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Transcript: Optical drives A typical HDD has two electric motors; a disk motor that spins the disks and an actuator (motor) that positions the read/write head assembly across the spinning disks Kaisa Anderson is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information from non-volatile memory Hard disk drive pickup head usually consists of semiconductor laser, a lens for guiding the laser beam, and photodiodes detecting the light reflection from disc's surface each sector stores a fixed amount of user data; traditional formatting of these storage media provides space for 512 bytes or 2048 bytes of user-accessible data per sector A cylinder comprises the same track number on each of these platters, spanning all such tracks across each platter surface that is able to store data The disk controller is the circuit which enables the CPU to communicate with the hard disk That's Really All. Drives a sector is a subdivision of a track on a magnetic disk or optical disk The HDD's spindle system relies on air pressure inside the disk enclosure to support the heads at their proper flying height while the disk rotates A hard disk drive has boot sector that contains machine code The most important part of an optical disc drive is an optical path, placed in a pickup head Because modern disk drives appear to their interface as a contiguous set of logical blocks their gross capacity can be calculated by multiplying the number of blocks by the size of the block SPINDLE Small parts of a disk drive, Read/Write Heads, move above the disk platter and transform the platter's magnetic field into electrical current (read the disk) Hard disk drive A landing zone is an area of the platter usually near its inner diameter (ID), where no data is stored; a landing zone on the disk is made by a precision laser process producing an array of smooth nanometer-scale "bumps" in a landing zone is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs An HDD consists of one or more rigid ("hard") rapidly rotating discs (platters) coated with magnetic material Hard disk drive


Transcript: Sector Computer Drives What Is an Optical Drive? Block In HDDs, the actuator moves the hard drive head arm. Also known as PUH. Made of discrete passive and active components which areassembled with stringent demand of precision. Read/Write Heads Circular disk on which magnetic data is stored. HDDs usually contain multiple platters which are mountwd on the same spindle. A platter can store information on both sides, requiring two heads per platter. By Aaron Gabriel Disk Controller Physical spot on a formatted disk that holds information. Landing Zone A group of sectors that the operating system can address (point to). Can be 1,2,4,8,or 16 sectors. The bigger the block, the more sectorsit will hold. Identified by their storage methods and data encoding. Boot Sector Whats's a Platter? What Does an HDD Look Like? Also knowsn as the track. Cylinder-head-sector, also known as CHS, was an early method for giving addresses to each physical block of data on a hard disk drive. Pickup Head Spindle Cylinder What's a Hard Drive? Parts of an HDD: It's a data storage device used for storing and recieving digital information in a random-access manner. Simplified - What you store computer software on. Comprises the same track number on each platter, spanning all such tracks across each platter surface that is able to store data Spindle A subdivision of a track on a magnetic disk or optical disc. Each sector stores a fixed amount of user data. An actuator is a type of motor for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. The inner space of the hard disk where the read/write rests following a park command. It is the non-data area on the disk’s inner cylinder. Actuator The spindle is the motor in which the attached optical deivce rotates around. As simple as that! Platter Spindle Heads (read/write) Actuator Sector Block Boot Sector Cylinder Disk Controller Landing Zone A region of a hard disk, floppy disk, optical disc, or other data storage device that contains machine code to be loaded into random-access memory (RAM) by a computer system's built-in firmware. Small parts of a disk drive that move above the disk platter and transform the platter's magnetic field into electrical current or vice versa. Simplified - Small parts of a disk drive that move above the disk platter and transform the platter's magnetic field into electrical current or vice versa. The circuit which enables the CPU to communicate with a hard disk, floppy disk or other kind of disk drive. A disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs. Examples: CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. The shaft that rotates in the middle of a disk drive. In a removable disk, the spindle remains attached to the drive, as with a CD-ROM ; with a fixed disk the spindle remains attached to the platter. Simplified - Rotating device that keeps the device spinning.

Electrical Presentation

Transcript: SAVE ELECTRICITY SAVE COIN 1. REWANT KAUSHIK 2. PRATHAM KUMAR 3.NAMAN TYAGI 4.RIYA GOEL 5.PRAGYA GUPTA TO:- BISHAKHA MAAM CLASS X-B GROUP MEMBERS... GROUP MEMBERS WHAT IS ELECTRICITY WHAT IS ELECTRICITY? Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current. INCREASED ENERGY CONSUMPTION . ENERGY CONSUMPTION.. THESE ARE THE EXAMPLES OF SOME BILLS AND THERE IT IS SHOWN ABOUT THE RATE OF UNIT AND UNIT USED. Why Is It Important? IT HELPS TO REDUCE OUR BILLS AND SAVE MONEY. CONSUMING LESS ELECTRICITY HELPS IN REDUCING TOXIC FUMES RELEASED BY POWER PLANTS . WHY WE SHOULD SAVE ELECTRICITY? IT HELPS TO REDUCE POLLUTION ALSO. WAYS WAYS TO SAVE ELECTRICITY..... Turn off unnecessary lights. ... Use natural light. ... Use task lighting. ... Take shorter showers. ... WE SHOULD USE SOLAR PANELS. ... Fix that leaky faucet. ... Unplug unused electronics. ... Ditch the desktop computer. ETC...... FACTS FACTS Earth Hour: Earth Hour is a worldwide movement for the planet organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The event is held worldwide annually encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on the last Saturday in March, as a symbol for their commitment to the planet. COST/YEAR AND USAGE COST PER YEAR AND USAGE...... CONCLUSION CONCLUSION... Energy efficiency is the wave of the future. ... An energy efficient home is a personal step toward the direction of renewable energy, environmental protection, and sustainable living. Having such a home helps homeowners reduce their bills and provides an excellent investment. BIBLIOGRAPHY WIKIPEDIA GOOGLE TEXTBOOK BIBLIOGRAPHY SPREADING AWARENESS AWARENESS THANK YOU..... THANK YOU


Transcript: Cross paths in and out of premis FABACEASE BUILDING SURROUND OF THE SITE FAMILY NAME: TANAH ALLUVIUM Family name : Size : FAMILY NAME : MAN MADE FEATURES Characteristic : Graveyard Exterior : Houses , firestation , stall , road Family name : CRUSHERUN Characteristics : Hospital Lama Aor Setar Exterior : Firestation , stall ,road MIMOSA PUDICA ASTERACEASE FIRESTATION -Has 4 storey high -Flat pitch -casement window and panel door -concrete -Red and white DESIGN 3 - DCA 5226 SITE ANALYSIS - NATURAL PHYSICAL FEATURE & MAN - MADE FEATURES ALLUVIUS Safety hose containing hose and nozel DIAMETER 2.00- 0.20 MM NATURAL PHYSICAL FEATURES Family name: existing natural features : 1 . Main entrance of firestation 2 . Bahagian pengurusan 3. Bangunan jabatan Kejuruteaan Mekanikal (perbaiki kenderaan ) TOWER : Tempat latihan anggota bomba 4 . Bangunan bahagian siasatan kebakaran ( Forensik , barang kes) 5 . Bangunan bahagian keselamatan kebakaran Type : pili bomba awam Use : the main source of water supply for fire fighting Size : 10 cm(width) 30 cm (length) COCOS NUCIFERA L. The characteristics of a mild slope where as the contours are rare and relatively uniform C. NUCIFERA 5 Size : SIGN BOARD LAMPU ISYARAT 1 Fences HOSPITAL LAMA ALOR SETAR - Has 2 storey high - Flat and pitch roof - Casement window and panel door - concrete - Light yellow High 15 m Species : SIZE : Characteristics : Stall Exterior : Road , Hospital ARECACEASE MUSACEAE Retaining Wall Size : Size : HYDRANT 8000 MM CLAY PAVING PATTERNS - BASKET WEAVE - 400 MM (L)X 200 MM (W) 5 High 2.5 m Characteristic : Balai bomba Alor Setar Category : B Exterior : Houses , road , hospital TOPORGRAPHIC CONTOURS DRIVES Size : TANAH LIAT Soil type RED STONE Drain size : depth 600 mm width 100 mm CHROMOLAENA ODORATA FOOD STALL -Has 1 storey high -pitch roof -open ventilation and casement window ,panel door -concrete -light orange NURAIMUNI BT ALAUDIN 03DSB13F2999 NOR ADIBAH BT IBRAHIM 03DSB13F2011 NURIN NAZIHAH BT SAMSUDIN 03DSB14F1997 NOR AMIRAH BT GHAZALI 03DSB14F1011 SARAH NAJWA BT IBRAHIM 03DSB13F2003 NOR AZLIN BINTI SAZALI 03DSB13F2015 NURULUMMI INTAN ZAFIRA BINTI ZAINON ABIDIN 03ESB13F2004 ROCK WALKS Contours LEGUMINOSAE BKT. KAYU HITAM High 5 m 4000 MM O.CORYMBOSA AWAS KEDERAAN BOMBA M.PUDICA Type : Pili bomba swasta Use : the main source of water supply for fire figting size : 10 cm(width) 30 cm(length) PELTOPHORUM PTEROCARPUM Family name : Ground cover 2 4 Family name : Typee of trees High 30 m High 1.5mm (5 feet) ONE WAY LIME STONE RUBIACEASE Existing Architecture character Size : High 0.5-0.6 mm SIGNAGE OLDENLANDIA CORYMBOSA Species : BKT. KAYU HITAM KL Species : TYPES AND FORM OF WALL ALOR STAR FIRE STATION MUSA PARADISIACA ONE WAY Family name : PAVING PATTERNS


Transcript: Advantages:You can access the cloud drive anywhere that has access to the internet -Secure storing and strong protection Disadvantages:Unlike the removable drive,files saved on the cloud can't be accessed without internet Advantages: -The user can access their files from wherever they are -Easy to communicate and speed -It can share files,information and data Disadvantages:If something goes wrong with server the network won't operate -There is a threat to large networks. Hackers try to steal valuable data from large companies. By Rina, Sophia and Anna Cloud Drive Drives Advantages Carried easily Low cost Allows people to copy, store and carry large amounts of data easily between places which can help employees store and access information from a variety of locations. THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Advantages: Security of information, since files are only controlled by your own it staff. Local servers allow for the fastest access to files and documents. You do not need an internet connection to retrieve stored data. You have physical possession of the saved file, so you are not vulnerable to any kind of cloud storage failure. -The cost of local servers is much less than using cloud-based storage. Disadvantages: -It is vulnerable to floods and fires -The storage on hand is all there is -Local drive is only accessible from the actual storage device Network Drive Disadvantages Users can copy or remove large amounts of data without being detected Devices are easily lost, misplaced or stolen Removable devices offer pathways for viruses and inappropriate content Data can be copied so many times it is hard to know which is the original copy. Local Drive Removable Storage

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