's, the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute, responsible for reseaching sinkholes and updating the sinkhole database, was discontinued. How many people are at risk? Since then, the Florida Geological Survey, responsible for collecting and interpreting data used to improve the understanding of Florida’s natural resources and geological hazards, has not had a committee dedictated to accurately updating the only public database on sinkholes: According to the U.S. Census projections, the Tampa Bay area population is expected to increase by 15% over the next 10 years (2020). Figure 7 Interactive land subsidence map Dissolution Sinkholes These methods are used by insurance companies only after land subsidence has been reported (Castille, Conklin, & Schmidt, 2005). Figure 6 Population Projects Tampa Bay MSA Dissolution sinkholes occur in areas where the rainwater seeps through crevices in the bedrock and dissolves the surface causing a visible depression (Galloway, Jones, & Ingebritsen, 1999). What causes sinkholes? Figure 2 Formation of Dissolution Sinkholes What are sinkholes? Sinkholes can have natural causes or human induced causes. Source: The Florida Department of Enviornmental Protection Data source: Retrieved from the U.S. Census Bureau Source: USGS This increase, will lead to even more urban development. Thus, increasing the risk of human induced sinkholes. Sinkholes are underground caverns where the ground surface has collapsed due to the erosion by acidic water of the bedrocks surrounding them (Galloway, Jones, & Ingebritsen, 1999). Three types of sinkholes are common: 1. Dissolution sinkholes 2. Cover-collapse sinkholes 3. Cover subsidence sinkholes What can be done? The Tampa Bay Resiliency Coalition Steering Commitee, responsible for addressing climate change and resiliency issues, should: Raise or request funding from the Florida Legislature to form a Sinkhole Detection and Prevention Committee. Figure 8 Tampa Sinkhole What would a dedicated commitee accomplish? Introduction Source: CBS News Ensure complete and accurate data in the land subsidence database Ensure advancement in research of preventative measures Ensure standards are put into place for preventative detection methods Increase the security of Tampa Bay Decrease risk of human injury or death Decrease insurance payout costs Cover Subsidence Sinkholes Cover subsidence sinkholes form where the surface is mainly composed of sand. The sand shifts into cavern slowly causing a depression to form (Galloway, Jones, & Ingebritsen, 1999). Tampa Bay's Geology Figure 4 Formation of Cover Subsidence Sinkholes The Tampa Bay's geology makes it susceptible to the formation of sinkholes. With a rapidly increasing population, it is necessary to ensure there are preventative sinkhole detection methods to help off-set property damage and human injury (Kromhout,2017). The Tampa Bay area is built upon limestone with a surface crust made of sand and clay. This is combination of rocks make the area highly susceptbible to the formation of sinkholes(Castille, Conklin, & Schmidt, 2005). Source: USGS Figure 5 Map of Sinkhole Occurance Figure 1 Sinkhole swallows a car in Tampa Human Induced Sinkholes Human activities such as drilling new water wells for contruction, creating artificial ponds or lakes, and withdrawing ground water for irrigation urbanization and development, may induce sinkholes. Source: CBS News Source: Florida Geological Survey Naturally Caused Sinkholes Surface water and rainwater are responsible for the natural formation of sinkholes. Heavy rain from hurricanes can accelerate erosion of the bedrock and thus the formation of sinkholes. Cover-collapse Sinkholes Cover-collapse sinkholes occur in areas, such as Tampa Bay, where the ceiling of the underground cavern in the bedrock is made up of clay (Galloway, Jones, & Ingebritsen, 1999). Figure 3 Formation of Cover-collapse Sinkholes References: Improvement of Preventative Sinkhole Detection Methods in the Tampa Bay Area Source: USGS Castille, C. M., Conklin, E. J., Schmidt, W. (2005). Geological and Geotechnical Investigation Procedures For Evaluation of the Causes of Subsidence Damage In Florida. Retrieved 2021, from CBS News. (2013, March 04). 10 sinkhole facts that could save your life. Retrieved February 27, 2021, from Florida Geological Survey (2021). Subsidence Incident Reports. Retrieved February 27, 2021, from Galloway, D. L., Jones, D. R., & Ingebritsen, S. (1999). Land subsidence in the United States. Circular. doi:10.3133/cir1182 Kromhout, Clint. (2017). The Favorability of

Feasibility Study

Transcript: Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Alternative 3 The first option would be to tear Hughes Stadium down and use the land for alternative purposes Alternative 2 As I have been born and raised in Fort Collins, I have seen the rapid growth that this city has experienced, especially in recent years. This area is rapidly becoming an epicenter for economic growth, and it’s exciting to see. I can attest to this dramatic economic expansion in the company that I currently work for, Otterbox. As the accumulation of local investors is increasing in the area, so are the possibilities for live music and entertainment. Research and Findings Sources Feasiblility Study Organizations such as SOS Hughes have already begun the process of alternative options for Hughes. Organizations such as SOS Hughes have already begun the process of alternative options for Hughes. Gatherings such as New West Fest have caused more problems each year. Fort Collins is in need of a larger venue to host the increasing numbers attracted by the local music scene. Poll the members of the community to get an overall consensus for the importance of Hughes Examine the possibility of using Hughes as the preferred venue for local concerts and music festivals. Research neighboring venues that currently host events such as Cheyenne Frontier Days, Greely Stampede, and New West Fest. Get in touch with local investors Complete Research by April 30th, 2012. Introduction Procedure: Alternative 1 Is it Feasible to use Hughes Stadium as an outdoor venue for large events other than football games? Addressing Potential Problems Increased Noise Complaints Added Wear and Tear on the Field With the possibility of building a brand new football stadium on CSU campus, it begs the question, what will happen to Hughes? Tear Down Hughes Stadium Possible Alternatives Use Hughes as an outdoor music venue Which Alternative? Continue using Hughes for Other Local Sporting Events Use Hughes Stadium as an Outdoor Music Venue Qualifications Possible Local Investors

Feasibility Study

Transcript: Controller Interface Game Selection Price per gigabyte (GB) Personal Preference Xbox 360 8.2 PlayStation 3 7.3 Wii 6.2 Personal Compter 6.4 Xbox 360 Best Gaming Platform Options Microsoft Xbox 360 Sony PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii Gaming PC Criteria Price Size Features Rating Scale PlayStation 3 Cost $350 Cost Per GB $1.09 Size 525 Cubic Inches Features HD Streaming Blu-Ray Free Multiplayer WIFI Game Selection Gran Turismo Metal Gear Solid Personal Preference 6.5 / 10 The highest rated game genre for PlayStation 3 was role-playing games. Cost $130 Cost Per GB $260 Size 86 Cubic Inches Features Built in Emulator Compact Game Selection Mario Zelda Personal Preference 3.5 / 10 Sports was the highest rated genre for the Wii The Wii was voted the least favorite platform and was also voted the least preferred controller in our survey Personal Computer Cost $300 Cost Per GB $1.20 Size 330 Cubic Inches Features WIFI Live Streaming Game Selection Halo Forza Motorsport Personal Preference 8.5 / 10 60% of the people surveyed chose Xbox 360 as their favorite gaming platform 45% of the people surveyed chose Xbox 360 as their preferred controller for gaming Cost $785 Cost Per GB $0.77 Size 2000 Cubic Inches Features Hard Drive WIFI Game Selection Starcraft Team Fortress 2 Personal Preference 7.8 / 10 Received top ratings for its features and the hard drive size The top rated genre for PC was first-person shooter MMORPG Personal Computer Xbox 360 Wii Methods Wii PlayStation 3 Recommendation Conclusion Katelin Diguette, Matt McArdle, Preston Miller, Loren Ondracek

Feasibility study

Transcript: Reversed-Income Statement Two practices + inventory of 400.000 Debt-to-equity 7-to-1 100.000 Equity Financed Required Profit= 100.000 x 0.2 = 20.000 Total initial investment of 800.000 Total Revenue 665.600 Allowable Costs 645.600 Financial Assumptions Twelve critical financial assumptions Non-Financial Assumptions Seven critical non-financial assumptions Research Questions from the Class Turning Assumptions into knowledge €279.200 €73.290 25.826 €32.806 133.120 €42.000 59.358 72% of the people would consider changing dentists, if one of these conditions holds true How many hours a year does a dentist work? Are dentist willing to join a dental chain? What is a Dental assistant's salary? 8. Interview Insurance companies Are dental chains allowed to have non-dentist business owners? Are the demography trends favorable for a dental chain? 4. Questionnaire Dentists Are people willing to increase their travel time to get to a dentist? Growth over year Are people willing to change dentist, if this saves costs? --------------------------------------------- Dental Chain Key Assumptions Is the dental market really going to be liberalized in 2012? 10. Interview Banks Overview Are people unwilling to change dentist, because of a personal bond? 1. Initial secondary data search 84.5% of the people would not mind 3. Focus-group Customers What is the actual price of a practice? What is the interest percentage we have to pay? 2. Questionnaire Customers Are Insurance companies willing to make deals with a dental chains? 7. Interview NMT 20% Return on equity invested €645.600 Are banks willing to provide loans for multiple practices, not owned by a dentist? Two Dentist Would people mind if their dentist becomes part of a chain? Our survey shows that the personal bond is one of the least important factors with regard to dentists What percentage of revenue goes to material? Are people willing to change dentist, if this results in more flexible opening hours? Total Reversed Income Statement Generating 200 in revenue per Hour Working 1664 Hours per year Dentist Salaries (2) Dentist Assistant Salaries (3) Prevention Assistant Salaries (1) Dental Hygienist Salaries (1) Material Costs Interest costs Allowed overhead/other costs What is the hourly revenue? 6. Interview Dentists On average people are willing to increase travel time with 37%. From on average 22 minutes to 30 minutes. 5. Interview Dentist Students 9. Interview Entrepreneur

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