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Transcript: -Is considered almost necessary because of the high rate of unemployment and the absence of social welfare structures -Accounts for 55% of all new HIV case infections in the country -End of 2007- 700,000 people inflicted with AIDS in China HIV/AIDS Effect of HIV/AIDS on Economy By Ada Lee Macroeconomic: Primary: Labor increases Secondary: Emotional Stress Tertiary: Lack of investor confidence and loss of access to capital Microeconomics: 3 stages of a Never Ending Cycle Migrant Workers -Result of people not being able to afford legitimate healthcare or educated doctors -Cases from early to mid 1990's -30,000- 50,000 people affected People need jobs and are desperate for work! -160 million migrant workers -Daily wage of less than $2 a day HIV/AIDS in China -HIV is a slowly replicating retrovirus that leads to AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome -Causes progressive failure of the immune system -Transmitted through unprotected sex, contaminated blood transfusions, needles, mother to child breastfeeding Blood Transfusions What causes these occurrences of HIV/ AIDS? Is there a link between HIV/AIDS in China and the country’s poverty? What can we do to solve these problems? - Highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the country - China's most underdeveloped province - Lack of major development - First reported outbreak in 1989 -Makes up less than four percent of China’s population, but accounts for nearly one-third of the country’s AIDS cases Did We Finally Complete This Maze? Start The Maze Here! - Southwest China HIV/AIDS Initiative - Grants by other countries (especially the U.S.) - Use of condoms and education of China's citizens Prostitution Poverty Trap Yunnan, China Solutions to the Problems

eco presentation

Transcript: By Violet Monetary Policy Article information Don’t count on a pay rise ‘for a while yet’: RBA Author: James Fernyhough Reference: Fernyhough, J. (2017, October 3). Don’t count on a pay rise ‘for a while yet’: RBA. Retrieved from: Summary RBA has controlled the cash rate at a low level low wage growth, low inflation and a strong Aussie dollar affects the rate Labour market conditions and inflation remain the key for monetary policy Don’t count on a pay rise ‘for a while yet’: RBA Analysis What is monetary policy? It refers to RBA actions to influence the cost (interest rates) and availability of money and credit to achieve economic objectives. Analysis Article Analysis “it unlikely that core inflation will push above the lower end of the RBA's target band of 2 to 3 per cent.” Stability of the AUD-requires the minimisation of domestic inflation Inflation target - part of its efforts to achieve currency stability (2 - 3%). Analysis “Wage growth remains low. This is likely to continue for a while yet, although the stronger conditions in the labour market should see some lift in wage growth over time” The RBA will consider various economic indicators of the Australian economy, including: Wages growth relative to labour productivity Analysis Article Analysis “The Reserve Bank of Australia has kept the cash rate on hold at record lows for the 14th month in a row.” cash rate-interest rate paid on overnight loans & set by the forces of demand and supply RBA-control the supply of funds by DMO Expansionary monetary policy: Thanks Thanks for watching

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