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Educational Background For A Research Proposal Presentation

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Research Proposal Presentation Proposal Research

Transcript: Created by: Samuel Minkin November 2nd 2017 CREATIVITY InTRO InTRO Modern-Day Education resembles traditional education It has only marginally evolved over time Rote memorization and efficiency are still the main skills taught in school Technology could change things Technology-Based Learning Technology-Based Learning Learning based on collaboration on websites The Internet has potential to be an educational tool The Internet is dispersed and decentralized. Information flows from many different kinds of sources. Access to information Interdisciplinary Learning Things that Occur on the Internet Things that Occur on the Internet Communities Interaction Feedback Mash-Up PICTURES PICTURES Traditional education Traditional education Rote memorization and efficiency are still the main skills taught in school An expert lectures students Problem-solving methods are dictated by instructors Specialization over interdisciplainary studies Statistics Statistics Why This topic/Conversation? Why This topic/Conversation? The Conversation/Topic: Modern-day education Education has many implications both on the individual and societal level There are many different types of learners in school Technology-based learning can appeal to a wide variety of learners On the Societal Level: 1. It can lead to a more productive society 2. It can lead to a stronger public commons On the Individual Level: 1. Better problem-solvers 2. Better Students Finding a specific website - limited sources talking about its positive and negative effects Figuring Out the Functionality of the Website Focusing on a specific age-group. Would it even work for elementary school students? Would starting with high school students be too late? Challenges Challenges creativity as an emergent property creativity as an emergent property Research Question: How has Evernote, a website that promotes collaborative-based learning, led to the formation of a more enhanced and evolved creativity known as group creativity? Technology Based Creative- Problem Solving Has Two Phases: 1. The Divergent Phase - Exploring, characterized by messiness - Evaluating Data 2. The Convergent Phase - Honing onto specific things. Extracting important information out of clutter. - Focusing on specific solutions Terms for Interaction and Collaboration: Synchronic Interactions - Interactions that occur simultaneously Diachronic Exchanges - Interactions that occur over a longer period of time "Recent models of group creativity (Sawyer, 2003) argue that collective creative work has to be understood as the synergy between synchronic interactions (i.e., parallel and simultaneous) and diachronic exchanges (i.e., interaction over long time spans and mediated by ostensible products)" (Sarmiento, Stahl 503). Quote Quote Potential Conclusions Potential Conclusions Online collaborative-based learning can lead to a greater extent of creativity People would be better suited to solve modern problems If I'm wrong: Technology will be a distraction. Students will find ways to cheat. Ultimately, a case should be made for using a specific website - being more technology dependent - because it can lead to creativity Sarmiento, Johann W. and Gerry Stahl. "Group Creativity in Interaction: Collaborative Referencing, Remembering, and Bridging." International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, vol. 24, no. 5, June 2008, pp. 492-504. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/10447310802142300. Works cited Works cited

Educational Background

Transcript: Skills Educational Background I am graduating Bedford High School in the spring. Bedford ranked the #2 School District in Forbes Magazine. Bedford High School was awarded the NH School of Excellence in 2012. As well, It’s one of the only High Schools’ in the country that offer IB Courses. I enjoy reading. I also enjoy writing on my spare time. Watching and playing Baseball and Wrestling as well as every other sport. I volunteer at the Animal Rescue League regularly. Accomplishments 9 Colonial Dr, Bedford, NH Home: 603-472-3324 Cell: 603-540-4229 Linkedin References I am also volunteering in the club Habitat for Humanity, which is volunteer work, This involves building a house for a local community. I am going to be graduating Bedford High School in the spring. I have made honor roll a couple of times. I have been accepted to multiple colleges. Zach Bohan's Prezume 1) Owen Smith(Baseball Coach, Bedford, NH.) (603)714-2873 2) Katie Foreman(God Mother,Nashua, NH) (603)471-5899 3) Carrie Soucy(Youth minister, Elizabeth Seton, Bedford, NH) (603)472-8831 4) Karen Deachman(Neighbor, Bedford, NH) (603)472-5558 5) Karen Lane(Boss at Market Basket, Bedford, NH) (603)361-4232 6) Carry Buxton(Baseball Coach, Bedford, NH) (603)472-5068 Zachary Bohan Interests and Hobbies * I have worked in the grocery Industry for the past 2 years. Demoulas Market Basket (Bedford, NH) Harvest Market (Bedford, NH) Work Experience Honors and Awards I wrestle for my high school team. I play legion baseball. I have won the championship in recreational league the last 3 years. I have made honor roll a few times, as well. I can organize, manage and lead teams efficiently. I naturally go the extra mile. I can multi-task very well. I follow directions well and I can interact well with people in my work community.

Educational Background

Transcript: Defining Moments Educational Background Future Educational and Career Aspirations The Capstone Experience Research Paper Product Portfolio Contact Hours Defining Moments in Capstone NASA Capstone Project Graduate Mcgavock Attend Nashville State Study Civil Engineering Graduate with an associates degree with the TN Promise program Transfer credits to a bigger school Attend a 4 year school Graduate with a Bachelors degree in Civil engineering Minor in business later Start my career Capstone Presentation Arizonian lived in Tuscon, AZ until 9 Craigen Elementary School moved to Memphis, TN until 10 Downtown Elementary School moved to Portland, TN until 13 J.W. Wisemen Elementary School Portland East Middle School Portland West Elementary School moved Nashville, TN until present Donelson Middle School McGavock High School Thesis Statement: The United States of America’s space program, not considering their discontinuation of their space shuttle program, has made more contribution to space travel and space knowledge than the Russian Space Programs. Researched: NASA vs. Russian Space Programs Conclusion: Nasa Won independent i was to lazy now im finished with this class and about to graduate Portfolio Huntsville trip to nasa starts at 1:00 pm on 4/23 ends at 4:00 pm on 4/24 Product David Finley Class of 2015 Academy of Aviation and Transportation McGavock High School Contact Hours Contains: paper reflections brag sheet resume other things by David Finley Research Paper Future Educational and Career Aspirations Educational Background Presentation Agenda

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