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Entrepreneur Presentation

Transcript: She started a cleaning business when she was only 15. She moved to Nashville to become a country singer. While she was there her brother gave her the idea to create a cupcake store and she funded it all on her own with only $33 left to her name and that was in 2008. Now in 2014 she has 94 stores and is looking to open up more! My stepmother had bought cupcakes for my big brother's graduation in 2012. We had worked for hours making every cupcake look perfect in the round display she had bought as well. At the end of the day we were allowed to have one and it was one of the best cupcakes i've ever had. Ever since then whenever we have a party we get Gigi's Cupcakes Gina is a very religious person and always has her bible handy. She believes in courageous acts of kindness. Background Continued Background Born in Oklahoma and raised in California. She came from a strong, hard working and balanced family who believed in and supported her Accomplishments References's-cupcakes-franchise At 15 she didn't have many choices but she wanted to have something of her own. She got a broom and mop and headed to the assisted living center Gigi is bright and bubbly. She wants to do everything at once. She is the type of person who once she sets her mind to something, little can stop her Type Of Leadership Personality What gave her the idea The reason why i chose to do this entrepreneur Ownership Her leadership style is laissez-faire. She let's things go with the flow so to speak. Gina Butler It is a Franchise. Personality continued Her brother lived up in New York and he was standing in line for two hours for one of the most well known cupcake stores. He finally got it and when he tasted it he called his sister and told her that their cupcakes aren't as good as hers and their mom's.

Entrepreneur Presentation

Transcript: Private Investment: $200+ Million Public Investment: $46 Million 1,000,000 Square Feet 3,000+ Jobs Current Major Tenants: CompuWare Duke University McKinney InterSouth Partners Square One Bank Mellow Mushroom Cuban Revolution Bronto Tyler’s Taproom Saladelia Cafe The Art Institute Burt’s Bees 2,800 seat performing arts center Nederlander, the theater operator is responsible for any operating loss and has agreed to commit $250,000 to the project Total Investment: $46 Million Over 500,000 visitors in first two years (320,000 in year 2) Net Revenues over $1.2 million in 2nd year 61 sellouts and 175 events in 2nd year So, why does all of this matter? So how did we pull it off? The Future Bull City Forward Over 100 Restaurants & Shops Supporters of the Stampede Started with a Coffee Meeting Fits with ‘open-source’ mentality 60 days of free space, just bring laptop and cell phone Space surrounded by other startups, coffee shops, bars No requirements outside of using the space daily American Tobacco Central Park West Village What did we learn? The Rest Matthew Coppedge Director of Marketing & Communications The Program Three week application process, no idea how this would go $0 for marketing, outside of the creation of the web site 4,300 web hits in a six week period Hits from 40 foreign countries and 465 cities Press hits across U.S. and Southeast, overseas, and visits from elected officials including U.S. Senator. 78 startups applied for space, 15 were accepted 13 tech companies 2 healthcare/IT 6 minority/female led companies Age ranged from college student to 50 y.o. seasoned business person. The Setting Durham Bulls Downtown Highlights $1.1 Billion of investment since 2000 92% Office Occupancy Rate 99% Residential Occupancy Rate Downtown Master Plan Adam Klein Director of Strategic Initiatives Downtown Durham 12x16 blocks .8 sq miles Importance of context Great for talent, even if companies fail >Pay attention to how you network them Importance of developing a community of entrepreneurs and making it fun Value of working closely with successful entrepreneurs in your community Brightleaf Square The Future of job growth is entrepreneurial companies. Launching again in the fall Applications open July 18 Looking to attract entrepreneurs from outside the Triangle through some spectacle marketing Will begin September 16 and conclude November 18. Targeting 10-15 startups Downtown Durham A Hub for Entrepreneurs Then & Now 2011 1995 Number of Businesses 400+/- >200 *Total Employees 14,000+ >3,000 *Residential Units 950+ >100 *Residents (1.6/unit) 1,500+ >160 *Median Age 38 yrs mid-50’s *Average Salary $56,430 mid $30,000's *Median Salary $55,000 mid $30,000's Over $45,000 in in-kind support for the Stampede 27 hours donated by attorneys 15 hours donated by accountants 8 hours donated by marketers 35 hours donated by other entrepreneurs 800 hours of Chamber and DDI staff time Total of $7,000 from Chamber and almost $1,000 from DDI The Players Presented by: 90% said their perception of downtown became more positive 75% said they are more likely to launch their company in Durham 100% said they would recommend Durham to other startups looking to launch We BUILD the entrepreneurial talent pipeline by growing talent locally, recruiting talent nationally, and converting it relentlessly. Community co-working space for social entrepreneurs Run by Christopher Gergen Music Venues, Breweries & More! American Underground Designed for creativity, flexibility and collaboration A hotbed for entrepreneurs 50 startups (500 employees) within a mile 2 accelerators 2 incubators 4 universities Major shifts in entrepreneurship Laptops Cloud computing Open-source Remote workstyles. Cost of starting a tech company plummets No ‘Startup Hub’ in the Triangle Aaron Houghton Chris Heivly Taylor Mingos Henry Kaestner Christopher Gergen Dave Kellerman Joel Bush Jess Eberdt John Warasilla Janet Cowell Sen. Kay Hagan Forrest Firm Smashing Boxes Crossroads PR Triangle Business Journal Change and Course Design Kompany InterSouth Partners Historic DAP We accelerate the launch of your game and company and together maximize your chance of success Applicants from all over the country 13-week accelerator program –Joystick gets stake in company & helps to find investors at the end of program ? 4 actively seeking equity investments now 3 companies are signing leases at American Underground 5 companies are moving to Bull City Forward 4 companies previously not located in Durham have moved 3 companies launched products during the 60 days Rippple was winner of the Startup Madness competition Finger Puppet Games forged relationships with investors at Joystick Labs and NC IDEA Rippple invited to TechStars NYC for a day Carolina Theatre & Arts Council Skate Park Seed Investment & Accelerator Program Applicants from all over the country 13-week accelerator program –LaunchBox gets stake in company & helps to find investors at the end of program The Environment The

Entrepreneur Presentation

Transcript: Who Did I Interview What is their Business Good or Service This barber shop is located on 1119 Meadowlands Dr E Ottawa, ON. Number of Employees Ali Sbeiti currently has 4 employees. He has 2 full time workers and 2 part time workers. Average day/week/month/year Average day: An average day for Ali would be opening up the salon and getting it ready for the customers. (He cleans it up, he makes sure all the equipment/devices are there...) Average week: An average week for Ali would be paying all of his employees and he buys new stock for the salon.(hair products...) Average month: An average month for Ali would be paying all his bills such as electricity, water, heat and etc. He also markets his business monthly. He usually advertises in flyers. Average year: Ali doesnt do much yearly. The only thing he does is renew his barber license once every 2 years. What He Likes the Least Other jobs Besides Being an Entrepreneur Would he Recommend Entrepreneurship Why Did I Pick Him He quotes "The worst part is the fact that my work gets in the way of my family time and this is really stressful. I rarely have any time to spend with my kids and wife because of the responsibilities I need to take control of in order to run my business. But it all pays off at the end." Ali owned a shawarma restaraunt in Quebec before he opened up his Salon. This restaraunt was called Yummy's. Unfortunatley, Yummy's closed down due to its location. It didn't have many customers because of where it was located. What is the best part of Running his own Business Ali provides a service to his customers. This service is giving wonderful haircuts to people. Besides being an entrepreneur, Ali worked at a bank as a financial investor. Ali Sbeiti owns and runs a barber shop/hair salon. It has been running for around 1 to 2 years. He quotes " the best part of running my own business would probably be the fact I work for myself. I love having so much freedom and not having to answer to someone else with a higher level of authority. I also like the challenges i have to go through to ensure my business is successful." Ali basically enjoys what every other entrepreneur enjoys which is calling the shots. Has he Run Any Other Businesses The reason I picked Ali Sbeiti is because he is a good friend of my dads and he was easy to get to. I also get my haircuts done there. Where are they located I interviewed Ali Sbeiti. A very good friend of my dads. He Quotes " If you have the personality to take risks, than owning a business could be a good idea. But, if you're the type of person who gets stressed easily, i would recommend something else." Ali also told me if you are committed to this type of stuff, then keep striving to reech your goal. Similar to what he had done. Even after Yummy's closed down, he opened up a new business and it's running smoothly.

Entrepreneur Background

Transcript: resort to stealing and robbing the property and information of someone or organization Attack Techniques Image by Tom Mooring Crimes that target computer networks or devices Property Individual Government Cybercrime's Prey Crimes that use computer networks to advance other criminal activities. Device that steal credit card information when the card is swiped through them. At Del's Kitchen on 14th Nov 2015 Type of Cybercrime Viruses Cyber stalking/ bullying Online scam and fraud Moving data quickly among the computers in a botnet to make it difficult to trace the source of malware. "Barakallahu Fik Ya Sahabat" Fast Flux Keep your computer current with the latest patches and updates. Denial of service Check carefully emails sent to you that asked for validation. Cybercrime victim broadly divided into 3 categories : Identity theft News about Cybercrime Protect your computer with security software. Malware crimes against a government are referred to as cyber terrorism such as hack government websites, military websites or circulate propaganda. Video to intimidating or harassing, can be form of cyber stalking, distributing pornography, trafficking and “grooming”. Botnet Social Engineering Using lies or manipulation to trick people into revealing their personal information. Phishing is one of social engineering. Choose strong passwords and keep them safe. Bachellorette party honoring our beautiful bride Dijah. Skimmers Just the girls A network software robots, or bots that automatically spread malware. Prevention Tips Do not enter banking website on Public WiFi. Copyright Infringement

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