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Faculty Presentation

Transcript: This type of communication is good between home and school because you can instantly find out if their is a problem or if the teacher just wants to get in contact with you. No matter were you are or what type of schedule you have you can always receive them anywhere if you have electronic devices. Keep an Open Communication E mails With classroom website parents can also keep in contact with the teachers. They also allow the parent to see what important assignments need to be done or if there are new things that are happening not only in the classroom but in the school as well. "Doing so will keep the lines of communication open and remind parents that your school cares about their child."(Wood, 2011). Personally I feel this is the best way to communicate. Like all the other forms of communication you know if something is going on or if the teacher is just checking in. It's an easy way for parents to stay engaged because everybody has a phone so I feel that thi stype of communication is the easiest. Just while on the phone with one another make sure you respect the parents opinion and input because it is their child. Having a healthy communication between home and school is very important for the child to be sccessful academically and personaly. "When school leaders, teachers, and other school staff respect parents* and share infor­mation with them openly and frequently, parents are more likely to trust and work with the school to support their child’s learning."(Wood, 2011). It's important for parents to know what's happening with their child at school. The children whose parents are engaged with school I feel shows their children that they can trust what they learn in school will be benefit them academically. When parents are engaged with teachers it helps motivate students to try their best in school. Improving Communication Between Home and School References Classroom Websites Faculty Presentation Phone Calls Wood, C. (2011). School-Home Communication Strategies. Having technology being used as a tool for communication with parents is very important for the children’s lives because it helps form long lasting bonds. When parents are and stay involved with their academics they know exactly what is happening with their children, and the same goes for the teachers. Involved parents know if they are failing behind or on track, their strengths and weaknesses, behavior in the classroom and etc. because the teachers inform them they can come up with a plan to get the children back on track if need be. Technology and parent/teacher communication have gone hand in hand over the years. As technology has progressed so has parent/teacher communication. Technology grows everyday now we have Facebook, blogs, classroom websites and on top of emails, texts, and calls which these are all used to communicate more effectively. As technology advances so will form of communication. The parents can see what their children are learning in class which helps them to stay engaged, the students can talk to one another if they have questions as well as talk to the teacher instead waiting for the next day. Ways To Communicate By Using Technology

Faculty Presentation

Transcript: Well over half of our responders indicated faculty as what they like about BW Undergraduates age 24 years or older Starting or returning to college more than four years after high school Veteran Considered financially independent for purposes of determining financial aid Fulfill multiple adult roles such as parent, spouse/partner, caregiver, employee, and student Non-Traditional Student Success Connect learning with their daily lives and work Theoretical framework to use in their daily life and work is an effective way of meeting the needs of the wide range of backgrounds, learning styles, and goals adults bring to higher education Focus on knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s society Student-led learning opportunities Course-embedded experiential learning Accommodating different learning styles Adult learner may be fearful of entering or re-entering a formal learning setting after many years. Early successes are key. ROLE OF FACULTY -the best part of BWU are the faculty. There's a ton of support and camaraderie. THANK YOU -The professors. As a night and weekend student, the professors understand the demands that we have. What do you like about BW? Role Strain IMPORTANCE OF FACULTY In addition to academic responsibilities, non-traditional students also must devote time and energy to several other commitments Even though faculty members may not always be aware of it, their interactions can have a far-reaching influence on their students. Faculty member–student relations are a strong motivator and indicator of learning (Christensen & Menzel, 1998). In particular,Decker, Dona, and Christenson (2007) note that the student–faculty member relationship is more important in predicting students’ social–emotional functioning than their academic performance. -Instructors are very creative and get students involved with group projects, interactive assignments, and other non-traditional ways of learning. -I've had some outstanding professors that really understand the unique needs of Adult Students and the challenges we face balancing family, career, and school-life. They're great! DEFINITION OF NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENTS STUDENT RESPONSES VETERAN STUDENTS OUTSIDE OBLIGATIONS AND OBSTACLES -I love the passion of the Professors in ensuring students learn. I love the background and experience that the Professors have in their fields. Keys to Achievement TECHNIQUES

Faculty Presentation

Transcript: Capstone Presentation Kirstin Cole Director: Monica Larson COMM 461 FAB & FEM FAB & FEM Fashion Blog Fashion Blog Mission Statement: FAB & FEM explores trends, fashion, beauty, lifestyle tips, and all things curious, fashionable, aspiring women care about. Audience: 18-35 y/o A recognizable logo Research Methods Research Blog Analysis Survey Google Forms Promoted via Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat For full responses: Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2020 Top 4 that I decided to use: Whitespace Exposed grid Motion Fullscreen forms Blog Anallysis Survey Results Survey Results- Demographics Some more responses: Blog Analysis Survey Results Cont. Blog Analysis Survey Results Original Plan- Dilley Farm Website A website similar to a Facebook group for residents and family members of The Dilley Farm Access to scheduling houses on the property Photo gallery, news feed, and other features to promote communication and organization within the community Original Plan Why change? Website to Blog I changed in order to incorporate my minor into my project FACS with Fashion emphasis minor A fashion blog seemed to fit me better; I love dressing up and being able to promote it on social media Receiving direct feedback helps traffic to blog, social media accounts, and other platforms Weekly Posts Process I made posts on Instagram and Facebook to promote blog posts I should have utilized Snapchat and maybe Twitter more frequently in a different layout I think I would need to post more frequently on Tik Tok in order for users to recognize the FAB & FEM brand- I could have utilized my logo as an avatar instead of a personal picture Posts Posts Posts Posts Tik Tok for blog post promotion Posts 56 likes, 10 comments 1,300+ views Should have shared on Snapchat for higher view count What would I have done differently? Improvement Promoted on Instagram weekly per blog post Share to Facebook stories Create custom snap chat stories that link to blog Share Tik Tok on Facebook story and Snapchat What I have taken away: Conclusion Taking the time to believe that your own social media page will improve site visits and encourage conversation on the blog I think I should have branched out some on different platforms such as Tik Tok and Snapchat more frequently instead of just Instagram and Facebook I want to continue using this blog; I am curious to see how many visits I can have, the bounce rate, and forms submitted Future Plans Things to do in the Future: Create email campaign SEO plan to be found on Google Automatic Responses to visitors on site Promotional Video These steps all require a paid yearly plan, this is a marketing decision I would make in the future based on traffic through personal awareness Welcome to FAB & FEM! Visit the blog! Site Menu Overview Home everything visible while scrolling offers chat room Posts shortcut to blog posts About mission statement and information Members option to sign up to connect with other users Forum Can add posts to start conversations Contact Link

Faculty lecture

Transcript: THANKS! 10% before resection A. Day 2 HOW Meso D. Day 15 Pedro Morales, MD 5. Fetal Sex determination 480 25 000 1000 Translocations: 4% most common trisomy A. Notochord B. Lateral mesoderm C. Intermediate mesoderm D. Ectoderm E. Mesonephros Endo and Meso Sex linked Ovary / fallopian tube 3 - 8 - 12 6 000 000 4. Describe the embryology of multiple gestations 4. Germ layers derivates Meiosis I Non-Disjunction: 95% 17 3. Regarding aneuplodies the following is true EXCEPT: -Interrupted process -Only 1 viable cell at the end Robertsonians: Non recirpocal tranlocation between accrocentic chromosomes (very short arm): 13/14,21,22 Congenital abscence of vas deferens CBAVD Fetal life - Menopause Kenny the Tiger 2 000 000 Defective sperm entry: Growth stops Eyaculatory duct obstruction Mosaicism: 1% Live Birth rate: 480 5. 19 yo G1 with LMP 10 weeks ago presents to the ED with Vaginal bleeding and qHCG of 30 000. Pelvic US shows the following: Menarche 1. MESONEPHROS For CREOG, make sure you know -Continous process -4 cells at the end 3. Implications of abnormal fertilization A. It is caused by a weak zona pellucida B. The most likely karyotype of the POC will be 46 XY C. The definitive treatment for this condition is Methotrexate D. It is caused by cortical granule reaction failure E. It is caused by a weak sperm entry 1. 19 yo G1 with LMP 11 weeks ago comes for new OB. BSUS showed the following: 2. Types and mechanisms of common aneuplodies Cleft lip AV septal defect Intestinal atresia Gastroschisis Tetrallogy of Fallot Spina Bifida Upper limb reduction Transposition of great arteries Diaphragmatic hernia Hypoplastic left Heart 3% FETUS Puberty - Andropause? 1. Infertility 2. Aneuploidy 3. RPL 1. Describe the normal process of gametogenesis 2. Describe the normal process of fertilization 3. Describe the normal process of embryologic development of the singleton pregnancy 4.Describe the embryology of multiple gestations Structural congenital defects 6. Chorionicity NEWBORN METAPHASE II MENOPAUSE 1 000 75-80% after resection Is Down's syndrome exclusive to humans? most common trisomy leading to SAB Testis 3. Describe the normal process of embryologic development How many are needed? When did the zygote division most likely occur? 2. Describe the normal process of fertilization Meso Meso Meso A. Gonadal dysgenesis B. Female pseudohermaphroditism C. True hermaphroditism D. Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome E. Androgen insensitivity syndrome Autosomal KIDNEY connective TISSUE Meso Ecto A defect of which of the following is the most likely cause: 6 000 000 Weak zona pellucida: SAB White tiger are a mutation-albinism 1/1000 Only 200 left, lot of in breed Pathophysiology most common genetic cause of SAB Aneuploidy 300 000 17 % 4. 42 yo G5P4 without prenatal care is brought by EMS with contractions. Upon examination by the intern on call, breech presentation is observed at the introitus and Baby is precipitously delivered. After a few minutes baby develops severe respiratory distress and cyanosis. Initial CXR shows the following: Meso After 2 mm, they respond to FSH Which is true regarding this diagnosis: PROPHASE I OBJECTIVES 1 in 900 1 in 2000 1 in 2100 1 in 2300 1 in 2500 1 in 2800 1 in 3100 1 in 3300 1 in 3800 1 in 4300 Karyotype is 46 XX, baby has uterus, tubes and upper vagina, no testes are present. What is the diagnosis: WHERE Meso 2. You are asked to see this newborn with ambiguous genitalia: Clinical Implications UTERUS TUBES Aneuploidies 2 000 000 GONADS 2. MULLERIAN 1. Describe the normal process of Gametogenesis WHEN MUSCLES BONES SUB Q Might be the First tiger with Down syndrome 300 000 Cortical granule reaction failure: Polyspermic fertilization- SAB / Molar pregnancy C. Day 10 A. 47, XY, +21 is a common cause of SAB B. 45, X0 is the most common cause of recurrent abortions C. 47, XX, +16 is the most common trisomy associated with SAB D. The most frequent mechanism for trisomies is non-disjunction Kenny the tiger TOP 10 B. Day 5 Ecto HEART BLOOD VESSELS Body Cavities Clinical Correlation 15 EMBRYOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY Of course just and especulation-never had karyotype Germ layer 1. Differences between oogenesis and espermatogenesis Infertility Dies in Arkansa in 2008

Faculty Presentation

Transcript: The Buzz Just finished their second year Great Apps Edmodo Today's Meet Schoolology Moodle EduCreations Explain Everything Doodle Cast Pro Creative Book Builder Comic Life Puppet Pals Explain Everything The Hike Work Flow Using What We Learned in the Classroom Whiteboard Recording Apps Independent Reading Projects Student folders for various classes Out folders (specific to section) Templates (class notes, reading logs, rubrics) In folders (specific to assignment) Essays, reading logs Personal folders When do teachers collaborate? Consistent use of apps Student work flow Collaboration Communication Creativity Critical Thinking Dropbox Box Issues to Address The 4 Cs of 21st Century Learning Math EduCreations/Explain Everything iTeach San Domenico English/History/Language Student Tools Taking class notes Upload daily Math/Language Arts note templates to Dropbox Students can take notes and save finished notes to Dropbox Use of colors to annotate notes, show revisions Something to work on Notability We already know a lot! iPad Program Social Networking in the Classroom Prezi iBook Author PicCollage Virtual Manipulatives Middle School Math HD Brainpop Dropbox Notability SlingNotes Flashcards Deluxe Teachers learning from teachers Be open to learning from students Reading ebooks Subtext! Socrative Creating individual and group presentations Creating digital storyboards to introduce an author or character Reteaching grammar lessons (can be uploaded to the class website) Common Sense Media Prezi Noodletools Skitch Brainpop Shakespeare in Bits News 360 TransJugador Devolve Me Classroom Presentations Digital Citizenship: Establishing trust that they will use the technology appropriately Students taking responsibility for their own learning (Keynote Presentation) Wildlife! What they learned: Baby steps Growth mind set Professional development Using internal resources Teachers can record lessons for sub use or for unfinished lessons (which can be uploaded to class website) Students can create lessons on grammar/math concepts (can help assess student understanding)

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