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Transcript: Strictly Professional Or Humorous? Don' be afraid to change the tone for different audiences Use personal pronouns (we, our) instead of general terms (the company) Be Confident Length One to Four pages What to Avoid superlatives clichés any over-used expressions 'the best' 'groundbreaking' 'cutting-edge' 'world class.' Now you are done... Is It Any Good? Ask a 5th Grader The Executive Summary Why... Helps you to determine which aspects of your company have the clearest selling points, and which aspects may require a bit more explanation. What about the rest? Do your research You develop a better vision of what your business is all about, and you become better at telling your story Executive summary needs an executive summary • Do you have a unique partnership? • Do you already have customers and traction? • Do you have patents or technology? • Is your marketing plan special in a certain way? Make the structure as relevant as possible for the reader, who is typically an investor or a lender No one really wnats to read an 80 page business plan Brief Financial Summary One plan is to summarize each section of the business plan in the same order The First Paragraph The "Why Now" makes your executive summary timely. Clearly explain what the company does grab your reader's attention and let them know what it is you do and why they should read the rest Include the MAJOR details..... not the boring ones! Tone To get your foot in the door! • A Company Description Summary • The Problem • Your Solution • Why Now


Transcript: GROUP STRUCTURE KEY PROCESSES Should be: flexible and mutually respected Your group did well: status flexibility Could be improved: assigning status roles based upon assumptions Should be: respectful yet communicative, engaged in group process Your group did well: no rude responses to input, members remained focused, involved Could be improved: eye contact/focus on each member when speaking, eliminate distractions, creating complete understandings of ideas Agenda Should be: reached by consensus, diversity of options, everyone heard Your group did well: made decisions quickly, minimal conflict, time spent Could be improved: certain members looked to for approval, accomodating, minimal ideas offered Brainstorming Process: Decision Making Forming Management of Differing Opinions Setting an Agenda: Should be: clear, established early, group understanding Your group did well: involved, task-oriented Could be improved: specifics of goal, establishing the goal from the beginning Should be: a method to tie members to the group (goal and attraction, cooprtative) Your group did well: social interactions, driven towards goal, mutual desire to succeed Could be improved: cohesion amongst entire group, feeling of comfort Status Relations devote more time allowing each member to present ideas creating a comfortable environment in which members feel that they can contribute Definition of group success Success in your group Opportunities for improvement RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GROUP IMPROVEMENT Interactive Activity TEAM NEMO Cohesion Roles Should be: negotiate conflict, integrative Your group did well: supportive of contributions, respectful Could be improved: favoring one opinion based on status, suggestions are acknowledged Should be: (in small groups) decentralized, inclusive Your group did well: centralized leadership-efficiency Could be improved: more decentralized style of leadership, higher level of input from all members Should be: high role fit Your group did well: respected leader, mutual trust, centralized but not dictatorial Could be improved: distinction of roles, equally valued roles discuss goals, roles, and processes agenda high efficiency eliminate confusion/lack of direction throughout process STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT Goals Communication Structure Group structure Key processes Stage of group development Reccomendations Communication Skills

Presentation Executive Summary

Transcript: The main reason for this reorganization is to cut expenses because of: Lots of redundant function Seperate administration departements Background of the reorganization The way of generating electricity Durability became more important ten ever From €190 million to €100 million. Specialist in providing services to electricity grids and stations Total workforce of 2.620 employees (89,7% male/10,3% female). Joulz has made a total revenue of over €508 million. - Annual report 2012 Changing world Less subsidy from the government Expensive processes They reclassified the structure They organized the processes more efficiently, 'operational excellence' They focused on more profitable projects Brought back the total reduction to 60 full time jobs. Schedule Introduction Company Profile Background of the reorganization What were the problems before this reorganization? How did Joulz solve these problems? Conclusion: What can be done better in the future? The new structure. Source: 'New Stedin in headlines' Changing world The communication from a reduction of 400 full time jobs was unnecessary! First Joulz and Stedin communicated a total reduction from 400 full time jobs. This resulted in: Panic under the people Lower motivated people Not well informed people They brought it back to 60 full time jobs. My advice is: to be a lot of more secure with the communication, to continue on focusing on the efficient processes and profitable projects. Stedin is the owner of these electricity grids and stations Total workforce of 1.050 employees (73,8% male/26,2% female). Stedin has made a total revenue of over €1.029 billion. - Annual report 2012 Change Management Corporate reorganization Research between: Less subsidy from the government Presentation Executive Summary How did Joulz solve these problems? Introduction & Company Profile What were the problems before this reorganization? Conclusion: What can be done better in the future? The merger between Joulz and Stedin: effects the structure, the strategy, the people and the processes of the organization, comes with the loss of 400 full time jobs. Expensive processes

Executive Summary Presentation

Transcript: b Y Conway Elementary Library 2 X Growing With The Students g m 1 by Jessica Remley p Why are we growing? G Purpose Purpose The Conway library is growing and changing to promote 21st-century skills and create an inclusive environment that welcomes all students and families while supporting learning success across the curriculum. A changing population: Reason 14.8% English Language Learners Reason 10.9% Receive Special Education Services Virginia Department of Education. (2020). School Quality Profiles. Conway Elementary. Retrieved from Reason Support Conway's School Improvement Plan Goals Reason School Improvement Plan. (2019). Conway Elementary School. Retrieved from Goal #1 Ensure all families are valued, welcomed, and a vital part of our school community and their child’s education. Goal #1 Goal #2 To become leaders of their lives, students will become critical thinkers, critically literate, and problem solvers. Goal #2 Design cognitively engaging tasks that cross rigor divide for all students so every child reaches grade-level benchmark. Goal #3 Goal #3 F Makerspace Renovation To foster critical thinking and problem solving. Talhakhalil007. (2019). Business-idea-strategy-marketing-4271251. [image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from Add flexible seating Organize makerspace materials Install a Lego Wall Leave room to grow Demco Inc. (2020). Retrieved from S&S Worldwide. (2020). Dream lab lego. [image]. Retrieved from Demco Demco Demco Literature For All E Raise literacy and achievement levels across the curriculum. OpenClipart-Vectors. (20130. Boy-books-school-reading-160174. [image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from 50 New Print Books Spanish Pashto Farsi Middle Eastern Characters Print Books OpenClipart-Vectors. (2017).Books-library-books-reading-2022464. [image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from 10 Playaway Audiobooks Audiobooks Playaway. (n.d.) Retrieved from 20 eBooks eBooks Clicker-Free-Vector-Images. (2012). Laptop-girl-woman-people-computer-4093. [image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from 10 iPads and Wifi Hotspots iPads Fajarbudi86. (2015). Tablet-hand-technology-internet-812708. [image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from D World Language Night World Language Night World Language Night World Language Night World Language Night C "I'm so glad I went to the family night. I met my daughter's new friends and checked out an iPad." "It's great that I can read Afghani books with my son." "The Conway Library is always welcoming and helpful." Evaluation B Quantitative Quantitative Evaluation Test score increases for SOL and Benchmark tests Number of parent accounts opened Attendance at World Language Night Check-out numbers of new books, iPads, and hotspots Qualitative Qualitative Evaluation Parent Survey Family Night Observations A Future Plans Future Plans Future Plans Future Plans Future Plans Future Plans

Executive Summary Presentation

Transcript: “Established in 1983, the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) is a nonprofit, professional trade association whose mission is to strengthen access to quality, community-responsive health care. OACHC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of one delegate from each organizational member as well as five nominated clinical member delegates of the Association” (OACHC Employee Sourcebook). Executive Summary Presentation The PCMH clinical team is typically comprised of a provider, nurse, a pharmacist, patient advocate, and a social worker. The team works together to provide total health care, which often stems out past the medical realm. Jennifer L. Sanders Ohio's Federally Qualified Community Health Centers (FQHCs) “The [PCMH] model holds promise as a way to improve health care in America by transforming how primary care is organized and delivered” ( Ohio Association of Community Health Centers Workforce Development Coordinator (Ohio Community HealthCorps AmeriCorps Director) Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) FQHCs are commonly referred to as Community Health Centers (CHC). CHCs are non-profit or public community-based provider and patient-directed organizations that serve populations with limited access high-quality, affordable primary care and preventive services regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. The patient populations include low-income individuals, the uninsured, those with limited English proficiency, migrant and seasonal farm workers, individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and those living in public housing. Primary care includes medical, dental, oral health, behavioral health, and vision screenings.

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