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Transcript: Adla's Ecomap Name: Adla Jaber Age: just turned 24 Currently living with my parents and family with the intention of moving out in a few months Father Father My father is the biggest role model of mine and whom I strive to be like. He is extremely patient and hardworking. He works three jobs to support the family. He enjoys what he does, always has a smile on his face, and always tries cracking jokes. Also, I see what he must put up with with my mother and he often confides in me during those times. I always believe he deserves better. Also, he always wants what is best for me and would give me the world if he could. Relationship Our relationship is a strong one. However, I have developed a fear of disappointing him. I know that will happen if I ever open up to him about my sexuality. Relationship Mother Mother At times, I feel disrespected, and other times I am grateful for my mother. The difference in the cultures we have grown up in has an effect on this relationship. I want privacy and independence, which is a struggle for her. Lately, however, what has been upsetting me most is her way of treating my father and me believing that my father deserves better. He is the most selfless and patient person, and he puts up with a lot. With all of us, she is always the one in control, believes she is always right, and is hard-headed. Relationship Our relationship is not a strong one and often fluctuates. Its most often stressful. The times it is better is when I decide not to pick a fight, when I remind myself to look at the positive side of things, or when I feel guilty talking about my mother this way. Relationship Youngest Brother I have two brothers, but the youngest brother has a bigger and stronger impact on me and my life. He is autistic and a big part of why I do what I do. I have been a SPED aide and substitute for the past four and a half years. I would not have thought to apply for this job if it weren’t for him. I often wish I had more time in my day and in my life to offer to him. Although his situation sometimes puts strain and stress on my family while also having a huge impact on my parent’s expectations of me, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Youngest Brother Relationship Our relationship is a somewhat strong one that I wish was stronger. Relationship Peers I have a lot of friends and it wasn’t until when the pandemic hit that I realized that. I also re-realized it once I got into my current romantic relationship. I love my friends but currently, I sometimes wish I had fewer. There have been a couple of weeks when four different people want to hang out with me. For the past few months, I have had to learn how to say no or put myself first which I have never ever done before. I am still working on it. My friends that I am the closest to have had a hard time adjusting to my lack of availability from grad school and from having a girlfriend. I also have family responsibilities. I have been feeling like, out of everything in my life, the only thing I have control over is minimizing my peer time. Peers Relationship For my close friends: Although their reactions to my lack of availability make me question the strength of the relationship, I have engaged in communication and we have conversations. Because of this, the relationship can be both stressful and strong. Relationship Religious Affiliation Religious Affiliation I have a somewhat strong religious affiliation to Islam. I believe in God (Allah), the afterlife, and most things it has to offer. I am also currently fasting the month of Ramadan. I also plan on passing it on to my future children (which will be interesting). I don’t believe I am a strong enough participant in the religion, however, since I do not wear the hijab (headscarf) or pray five times a day, but most of all because I have a girlfriend. I’m consistently torn because I am aware that religion is black and white, and I am living in gray area. Relationship This relationship is stressful. And I know that will never change. Relationship Girlfriend I have been in my relationship with my girlfriend for over a year now. For both of us, it is our first official relationship which means it has been a huge learning journey for us both. I am eternally grateful for the growth I have endured this past year (more like the past few months). I have learned so much about myself and have somewhat learned how to put myself first. Although our relationship has only been over a year, it has felt much longer than that considering how close we are. We have great communication and lots of love for each other. Sadly, only a few people in my life know about her and I know my family is going to disown me once they find out. That is a different conversation to be had. My relationship with my girlfriend has only struggled in ways that pertain to my family, my religion, my culture, my peers, and my lack of availability. Girlfriend Relationship With our strong communication and enormous amount of love (even in

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