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Driving Safety Powerpoint Template

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Driving Safety

Transcript: Lou and Butch were traveling along the road when a cow appeared in the road up ahead. If the car came to a stop and the chord length is 144.34 and the middle ordinate is 7, what was the radius(R)? The average driver takes between .75 and 1.5 seconds to switch from the gas pedal to the brake pedal. * There are 5,280 feet in a mile * A car traveling 55 mph covers 55 miles in one hour * A car traveling 55 mph covers 55 miles x 5,280 feet/mile = 290,400 feet in one hour * A car traveling 55 mph covers 290,400 ÷ 60 minutes per hour = 4,480 feet in one minute * A car traveling 55 mph covers 4,480 ÷ 60 seconds per minute = 80.67 feet in one second R = 144.34^2/ 8(7) + 7/2 R = 20834.03/ 56 + 7/2 R = 372.03 + 3.5 R = 375.54 S = √15*f*r R = c^2/8m * m/2 S = Speed F = Drag Factor R = Radius of the arc of the yaw C = Chord length M = Middle ordinate by Molly and Alyssa Problem (Part 1) If Lou noticed the cow was approximately 70 feet in front of them did they stop in time to avoid the cow? Determine their speed if the drag factor is .75 and the radius was 375.54 (round to the nearest whole number) Answer to Part 2 Yawed Skid Mark Current Event #2 S = √15*.75*375.54 S = √4224.825 S = 64.99 GOAL! Problem (Part 2) Driving Safety You Can't Really Stop on a Dime Current Event #1 Answer to Part 1

Driving Safety

Transcript: ✳✱* DISTRACTED DRIVING 1. accounts for 25 to 30% of all traffic crashes 2. things inside and outside of the vehicle can distract 1. Get a full nights sleep 2. Avoid medications that cause drowsiness. 1. 6.8 million crashes occur each year as a result 2. Make an effort to not participate in the madness! 1. Correct your own unsafe driving habits that are likely to endager, antagonize or provoke other drivers 2. Keep your cool in traffic, be patient, don't take other drivers actions personally 3. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination, as well as plan your route. 4. If you encounter an aggressive driver, get out of their way. If they try to pick a fight, don't make eye contact, and do not respond. Ignore their gestures and do NOT return them. 5. Report agressive drivers to police and let them deal with it. ARE YOU DISTRACTED? 1. Must pull over to take and receive call 2. Cell phone usage in a commercial vehicle is prohibited by the DOT. If cited employee will be responsible for all fines. 3. Hands free device is permitted Drive Focused Motor Vehicle Safety 1. Excessive speed 2. Tailgating 3. Failure to signal lane change 4. Running a red light 5. Passing on the right 6. Preventing other drivers from merging 7. Flashing your lights or high beams at the car in front of you 8. Making rude gestures Actions considered Aggressive Here are some extra assets : 1. causes 100,000 crashes each year 2. Results in 40,000 injuries and 1550 deaths 3. At 55mph a vehicle travels the distance of a football field in 3.7 time for a snooze 1. company vehicles are to be used for DWE business only. 2. Seatbelts are to be worn at all times *Has a passenger yelled or popped the rivets out of the seat? *Did you run a stop sign unintentionally? *have you slammed on your brakes because you didn't see the car in front of you? You don't remember driving from one place to another How Can you Avoid Aggressive driving? Cell phone calls in route Company Driving Policy 1. You cant remeber the last few miles you've driven 2. You hit the rumble strip 3. can't keep your eyes open 4. you miss traffic signs 5. you keep weaving Adverse weather conditions require full attention....HANG UP AND DRIVE. Warning signs of Fatigue Texting while driving Driving tired or drowsy Agressive driving 1. AGAINST KY STATE LAW 2. THIS INCLUDES VOICE TO TEXT

Driving Safety

Transcript: Why is it dangerous? It gives you slower reaction time and you are 50% less aware of your surroundings. Responsible for over 1/4 of fatalities involving vehicles in B.C. What rules are in place, the fine and how much more likely are you to crash while distracted? Well for starters driving while distracted in banned, even at a red light. The fine for this offense is 167$ and three penalty points. You are four times more likely to crash while distracted. How many people in B.C die due to distracted driving? 88 people die every year due to distracted driving. Five tips to stay safe -Slow down on wet, uneven roads or in bad weather conditions. -Do not speed up if someone is trying to pass you. (It's illegal.) -Be realistic about travel time. -If you're running late, accept it, better late than never. -When following behind vehicles keep in mind the follow behind times needed so you can drive safely with no accidents. The Faster you go the slower you stop -At 30km/h it takes 18m (meters) to fully stop. -At 80km/h it takes 76m to stop. -At 110km/h it takes 126m to stop. The obvious one is not to be distracted with mobile devices in the first place, but let's be honest, not everyone will uphold that one. To compensate you can do these. Avoid distractions; keep your eyes on the road. If you must take a call, use a hands-free device and keep the call short. Three things that can happen if you're caught speeding. -(more than once) Pay Driver Risk Premium (DRP) as well as your insurance. - +20km/h a 138$ fine, +60km/h a 483$ fine. In a school zone: +20km/h 196$, +60km/h 483$. -Impounded vehicle for one week, 30 days, or 60 days. While paying for towing and storage in order to get it back after that time. 1. They are very easy to prevent. (Just don't do it) 2.You can ruin many peoples/families lives if you hit their car. 3.You can crash very easily. 4.You can screw up your life in the process. 5. It won't be "just you" you will be affected. Assignment 12 by Kourtney Brager Tips for sate mobile use Winter Driving Distracted Driving -Speeding. -Improper passing. -Failing to yield in B.C. -Ignoring traffic control devices. -Following other cars too closely. Five things learned in the video Some tips that can help you go inconvenience free are: -Topping of your water fluid. -Check tire pressure more often than you would in hotter weather. -Put on winter tires and having a emergency kit in your car. Some driving tips for driving in the winter conditions: -Keeping a good distance between you and the car in front of you. -A really important one, SLOW DOWN. The End Seat belts Speeding Driving Safety Speeding The five high risk driving behaviors Distracted Driving What happens with a person in a 50km/h accident when not wearing their seat belt? -150 pd adult; will strike the vehicle, other occupants of said vehicle or fly out the front window.

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