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Employee Profile

Transcript: Information about ZADCO company Inc, S. (2016) ADCO organization. Available at: Sarang, V. (2014) ZADCO - Zakum development company | multiple job vacancies | Govt.Sector | Abu Dhabi, UAE ~ ONLINE HOT JOBS. Available at: Name : Abdulla Saeed Al-Shehi Age: 25 years old Job: Drilling supervisor in ZADCO oil company. what permanent jobs are available for HCT graduates ? Employee information System engineer M engineer Electrical engineer Planning engineer He studied mechanical engineering at HCT. Now he working in ZADCO oil company which is one of ADNOC group. he is working as a drilling supervisor and his working schedule is 14 days work by 14 days off, in this 14 i work 12 hours a day. However, his team drilling for crowd oil in Zakum field, then they send their production to another department and they treat it and sell it. His study helps him a lot specially the engineering courses, so he advised to study hard and he wish to see new engineer there. ZADCO's Mission is focused on the build up of sustainable production to optimal levels, at the right pace to meet the future crude oil requirements of the Supreme Petroleum Council and Shareholders. To succeed in this mission, equal importance must be placed on continuous improvement in HSE, People Development, and the utilization of best practices in field development and operations Employee Profile the pest jobs! organization chart Abdallah's employer candidate's job description and duties lSS 2003 creating your future Project 1 Employee Profile Instructor: Carolyn Hearn student's name: shaikha Ebrahim ID: H00250023 references add logo here

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Transcript: Employee Profile MTN Syria INTRO I would like to present a proposal for creating a comprehensive employee profile in portal that includes all of the employee's history with the company. As we all know, maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee records is a critical aspect of HR division. Having a complete employee profile can help us make better-informed decisions regarding employee development, performance management, and succession planning. INTRO what should be included in an employee's profile? Here are some of the key info ABOUT ABOUT Key Info Key Info employee profile insert ID HR profile submit full Name DOE type of contract Email Mobile Number extenstion current title division depatment section Personal Information Job Documents reported to Required modifications Procedure Personal information Personal information 1 Required modifications KEY INFO Personal information We need to reserve personal information from Oracle, to solve the problem that faced us, we propose integrating full name (first and last) e.g add work experince e.g add EDU e.g Job Job 2 Required modifications Job KEY INFO all employee movement, includede (acting-promotion-temporary-transfer-change location- change title- confimation) effective date for every movement, includede (year-month-day) add Job Info e.g Documents Documents 3 Required modifications add documents e.g Job 2019-Jul-16 2020-Jan-01 Acting Coordinator: Large Account TIMELINE Rep: CSC 2020-Apr-01 Coordinator: Large Account 2021-Oct-01 Temporary Coordinator: Recruitment 2022-Jan-01 Coordinator: Recruitment 2022-Sep-01 Acting specialist: Recruitment specialist: Recruitment 2022-Dec-01

Employee Profile

Transcript: SEAN ROBERTS ADVICE BY KIERSTEN GREENE COLUMBIA RECORDS Employee Profile Roberts started working in promotion at Columbia Records four years ago. SEAN ROBERTS What is Columbia Records? What does the company do? Columbia Records is a record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment Group. Musicians sign to Columbia Records to gain exposure and get their music heard. Columbia Records Artists You May Know AC/DC Adele Beyoncé Billy Joel Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Calvin Harris Destiny's Child Diplo Dixie Chicks Earl Sweatshirt Foster the People Harry Styles Hozier John Legend John Mayer Juicy J Lil Nas X Lil Peep Little Mix Nelly Noah Cyrus One Direction Pharrell Williams Pink Floyd Quinn XCII Russ Silk City Solange Susan Boyle The Chainsmokers The Neighbourhood The Script Train Tyler, The Creator Vampire Weekend Yung Pinch and many others COLLEGE AND EDUCATION How it has helped him in his career He attended Temple University as an economics major. He did not learn much about the music industry in school. His knowledge of economics helps him manage budgets. His background in marketing helps him with promotion. What helped him the most was getting involved in the music industry at a young age. Growing up, his father worked at Elektra Records. He worked for his high school's radio station and soon became the Music Director. He worked at a record store after graduating high school. Throughout school, he worked as a DJ. BACKGROUND How he found his passion for the music industry. Worked as retail director and in A&R management at Wax Trax! Records. Performed national sales and marketing for TVT Records from 1992 until 1996. In 1996 he became the senior director of Artist and Repertoire at TVT Records and held this position for 10 years. At Juggernaut Management and Consulting he was an artist manager and A&R consultant. Worked as manager of the music library department at Sourcetone, LLC. Served as senior director of Artist and Repetoire and product management at Babygrande Records. He presently works in promotion at Columbia Records. Professional Experience Get records on the air Send new music to radio stations Maintain relationships with stations Coordinate campaigns Coordinate song and album releases RESPONSIBILITIES What does he do? Beyoncé "Lemonade" Adele "25" David Bowie "Blackstar" The Chainsmokers "Closer" Diplo "Deadpool 2 Soundtrack" Silk City "Electricity" Calvin Harris "Giant", "Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1" Lil Nas X "Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus" Artists and Releases Some of the projects he has worked on at Columbia Records Beyoncé campaign Adele campaign Debuting a Grammy award-winning song Signing 7Dust Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" ft. Bill Ray Cyrus Woodstock '99 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS - Sean Roberts “That single moment, that’s what made my life, that one moment. I indirectly helped a kid not kill himself. ” Advice He encourages those interested in the music industry to get involved while you are in school. If you are interested in music, you can start a blog or join the school's radio station. Do not be discouraged by rejection. Pursue a hobby that involves music. Learn to be flexible to change. Most people working in the music industry do not just do one thing. How does this relate to public relations? Maintaining relationships Campaigns Releases Coverage How does working in promotion relate to what we have studied in class? Any Questions?

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