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Faculty Interview

Transcript: Build Networks Good communication skills Hard Work Don't Procrastinate By: Tyler Churchman GIMM is a major for students looking to innovate the market of mobile apps, produce a quality AAA title in the video game market, or make enhancements to already-existing technology such as VR and 3D-printing. Course Recommendations The Job Market Has been an instructor at BSU for 5 years Taught at Wisconsin before BSU. Box art for DOOM 2016, developed by iD Software. Logo of the iconic, yet rage-inducing app known as Flappy Bird. As suggested by Professor Ellertson ITM 225 Intro to Programming Helps prepare for higher-level GIMM Courses Math 143 PreCalculus "There are a lot of equations that are part of what makes the heart of code work. Without it, there's a lot of tech out there that wouldn't even exist, let alone work the way we want them to." GIMM Director, Academic Advisor, Great Guy! Professor Ellertson Art of Glados, who is part of the Portal Game Series that was designed by a group of DigiPen Students. What is GIMM? "Students who graduate with at GIMM degree are qualified for what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified as high growth professions..." Professor Anthony Ellertson, Program Director. According to the Bureau of Labor, Mobile Developer's have had an increase in demand in upwards of 32% between 2010-2018, which is good news for students looking to make this a career. Game Developers and Web Developers also experienced a growth in the job market, having boasted a 30% and 22% increase respectfully. Are there any qualities in a GIMM Major that one would need to have to start a successful career? Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile

Faculty Interview:

Transcript: Undergraduate from the Hastings College in Nebraska originally and economics major took a marketing course junior year and wanted to earn her masters in marketing attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she obtained her Ph.D. in Marketing Assisted in Research studying reverse socialization Once she graduated with a Ph.D. in Marketing from Nebraska, the University of Wisconsin was her top choice The UW faculty was top in all areas and they studied diverse issues Epp, A., Jensen Schau, H., & Price, L. (2014). The Role of Brands and Mediating Technologies in Assembling Long-Distance Family Practices. Journal of Marketing (78), 81-101. Epp, A., & Price, L. (2011). Family Time in Consumer Culture: Implications for Transformative Consumer Research. Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being, 599-622. Epp, A., & Price, L. (2011). Designing Solutions around Customer Network Identity Goals. Journal of Marketing (75), 36-54. doi: 10.1509/jmkg.75.2.36. Epp, A., & Price, L. (2010). The Storied Life of Singularized Objects: Forces of Agency and Network Transformation. Journal of Consumer Research (36), 820-37. doi: 10.1086/603547. Thompson, B., Koenig Kellas, J., Soliz, J., Thompson, J., Epp, A., & Schrodt, P. (2009). Family Legacies: Constructing Individual and Family Identity through Intergenerational Storytelling. Narrative Inquiry (19), 106-134. doi: 10.1075/ni.19.1.07tho. Epp, A., & Price, L. (2008). Family Identity: A Framework of Identity Interplay in Consumption Practices. Journal of Consumer Research (35), 50-70. doi: 10.1086/529535. Arnould, E., & Epp, A. (2006). Deep Engagement with Consumer Experience: Listening and Learning with Qualitative Data. The SAGE Handbook of Marketing Research Terrified of public speaking taught as a graduate student thought it was crazy that she would be teaching students that were only a few years younger than her turned out to be less intimidating and she loved teaching each class was a different experience Passions Having a clear vision and empathy Reflect, get organized and make a plan Understand the people they are leading What she Teaches Published Works Consumer Behavior (since 2008) Undergraduate students and MBA students Teaches in the Fall and conducts research in Spring/Summer Amber's Education by: Stefani Gutmann Studies families Gets to go into their homes and observe them for weeks Most recent study: Outsourcing parenthood Currently studying: Choice overload for new parents Research What Makes a Good Leader? Faculty Interview: Professor Amber Epp How she arrived in Madison How she Became a Teacher Reading Spending time with her family Research and making a difference in academics and improving everyday family life

Faculty Interview

Transcript: How I can begin to prepare right now to enter into the Nursing field: have incredibly high grades in the pre-requisites for nursing more job security in health professions than any other jobs do very well in science courses Reasons why a student might be drawn to Nursing: job security ability to help people to enter a caring profession respect received job advance potential Dr.Jill Hayes' places of work: Working at Parkland Hospital worked in the Emergency Room inpatient units doctors’ offices used to teach here at NGCSU from 1992-2000 In 1999 she became the Department Chair of Nursing. Associate Professor of Nursing B.S.N at University of Texas Masters in Nursing at Emory University Ph.D. at Medical College of Georgia 706-864-2502 Chances of finding work: Not as high as before. Dr. Hayes advised me "to commit now to do the 2 year A.S.N. program then go straight into the B.S.N. Many hospitals are looking for the B.SN. degree or higher." Consideration of what comes after graduation: great job opportunities hard work but rewarding nice solid income unlimited opportunities with a nursing degree Any other useful information: Nursing is an incredibly rewarding profession easy to do with a family work nights when kids are in school a lot of advancement potential the learning is life-long because healthcare is ever-changing Dr. Jill Hayes Jobs that call for the kind of knowledge, training and experience: county health department outpatient clinics hospitals some companies hire nurses doctor’s offices almost unlimited University 1000 Dr. Jill Hayes wanted to be a nurse as a little girl, she had to live at home to go into nursing school. The only 2 jobs back when she was little were teaching and nursing. She chose nursing and ended up loving it! List of key statistics, facts or interesting info that I did not know prior to our meeting: It is expected that the number of employed nurses will grow from 2.74 million in 2010 to 3.45 million in 2020, an increase of 712,000 or 26%. The projections further explain the need for 495,500 replacements in the nursing workforce bringing the total number of job opening for nurses due to growth and replacements to 1.2 million by 2020. In October 2010, the Institute of Medicine released its landmark report on The Future of Nursing, initiated by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which called for increasing the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the workforce to 80% and doubling the population of nurses with doctoral degrees. The current nursing workforce falls far short of these recommendations with only 50% of registered nurses prepared at the baccalaureate or graduate degree level.

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