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Executive Summary

Transcript: References BRICK Avon Academy School. (n.d.). School vision and mission statement. Retrieved from Dervarics, C & O’Brien, E. (2011). Back to school: How parent involvement affects student achievement (At a glance). The Center for Public Education. Retrieved from Ruben, M. (2009). Ten best practices for leading organizational change. Ruben Consulting Group. Retrieved from Spiro, Jody. (2010). Leading Change Step-by-Step: Tactics, Tools, and Tales. John Wiley & Sons (P&T), 12/2010. <vbk:9781118397060#page(60)>. The “small win” began with the recruitment of a team of teachers that serve as the facilitators of the parent workshops. This team of teachers provides the successful training and serves as advisors for the parent participants. The benefits of the win included the development of a community partnership of stakeholders. The community includes the administration, parents, and teachers who will collaboratively work together as well informed decision-makers that will provide the foundation and support of increased student academic achievement. BRICK Avon Academy In conclusion, according to Ruben (2009) ten best practices for leading organizational change, BRICK Avon Academy is using best practice to implement the change strategy. The practices include the ability to assess and plan, demonstrated leadership and commitment, building an implementation team that includes key stakeholders and influential leaders in the organization; and assess and monitor the impact of the change. The next steps in the change strategy include increasing parent attendance, creation and implementation of additional workshops in accordance to parent feedback, and tracking the impact on academic achievement, motivation, and student confidence. The goal of BRICK’s change strategy is to enhance student learning and support scholars enabling them to be successful productive individuals that can enter the 21st century workforce. According to BRICK Avon Academy’s mission statement (n.d.) building responsible, intelligent, and creative students through partnership of school, parents, and the community with prepare scholars to be successful in the 21st century globally society. Shared values are created when the stakeholders work in partnership, accountability is upheld, as parents gain knowledge and skills they become better role models and supporters of their children. The partnership must be created around student learning to identify the barriers to achievement, resulting in increased student achievement (Dervarics and O’Brien, 2011). In solidifying the foundation of the family, the students will thrive, be highly motivated and develop from that stronger parental foundation resulting in higher academic achievement and success. The change strategy addresses the lack of parental awareness of the components of the programs and use of Internet tools to support student success. Workshops will continue throughout the school year. For results and correspondence for those workshops, visit the community blog. "Small Win" Parents have begun to attend educational workshops held at BRICK Avon Academy. At the end of meetings, each parent responded to an “ABC” evaluation:" What action will you take as a result of the meeting?" What was the best part of this meeting?" What concerns do you have? Post these concerns and ask for resolutions to be offered in the BRICK Community Blog. Additional comments, responses, and resolutions will be used to revise any upcoming workshops and be included in decision making changes in our school curriculum and schedule. Educational Opportunities for Parents

Executive Summary

Transcript: Business Description Cont.. Consumer Benefits-gain a convenient way to become informed users of health services while protecting their confidentiality through at least four features: Off- and On-line Community HealthCapsules Referrals Privacy Protection Business Partner Benefits-increased access to a growing population. Other beneficial services include: Online market research New product management tools Office and practice management applications Web Hosting services. Carlos R, De Jesus- Marketing has achievements in marketing, operations, and technology Executive Summary Anticipate and respond to consumer preferences for content, partnerships and service Attract, excite and retain a large audience of users to the SanaSana community Create and maintain successful strategic alliances with high quality partners Deliver high quality, "24/7" customer service and web site performance Build the SanaSana brand rapidly and substantially Compete effectively against better-established Internet health companies, such as DrKoop or webMD Operational Risks Adam W. Farkas-MD Technology brings both depth and breadth of technology-related experience. Ricardo Fernandez-Business Development *De Jesus, Fernandez, and Khoury are hispanics that want to give back to their community. Farkas and Kim are physicians that want to extend their impact. Combined, the founders have over 50 years of direct experience in general management, e-commerce, finance, marketing, medicine, and operations M. Elizabeth Barton- Expertise in consulting, finance, marketing and technology Barriers to Entry Management Team Barriers to entry that stem from two sources: Content- Sana Sana makes health information understandable for the hispanic community Community-SanaSana will create a vibrant community between medical institutions, prominent Hispanic doctors, technology and Hispanic consumers. Provides an efficient, mutually beneficial partnership between Hispanic consumers of health care and the businesses-payers, providers and suppliers of health services and non-health related companies alike-which would like to serve them. Concept stems from our founders' realization of five marketplace trends: The Hispanic segment is currently growing faster than and their health needs differ from those of other ethnicities. Hispanics are becoming more technologically savvy and want more Hispanic-specific. information. Internet-based information in general, and health care in particular, lacks quality control. Internet-based health information, while abundant, lacks currency, personalization and impact. Many companies are trying to understand and reach the Hispanic population. Business Risks THANK YOU Financial Risks : May fluctuate from quarter to quarter as a result of; Changes in our own or competitors' pricing policies Fluctuations in expected revenues from advertisers, sponsors and strategic relationships Timing of costs related to acquisitions or payments. Legislative/ Legal Landscape Malpractice and other related liability Federal and State regulations on privacy, insurance and the practice of medicine Storage, transmission and disclosure of medical information and healthcare records Business Description Financial Projections

Executive Summary... Summary

Transcript: Strictly Professional Or Humorous? Don' be afraid to change the tone for different audiences Use personal pronouns (we, our) instead of general terms (the company) Be Confident Length One to Four pages What to Avoid superlatives clichés any over-used expressions 'the best' 'groundbreaking' 'cutting-edge' 'world class.' Now you are done... Is It Any Good? Ask a 5th Grader The Executive Summary Why... Helps you to determine which aspects of your company have the clearest selling points, and which aspects may require a bit more explanation. What about the rest? Do your research You develop a better vision of what your business is all about, and you become better at telling your story Executive summary needs an executive summary • Do you have a unique partnership? • Do you already have customers and traction? • Do you have patents or technology? • Is your marketing plan special in a certain way? Make the structure as relevant as possible for the reader, who is typically an investor or a lender No one really wnats to read an 80 page business plan Brief Financial Summary One plan is to summarize each section of the business plan in the same order The First Paragraph The "Why Now" makes your executive summary timely. Clearly explain what the company does grab your reader's attention and let them know what it is you do and why they should read the rest Include the MAJOR details..... not the boring ones! Tone To get your foot in the door! • A Company Description Summary • The Problem • Your Solution • Why Now


Transcript: GROUP STRUCTURE KEY PROCESSES Should be: flexible and mutually respected Your group did well: status flexibility Could be improved: assigning status roles based upon assumptions Should be: respectful yet communicative, engaged in group process Your group did well: no rude responses to input, members remained focused, involved Could be improved: eye contact/focus on each member when speaking, eliminate distractions, creating complete understandings of ideas Agenda Should be: reached by consensus, diversity of options, everyone heard Your group did well: made decisions quickly, minimal conflict, time spent Could be improved: certain members looked to for approval, accomodating, minimal ideas offered Brainstorming Process: Decision Making Forming Management of Differing Opinions Setting an Agenda: Should be: clear, established early, group understanding Your group did well: involved, task-oriented Could be improved: specifics of goal, establishing the goal from the beginning Should be: a method to tie members to the group (goal and attraction, cooprtative) Your group did well: social interactions, driven towards goal, mutual desire to succeed Could be improved: cohesion amongst entire group, feeling of comfort Status Relations devote more time allowing each member to present ideas creating a comfortable environment in which members feel that they can contribute Definition of group success Success in your group Opportunities for improvement RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GROUP IMPROVEMENT Interactive Activity TEAM NEMO Cohesion Roles Should be: negotiate conflict, integrative Your group did well: supportive of contributions, respectful Could be improved: favoring one opinion based on status, suggestions are acknowledged Should be: (in small groups) decentralized, inclusive Your group did well: centralized leadership-efficiency Could be improved: more decentralized style of leadership, higher level of input from all members Should be: high role fit Your group did well: respected leader, mutual trust, centralized but not dictatorial Could be improved: distinction of roles, equally valued roles discuss goals, roles, and processes agenda high efficiency eliminate confusion/lack of direction throughout process STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT Goals Communication Structure Group structure Key processes Stage of group development Reccomendations Communication Skills

Presentation Executive Summary

Transcript: The main reason for this reorganization is to cut expenses because of: Lots of redundant function Seperate administration departements Background of the reorganization The way of generating electricity Durability became more important ten ever From €190 million to €100 million. Specialist in providing services to electricity grids and stations Total workforce of 2.620 employees (89,7% male/10,3% female). Joulz has made a total revenue of over €508 million. - Annual report 2012 Changing world Less subsidy from the government Expensive processes They reclassified the structure They organized the processes more efficiently, 'operational excellence' They focused on more profitable projects Brought back the total reduction to 60 full time jobs. Schedule Introduction Company Profile Background of the reorganization What were the problems before this reorganization? How did Joulz solve these problems? Conclusion: What can be done better in the future? The new structure. Source: 'New Stedin in headlines' Changing world The communication from a reduction of 400 full time jobs was unnecessary! First Joulz and Stedin communicated a total reduction from 400 full time jobs. This resulted in: Panic under the people Lower motivated people Not well informed people They brought it back to 60 full time jobs. My advice is: to be a lot of more secure with the communication, to continue on focusing on the efficient processes and profitable projects. Stedin is the owner of these electricity grids and stations Total workforce of 1.050 employees (73,8% male/26,2% female). Stedin has made a total revenue of over €1.029 billion. - Annual report 2012 Change Management Corporate reorganization Research between: Less subsidy from the government Presentation Executive Summary How did Joulz solve these problems? Introduction & Company Profile What were the problems before this reorganization? Conclusion: What can be done better in the future? The merger between Joulz and Stedin: effects the structure, the strategy, the people and the processes of the organization, comes with the loss of 400 full time jobs. Expensive processes

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